Month Ahead Readings

This is my most popular reading! I have been recording these readings for the same group of women for years – and they love them












Pre-recorded 20 minutes reading for you individually.

I help you understand how to prepare for the month ahead, where to find the opportunities, and understand how to overcome the challenges. 20 minutes provides plenty of detail.

It has also blown my mind how accurate the readings have been, even down to the day to day feelings I’ve had and conversations I’ve had with people. It’s really given me the confidence to trust in my feelings and follow my heart.

You are taken through the month ahead based on your individual chart:

What area of your life to focus on, review and make use of opportunities, with the current Sun sign.
What the New Moon means for you
How to use your mind and words of power with Mercury
Where you can attract abundance with Venus this month
What the Full Moon means for you
How the Major alignments influence your chart this month.

I’m loving your readings. They are very clear – you had so much information to get over, but you did so so helpfully and clearly. I listened all the way through the first time, and then I listened to both readings yesterday in preparation for my meeting with the lawyer today. It really helped and calmed me down.

Make the most of your life

While the monthly alignments have a common theme for all of us, their influence on you is completely unique.

My wish is that you use these readings to help you create and live the best version of your life.

I always ask for a brief background on your life and your dreams. This is because I like to include a few questions to help you uncover your own meanings and highlight alignments that most resonate with your life.

Thanks Jo, it was really amazing, spot on with everything that is going on for me.
You always so helpful, I really appreciate your help and support. DM.

How to use your reading

1. Relax and just listen to the whole reading as a single flow.
2. Listen again and this time make notes which you can add to your diary/calendar
3. Listen again at specific points i.e. Full Moon

Thanks so much Jo! That is incredibly accurate to a change of direction I have been thinking about in my career.

Important Details

These Readings are PRERECORDED MP3 AUDIO which I email to you directly and you download

The Reading are based on Astrological Sign Months i.e. Gemini so usually ready around the 19th of each month

Best time to book is the 15th of each month


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