Love and relationships can create more joy and pain than any other area of our lives. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or wondering if you will ever find love, astrology can provide detailed and fascinating insights and support.

We all have free will and sometimes that is actually the biggest challenge; what should I do?

In relationships we have two sets of free will coming together!

Love is not something we can order online, and when it does appear it is not always easy.

Never before have there been so many people finding they are single again and looking for love; and not wanting to repeat mistakes or painful situations.

Astrology can provide fascinating detailed information about Romance;

Why are we attracted to certain kinds of partners? What are our personal relationship needs? When will I find Romance? How will we know this is the right partner for us? Why is Romance a struggle? Dating can be a minefield and being single can feel lonely. Astrology can provide a fascinating and helpful new perspective on romance and dating. True love may happen through fate, but it feels good to know that there are phases through the coming year when Dating and Romance will feel easier. After initial ‘chemistry’, there are specific individual needs we all have that ensure love and romance can survive.  These are often unconscious, and understanding them through astrology before we meet someone means we can work on them ourselves. This stops us repeating past mistakes.

Because Love is a big subject and there is so much astrological information available I have designed 2 different readings;

Personal Romance Reading – From £20.00 for 30 minutes 


Thank you so much for your time, insights and guidance on Thurs — just finished re-listening to recording and finding it uncannily rich and rewarding – feels very consolidating and affirming- just brilliant, thank
you- works very well with the living essence reading too – both so helpful in complementary ways…

This recent work with you has also had side effect of being a vehicle of communication between me and XXX and insights into our relative communication styles (with synchronicity of brene brown’s talks on
vulnerability) helping with communicating on deeper and more honest levels for me.. I’m being brave and coming more from cancerian side

Relationship Compatibility Reading – From £20.00 for 30 minutes


I compare 2 charts for romance, relationship and love compatibility. Here you will see the impact you have on each other, your strengths and challenges. This can often confirm and explain at a deeper level what you are experiencing together. What I love most about this reading is that it can help you step back and view your relationship in a completely different way. You can appreciate your differences and see how the other person helps your personal growth. Using this perspective helps view relationship situations less personally, see the bigger picture and how you can more fully support each other and develop the relationship. While I cannot predict that your relationship is ‘forever’ I can help you understand how to get both of your needs met; which is often the ‘glue’ that keeps us together.

After reading many compatibility charts I have grown to understand that a certain amount of ‘differences’ are part of successful relationships and so never be afraid to discover the challenging areas between you.  As this is actually the essential ‘chemistry’ or polarity that is part of the physical and soul attraction.

When booking please include birth details of both people

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The astrological comparability reading you gave was amazing. It really gave me an insight in to how my husband and I relate to each other. It gave me an understanding of why we do certain things and let me have more compassion for my hubby as it was now blatantly clear that the things that used to annoy me were not in his awareness and that it is what he is naturally, astrologicaly and spiritually destined to do.

It has really helped our relationship and I can’t thank you enough. Sarah. Read more feedback HERE

Again love and romance cannot be controlled or forced and people come into our lives as blessings or lessons. For those on a more soul or spiritual journey relationships become a truly fascinating way to understand our soul better.

30 minutes – £20.00

Your Reading

Recorded Reading uses an online connection and will require internet via an electrical device such as mobile phone or Laptop that allows audio function. A recording is emailed afterwards.

Telephone Reading simply call the landline number I send you and make notes as we talk!

To prepare the chart I need;
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth – your chart is more accurate and detailed with a time but can be done without

Because I need to design your birth-chart before your reading all readings are booked and paid in advance.

To Book; Email me direct at

I can then discuss convenient times for the reading and different payment options (includes major Dr/Cr cards)