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Welcome to Astro-Clarity

Personal Audio Month Ahead Readings

Do you enjoy reading and following horoscopes and forecasts?

Join me as I help you discover how to make regular forecasts more personal to you. Current Forecasts HERE and regular Facebook Forecasts

Personal Audio Month Ahead Readings

Have you ever read a forecast and asked ‘What does that mean for me?’

You receive a 20 minute personal month ahead forecast; how to make the most of any opportunities and challenges. You also receive 3 bonus audios through the month covering; Relaxing New Moon & Full Moon guides plus a BONUS. Just £20.00

Click HERE.

Intuitive Astrology Readings

Romance – Relationships – Career – Life-path – Soul-Journey – Parent-child -  & personal astrology forecast this week!

Emotions - manifesting - Life mission, soul purpose & our innate gifts

Sometimes life feels more challenging and a reading can provide clarity and insights
Personal Romance & Compatibility Readings £20.00  (30 minutes plus free recording or by phone or email)

Astrology is designed to be used in everyday life as a guide. It can explain your responses, needs, talents and lessons in specific areas of life such as romance, how you communicate, career and much more.



"I found my Astro-clarity reading with Jo Oliver so useful. The brilliant bit was how she kept returning to my question and made every aspect of my chart relevant to that.

You can hear the energy in her voice as she reads your chart and it's wonderful to have someone else so focussed on you! Above all, Jo manages to bring it all together in holistic way, leaving you with a clear understanding of how your astrology chart defines you.

Highly recommended." Alex Martin (Novelist).

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Follow-Along Forecasts

Read the Current Forecast

How I use Astrology Forecasts HERE

How I use Astrology Forecasts

Can I help you?

If you are confused or uncertain about a specific area of life such as;

Relationships & Romance
Career choice
Parenting - support your child
Life Mission/Soul purpose/ Gifts
Understand your emotional responses
SOS when life feels a struggle or unclear.

When is change happening for me?

Then please find out more HERE

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Mercury Shadow Phase


Fiery Full Moon in Aries


Helpful times to have a Love-life Reading


Full Moon in Pisces 14th September 2019

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