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My biggest passion in astrology is helping people follow regular forecasts with their own chart. Regular Astrology forecasts can provide us with a timeless guide to the twists and turns of our own daily life. Your Follow-Along Astrology Reading is an introduction to your personal chart so that you can make every forecast personal to you!

What is great about this is that once you understand the special basics you can start following forecasts immediately. Very few people can afford to hire an astrologer to provide them with regular personal forecasts…

Yet looking at how many of us read our horoscope every day it is clear we are fascinated by the forecasts.

Maybe its just for casual fun or interest (and nothing wrong with that!)

Or maybe you are like me and start to find astrology forecasts so accurate that you want to explore further and further.

I write a regular Current Forecast always written in an easy-to-understand format so that you will be able to follow along and make personal to you every week after the reading; read the latest HERE

How I follow regular forecasts in my personal life

There are forecasts happening all the time, some last years and others less than an hour.

I always keep a copy of my individual chart (Natal-chart) handy so at a glance I can see how a forecast will influence my personal life.

If I am feeling a bit emotional I may check to see which sign the Moon is in today (It is amazing how soon you will know from your emotions and chart which sign the moon is currently in!) Find out HERE

But mostly I just follow the bigger events of which there are often several a week.

I try to write them in my diary just a quick note and will often look back and reflect back on events in my personal life. Astrology for me is about the clarity I gain from its ancient wisdom of how life flows in patterns that repeat in cycles.

But like most of us I like to be aware of what is happening ahead of time!

I do not turn my life upside down because of a forecast. If it looks like the timing is going to be more challenging I accept it and use the astrology forecast to help me navigate my current day.

You can discover my tips on how to make the most of following the timing, challenges and opportunities in a forecast HERE

The Follow-Along Reading 

I admit for a while I tried to create all sorts of short-cuts to help you use your astrology chart without having to do years of study (like I did).

But found the very best way is to have 30 minutes chatting with me in a reading. I can;

  • Provide you with your own copy of your personal chart
  • Explain your chart easily by talking you through it while you have a copy in front of you – and it can be recorded so you can listen again (Or make notes by telephone)
  • We can look at the parts of your chart that I think you will find fascinating and helpful
  • You can ask the big question you really want to know!
  • I can take you through at least one (hopefully more) current forecasts showing you exactly the process you can do for every forecast from then on.

Each Reading is Backed up by your Bonus Workbooks and my regular Forecasts written to help you follow along every week for as long as you want!

30 minute Reading for £20.00 plus Bonus workbooks!

It is really simple to book; just email and we can arrange all the details. Payment is easy through major Dr/Cr card or bank trf.

Because this is not computer generated astrology right from when you first contact me my goal is to provide you with a personal (what you really want to know) reading. To have a recording we need to use an online system to chat; but you can call me from your phone and make notes as well. For those local you can book to see me in person.

Popular reasons people follow Regular Forecasts;

  • To understand how the monthly FULL and NEW moon will influence them personally
  • To follow Venus and Mars for ROMANCE (Looking for love or making the most of Love)
  • To see what Opportunities and Challenges are ahead and how to make the most of them
  • Explore your soul path with astrology, what you came to learn and accomplish this life, and your unique gifts

30 minutes is not going to turn you into an astrologer. But it will teach you the basics and main points of your own chart so that you can follow regular forecasts and make them personal to you. I have written many articles for you to explore and learn more that you can follow at your own pace and completely FREE on this website.


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