An Astrology reading can provide you with greater clarity around either yourself, your life or a situation.

The most common reasons to have a reading are;

  1. You are seeking specific guidance around either a decision, situation or person that currently feels difficult or confusing.
  2. You want to know when the best time is for an area of your life, such as a launch or big change of direction.
  3. You are just curious and fascinated to learn more!

All Readings £20.00 for 30 minutes – email to book

Searching for and keeping Love alive

Romance and relationship readings are a personal favourite because love is such an important factor in happiness, and astrology works so well because it gives such a detailed perspective that you can use to improve any situation.

In relationships this is about how you can become a stronger couple through understanding your differences and exploring the purpose of your relationship together. Searching for love is often about understanding your love style especially which qualities you are really seeking, healing the past and knowing good times to be open to romance.
I have a whole page about these readings HERE

Specific Guidance (SOS Reading)

Life sometimes does not make sense or seem fair and can leave you unsure which direction to take. It is this seeking for answers and understanding (clarity!) that is the focus of these readings. None of us can control the passing of time or actions of other people. But astrology can help you understand the situation from a broader perspective such as cycles and phases in your life, we can also discuss the skills and qualities this situation is asking you to develop and the new opportunities that can be seen ahead.
Because these can be quite emotional times I offer intuitive flower essence therapy which can help you heal and make any necessary shifts and changes (optional) these are included in the reading.

Best Timing (Month Ahead)

Many of my clients are self-employed, small business-owners or have exciting dreams they are working towards and for them understanding how to make the most of ‘best-timing’ is very helpful. Every month there are days that can bring opportunities, chances to work with manifesting, and days where having a heads-up can make all the difference. I designed a very special regular reading called the month ahead HERE.

This is perfect if you are intuitive and like personal development and/or have an on-going goal and already understand the basics of astrology.

Follow-along Reading

It can take years to learn astrology. However in 30 minutes I can give you a tour and introduction of your own chart (which is recorded) I look at areas that I feel are important and also answer any questions. I developed this because so many people love to follow along with regular forecasts but ask what does this mean for me? If you do not have any questions then I provide mini-reading on the current forecasts with you showing you how to find answers in your chart. Afterwards you receive a bonus workbook alongside your recording so you can start to follow along with the forecasts I write and make them personal to you. Find out more HERE This is the reading I wished was available when I first became interested in astrology. It is a perfect first step.

Soul-Journey Readings

I was born a natural intuitive/empath/psychic and for 25 years worked as an intuitive herbalist and therapist able to connect with the vital life force in my clients and plant medicine. During this time I became very aware that I was sensing the individual soul-journey of clients through intuitive messages. Once I started learning astrology I was drawn to some amazing teachers who share what can be seen of the individual soul-journey in the astrology chart. I have been quietly developing this reading with friends and existing clients. The feedback has been mind-blowing. We look at what your soul came to experience in this life, your challenges and what you came to heal, your past life gifts and influences. However this is a deep reading, suited to those already on their spiritual path. This also offers flower essence therapy (optional)

All readings are £20.00 for 30 minutes

I use my intuition with the signs and patterns I see in your chart and especially your questions . I prefer short readings for 2 reasons. It is hard to absorb much information after about 20 minutes, so far better to book a follow-up reading after letting the first reading sit with you. Also I believe that there is a place for affordable astrology and hope that this allows more people to receive support.

To prepare the chart I need;
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth – your chart is more accurate and detailed with a time but can be done without


Because I need to design your birth-chart and prepare before your reading all readings are booked and paid in advance.

To Book

Email me direct on where we can arrange a time and easiest payment options for you


I found the session amazing – it was like someone having access to the inner me (which I suppose it was!) and telling me things that I knew deep inside but either wasn’t tackling or was just supressing completely. The details about my previous lives made everything drop more easily into place, and the information about my soul’s direction now has really strengthened my resolve to follow my intuition and be brave.

This has come at such a good time for me. I was questioning my direction in life, and how much I have just been compliant with everyone else’s needs (as you said, a supporter from the sidelines), and now I feel a lot more confident to start to follow my own path. DC

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The weekly Astro-Clarity Blog is designed to be used alongside your birth-chart so you can relate each article to your own birth-chart.




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  1. Paula Jayne on July 10, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    My reading yesterday Joanne Oliver was incredible. Spot on really lovely to know how creativity really showed up and I am waiting for a calm hour to re-listen to the recording.

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