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Do you believe there is more to life than just what can be seen and touched with the physical senses? Do you know someone who wants to explore the deeper mysteries of life?

Astro-Therapy Experience is for the person who is curious and interested to explore a more mystical understanding of themselves, not just through theory but through a personal experience.

Many people have had at least one ‘odd’ or ‘strange’ experience experience or synchronicity happen in their life; enough to make us pause and wonder. A wake-up call.  This is a chance to have another…

The universe has left us fascinating maps hidden within the natural world that can guide and help us become more aware of repeating patterns and laws that describe life. When we experience one of these maps for ourselves, even just a little, and something positive shifts inside us.

I have developed my work as a medical intuitive in my herbal health practice over the past 20 years. The Astro-Therapy Experience was created for those who asked for more spiritual/emotional support.

Hiya Joanne
It was lovely to meet you yesterday. I was blown away by the amount you can detect from your practises, it was really incredible. SH. Bucks

Astrology is a tool that can be used to get even more out of your own personal growth, soul-path, spiritual support, and manifesting practices. It can help give you a new perspective on important areas in life such as; romance, relationships, parenting, and career. Also provide insights into your own emotional responses, communication, and reactions to opportunities and challenges in every area of life. Astrology at the personal level is fascinating.

The Therapies used alongside the astrology are both supportive and intuitive allowing you to experience for yourself some of the fascinating mysteries that exist within your own body.

Providing a unique Body, Mind and Soul experience and making the perfect Gift for someone who believes….

The Astrology

Your personal astrology chart is a fascinating map of your personality (Mind & Soul)) and a guide to the cycles of your life. It can show how to get the most out of current and upcoming opportunities and how to cope with challenges in daily life.

We can focus on one of the following areas;
*Single and looking for Love
*Deeper meaning to my life and my soul gifts
*How to get the most out of being me! (Career, Business, Personal Growth)
*Improve my Relationship; with my partner/child/other
*SOS! Help life feels like it is going wrong!

We will spend 30 minutes discussing your chart and focus area. This gives you chance to ask questions and ensure the answers provide you with practical support. Afterwards you receive a summary to remember what we cover with helpful links to continue exploring your chart.

I found the session amazing – it was like someone having access to the inner me (which I suppose it was!) and telling me things that I knew deep inside but either wasn’t tackling or was just supressing completely. The details about my previous lives made everything drop more easily into place, and the information about my soul’s direction now has really strengthened my resolve to follow my intuition and be brave. AP. Northants


The Therapies








Flower Essence Therapy (5-10 minutes)

Flower essences (Mind & Soul) are vibrational medicine working with astrology by balancing the emotions and so can be helpful to discover hidden emotional blocks and to soothe current issues. I will tune into your energy to match with the correct essence for you. The vibrational tuning takes place within the treatment and you also receive a reminder and an opportunity to continue working with your chosen essence.

Jo has been a fantastic support to me over the years and has given me many pointers and tips for leading a balanced life-style helping me through difficult emotional times. Her non-judgmental and spiritual approach to healing the body and mind had a big impact on my health and well-being through her subtle techniques, spiritual guidance, and use of natural medicines  (herbs, flower essences). NP. Oxon.

Iridology (10 minutes) 

Iridology (Body & Mind) is reading the unique patterns within your Iris (coloured part of your eyes). Your eyes are built-in blueprints of the body you have inherited. Your body is believed to be the vehicle and home of your soul. It is well known that the better condition the physical body is in the easier it is to develop the 6th senses. Within your physical organs come soul lessons which Jo will explain. You will also receive your personal Iridology PDF reports to keep and refer to.

Joanne will not only make you feel welcome but instantly put you at ease. She will explain in detail the treatments available to use and how the iridology reveals your individual constitution (This is fascinating!). ME. Northants.

Reflex Touch Therapy (15 -30 minutes)

Reflex Touch Therapy (Body & Soul) is a subtle-energy treatment on and around the bare feet, described as Reiki for the feet. It is non-invasive, gentle without being ticklish and incredibly relaxing. It also allows you to experience deep peace and relaxation after your Astrology reading. This includes a Chakra assessment and feedback. Many people will feel and experience the flow of subtle-energy; they may see colours and images during the treatment. You will often receive further intuitive messages and insights from me, during this deep energy treatment.

I continue to be amazed at the things that Jo tells me about my body during a Reflex Touch session which is always so therapeutic and relaxing. I am not one to have my feet “meddled” with but Jo’s touch is just magic

How to Design your Astro-Therapy Experience!

First pick one of the Five Astrology areas (above) as our focus; this sets the all important Intention for the Hour. If unsure pick ‘How to get the most out of being Me! I prepare your personal charts BEFORE your appointment. Then you can decide which supportive therapies you would prefer;

Astrology, Flower essence therapy and Iridology reading
Astrology, Flower essence and Reflex Touch Therapy
Astrology, Iridology reading and Reflex touch Therapy

FREE PDF document’s emailed afterwards.

Astrology – Summary of your reading with helpful links to refer to and explore.
Iridology – Reports to keep and refer to
Flower Essence Therapy – reminder of your chosen essence

This gift takes place in the stunning Red Barn Retreat on the Bucks, Northants & Oxon border. Set in beautiful countryside, with a relaxed atmosphere we start the astrology reading over refreshments and then move on to your chosen therapies.

Booking Details

Cost £45.00 for 1 hour (includes bonus reports to keep and refer to)

I prepare your astrology charts before I meet you and send you a copy by email.
Gift Voucher for a friend? The special PDF voucher is valid for 1 full year.
Payment; Dr/Cr cards online or bank trf details sent at time of booking.
To book email me below for details


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