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Support and Understand your Child through Astrology

Being a parent is both the toughest and most rewarding role. Our aim as a parent is to prepare our child for their life ahead. We want to encourage and show them how to be the best version of themselves. How to celebrate their achievements (of every kind) and encourage them how to navigate their challenges.

But sometimes it’s not always that easy to put into practice is it?

As a (single) parent myself I really do understand the challenges facing a modern parent.

You see we love our children and are determined to do what’s best for them. And the way we do that is to do what feels right for us, based on our own very individual needs.

Perhaps as a child, you were bullied or were a bit of a tear-away, or struggled with writing or shone at sports. We tend to guide our children based on who we are.

But your child is a unique individual; they may be similar in some ways to you but they are not the same as you and their life and challenges will be different.

When I first studied my daughters astrology-chart I had a huge ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Because there laid out in front of me was a key and map to understanding my child, both the parts I already knew (well!) and a few areas that I sometimes just could not quite fathom out or relate to.

Guess what? Her approach to life was completely different from mine. Not in a right/wrong way. She just did not need the same strengths and support that I did, her challenges were different from mine.

Here are some examples that i found so helpful;

Her emotional response is very different from mine, to be ‘happy’ she has different emotional needs than me, and what ‘triggers’ negative feelings for her is also different to me. Can you imagine how useful it is to understand your child’s emotional needs? How often do we try to make our children happy based on what would make us happy?

I didn’t realise how useful it was for me to understand the first impression others have of my child (as a mum we don’t always see this). When it comes to getting what we want or need from life helping our child make the most of their first impression is a wonderful gift for life!

Then of course their approach to learning and communication, rightly or wrongly, this is often a big area and stress for us and our children. Having these insights can be used in many ways from how we structure their homework to how we encourage them to enjoy and feel confident learning.

Another popular area is how they approach friendships and clubs and groups, as children this area sometimes represents their biggest challenge and happiness so far in their short lives.

Your child’s personality will have a specific response, need and challenge when they face different events in life which is mapped out in astrology. At any age or in any circumstance you can use this ancient perspective to support, guide and empower your child which you can discover with my Child-Reading.

Astrology can also show some fascinating details such as;

Where they can find success
Their ‘life mission’, ‘soul purpose’ and ‘personal gifts’ – imagine knowing these from a young age!
Potential work and careers paths for them to explore
Where their fears are, where she trips herself up, his challenges.
What home and family mean to them

And much more….

As a therapist and mum in the know, I found Jo’s reading spot on. She was able to explain in depth what my sons personality and character traits were and was able to identify the challenges I experience with him.  This is vital information every parent should have to understand the uniqueness of each child, to understand the childs strengths and their challenges in order to be able to work with them, support and guide them, making for a very well grounded, confident and happy child. Lindsay Webster


Child Reading

The goal of this reading is to help and support you the parent by understanding your child with a new perspective. It is not for me to tell you how to parent your child; simply to give you a brand new perspective and resource to make it easier and fascinating.

What your child reading includes;

Before the reading I will send you some special documents.

You will receive a copy of your child’s natal-astrology chart. I start the reading with a short simple over-view of how the chart works, by the end of the call you will be an expert, and able to use this chart yourself to refer back and follow my forecasts (if you wish to).
Tip! If you print this out before the call you can write some brief notes on the chart copy.

Q&A Notes. It is always my intention that you receive the answers and support you want from this reading. So I send you a list of common questions astrology can answer regarding your child. While I tend to start the reading by sharing what I see as the biggest signs in your child’s chart (this builds trust and understanding of how I work). I really encourage you to ask questions, as this is when my intuition kicks in rather than just pure facts.

AC Resources Sheet. After the call and from time to time as you seek to guide your child you will want to dig a little deeper and understand more. Designed to be used alongside your notes from the reading this simple interactive sheet allows you to easily find the information you need. (This is fully explained on the call)

Optional; I can finish the call with a quick look at the relationship between you and your child. I found this fascinating and helpful. I will need your date of birth and place of birth at the time of booking. I can do this even if you do not have a time of birth.

30 minutes for £20

I offer online recorded calls as well as telephone calls as my intuition works best through hearing your voice. I can offer calls during the day and evening weekdays and weekends.

Payment; once we have agreed a date and time I can send you secure online payment details and the information I need to prepare the chart/s.

Easiest way to book is to email me on


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