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Your Astro-Clarity reading is designed to help you gain clarity around a specific life issue such as life purpose, career, family, talents, spiritual growth, or relationships and is based on your astrological birth chart.

Examples of general astrology questions:

General – gain a new perspective on who you are, your gifts, challenges and guidance on what is CURRENTLY happening for you right now.
Career – learn what innate gifts and talents you possess that can support your work/career, what sort of daily work/routine will suit you and where success can be found for you.
SOS – why is my life going wrong at the moment?…I can look at your chart in regard to a specific difficult/challenging situation such as family, finances, home, groups etc
Past life & Soul-journey a spiritual look at your life.


However rather than simply read off a list of facts, I am providing support around your real life situations. To do this I will ask you to share details of any life issues or fears or confusion that you would like clarity around at the beginning of the reading.

After discussing where you would like more clarity, together we will look at your birth-chart and I will explain the astrological energies in your chart, what they mean and how to work with them in regard to the specific area you would like guidance on.

You will discover areas of your life where you are blessed and have innate gifts, and those that can bring you strength and solace as you face more challenging life situations.

You will also learn where you need to grow and step out of your comfort zone, this is never judgmental as we each have our own growth area to develop. However it can be transformational.

Understanding this new perspective about yourself in relation to a situation often confirms or sheds light on what next steps will be right for you

I also look at the current astrological forecast for you at the time of the reading; this add’s the element of divine timing to your reading.

This information is fascinating even if life is pretty good right now!

The reading is based on astrology read more HERE


Recorded Reading uses an online connection and will require internet via an electrical device such as mobile phone or Laptop that allows audio function. A recording is emailed afterwards.

Telephone Reading simply call the landline number I send you and make notes as we talk!

£20.00 for 30 minutes

I have found that clients get far more out of a 1 to 1 reading where they can ask questions if you prefer an email reading this can be arranged but I will need very clear questions.


To prepare the chart I need;
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth – your chart is more accurate and detailed with a time but can be done without


Because I need to design your birth-chart before your reading all readings are booked and paid in advance.

To Book

Email me direct on where we can arrange a time and easiest payment options for you


I found the session amazing – it was like someone having access to the inner me (which I suppose it was!) and telling me things that I knew deep inside but either wasn’t tackling or was just supressing completely. The details about my previous lives made everything drop more easily into place, and the information about my soul’s direction now has really strengthened my resolve to follow my intuition and be brave.

This has come at such a good time for me. I was questioning my direction in life, and how much I have just been compliant with everyone else’s needs (as you said, a supporter from the sidelines), and now I feel a lot more confident to start to follow my own path. DC

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The weekly Astro-Clarity Blog is designed to be used alongside your birth-chart so you can relate each article to your own birth-chart.

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  1. Paula Jayne on July 10, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    My reading yesterday Joanne Oliver was incredible. Spot on really lovely to know how creativity really showed up and I am waiting for a calm hour to re-listen to the recording.

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