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Families can be complicated at times.

Whether you are a parent of teenagers, toddlers, step-children, Grand-children, have a difficult relationship with your Mum or want to get closer to your Dad, it all comes down to our relationships.

And astrology supports relationships really well. SAMPLES HERE

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Astro-clarity supports you to experience more love and connection through family relationships
Astrology can provide an insightful map of how you and a loved-one interact together during a challenging situation, through your individual personality needs. These insights can help you understand, and apply the right approach for you to repair and bring a loving connection in family relationships.
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As a therapist and mum in the know, I found Jo’s reading spot on. She was able to explain in depth what my son's personality and character traits were and were able to identify the challenges I experience with him. This is vital information every parent should have to understand the uniqueness of each child, to understand the child's strengths and their challenges in order to be able to work with them, support and guide them, making for a very well-grounded, confident and happy child. Lindsay Webster

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