About Astro-Clarity

Hi, I am Joanne Oliver the intuitive astrologer behind Astro-Clarity guidance and website.

Astrology is very popular, usually as ‘entertainment’.

So you may be wondering how on earth I am claiming to support your emotions and family dynamics through astrology! Let me explain…

30 years ago I suffered from personal health issues and ended up training as an herbalist and energy therapist having a successful clinic for 20 years as Joanne Oliver. I studied everything on herbs, health, and well-being alongside developing my natural intuitive abilities. I taught energy therapies, gave many talks (On iridology & Herbs) and was even editor for a health & well-being magazine (Harvest).

So I learned a great deal about emotions and intuition and energy work.

In 2013 I began studying medical astrology and quickly became hooked on astrology for the emotions and soul-journey. By 2015 I was offering astrology in my clinic. I explored all sorts of astrology from future forecasts, manifesting, business support, romantic readings, soul-journey, and child-readings.

Hope that gives you an idea of my professional background.

In 2012 my life turned upside down.

I became a single parent. I lost my home-clinic and had to figure out how to keep my business afloat. I lost my Dad. My main family became very small. I moved home 5 times in 7 years. I had my heartbroken and the joys of dating over 40. I had to deal with terrifying bank fraud and the worry of staying financially afloat.

Then in 2017, I found my lovely teenage daughter having a massive seizure in her sleep. This was followed by more seizures, hospital visits, medication challenges, and emotional struggles while I tried to support her through normal school life.

Astrology helped me each day

Astrology became an amazing tool and guide to help me understand myself much better and also to support my daughter. Through the many difficult challenges, I faced astrology gave me a new perspective, emotional clarity, and an awareness of what was really happening. Astrology showed me where to focus my time and energy.

During everyday challenges, it is our relationships that suffer. Understanding my daughter's chart gave me so many insights into what she needed – often very different to what I expected. I could see where her natural gifts were and support them (again different to mine!)

My wish for you

Whether you are a grand-parent, have young children, have elderly parents, older children, or extended family, you have your own family relationships and dynamics.

Some days they are great and some days they are more challenging.

Family relationships in astrology are seen as your foundation at the bottom of your chart, the environment from which you launch into every aspect of your life.

Yet most of us are missing out on many opportunities for greater connection because our daily struggles and family dynamics are holding us back!

My wish is that you can discover how to have better family relationships, helping each other create that strong foundation, which is more essential than ever before.

Astrology can be used in many ways to support you with your emotions (start here) and family relationships (read here).

Astro-clarity approach is intuitive, heart-centred, emotion-based support that is also endlessly fascinating!

My wish is to help you discover emotional clarity and your soul-purpose through the nitty-gritty of family life.

Jo xxx




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