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About Astro-Clarity

Hi I am Joanne Oliver the face behind Astro-Clarity guidance and website.

Once I understood my own birth-chart, Astrology came alive for me and became a reliable guide to help me navigate my own life and it is my passion to share this wisdom and my continuing astrology journey with you.

I have a background (20 years) working as an intuitive medical Herbalist and supporting hundreds of clients to understand natural health using nature and plants. In the first part of my life health issues stopped me from living some of my dreams and I turned to plants, energy-work and natural health for answers (Virgo in my 6th house).

So I have always shared knowledge from overcoming my own challenges in life and I hope this brings understanding and non-judgement to my work (Chiron r on my Pisces ascendant)

You will notice that nature and plant medicine weaves alongside the astrological guidance adding a beautiful simplicity to Astro-Clarity. You can also experience this with the optional flower essence support included at the end of your reading.

I was very intuitive from a young child and spent the first half of my life developing and learning with some great spiritual teachers, these days I simply follow my inner guidance. Intuitive support of daily emotions, life situations and soul work has always been an important part of my work and I bring this experience in my guidance for you.

My own soul path is to discover and share how to apply our inner philosophy into daily life and situations. So my readings contain user-friendly guidance that you can use straightaway as well as clarity to make sense of your unique responses to life.

Astrology started off as an interest and I had personal readings and reports, and followed top astrologers with growing fascination. In 2015 I trained in medical astrology with plant medicine and suddenly a door to a new way of looking at my life opened up. I continue to train and study and I share my journey with you on the Blog.

I have always had a love of research into the deeper mysteries of life (sun Scorpio stellium) such as astrology, plant medicine and philosophy and then wanted to share the wisdom as easily as possible with those who seek it (north node Gemini).

My life is just like yours. I am a (single) mum, daughter, sister and friend and have had my share of ups and downs in life. I live in a country village and use writing and walking my dog to balance the hectic juggle of modern life.

It is my sincere wish that the guidance you receive from Astro-Clarity brings you a deeper understanding of yourself and the forces that influence your life. You are more powerful than you imagine, and Free-Will is a gift we can learn to harness for peace and joy in daily life.

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Thank you so much for my reading last night, it was really amazing and very insightful as to my traits, you described me to a tee! There's so much information to process and get through though! I made loads of notes but I've yet to listen back to the recording. GP Northants

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