The Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse season will be with us until May 2020 so I thought I would share a summary of my understanding of how to use this influence in your daily life. As each eclipse happens, I will update this page. I hope it will be useful to have this page to review during this season.

Current Cancer Capricorn Eclipse forecast will be at the top of this page. At the bottom you can read more information about Eclipses.

Cancer Capricorn Eclipse Time.

Currently we have North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. It started December 2018 and was activated again June 17th Full Moon in Sagittarius.
It is helpful to look back at your life in 2000, and 2010-11; look at big events that happened at that time. 19 years ago, the nodes were the same. In 2010/11 they were opposite; North node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer.

This will give you an idea of the themes that link your Soul Journey to Cancer and Capricorn and are likely to be linked to this year’s eclipses.
You can view the eclipses as doors or portals into a new 19-year phase of your life in the area of Cancer and Capricorn. During Eclipse season is it common to have revelations, unexpected events, birth/death, new direction in life and significant meetings of souls.

Karmic Full Moon in Capricorn partial Lunar Eclipse July 16th

This is a great opportunity for a photo as we will see this eclipse in the UK in the evening of the 16th!

So Full moons are emotional even though this one is in cool Capricorn and brings in Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all around 24 degrees Capricorn.

Full moons bring something to fruition, where we harvest what we have planted. There is a feel of something that has been in your life a long time, possibly from the past (life), maybe an ambition or motivation.
Capricorn is patient and realistic and is about building something slowly over time. Capricorn is the balance to the current Sun-in-Cancer so a time when we will see how balanced male/female home/career energies are in our life.
Because it is an eclipse it heralds the end of a cycle. Normal rules for eclipses are to wait a few days before making big changes if possible, as something may be hidden.

Now this eclipse happens while we have a Mercury retrograde so we may struggle to find the words to express what’s in our heart at this time.

Pay attention to your emotions, often heightened at a full moon, because they are your inner guidance. But try not to act on your emotions at the eclipse because they will pass –being impulsive I write that in my diary!!!

We are half-way through this Cancer Capricorn 18 month cycle… this is ‘in-progress’ for all of us and more to be revealed.


July 2nd Full solar new moon eclipse in Cancer at 10 degrees

This eclipse has a positive influence and can be thought of as a super New Moon. It is asking us to start a new beginning in how we express our Cancer area of life.
Traditionally Cancer influences the 4th house of foundation and home. Whatever house 10 degrees Cancer is in your personal chart is where you can apply positive cancer intentions.

It is worth taking the time to really consider your new moon intentions and reviewing your Cancer/Capricorn balance to see where you can invite positive change into your life.

Eclipse Aspects
Uranus in Taurus makes a positive wide aspect providing;
Positive surprises and encounters, flashes of insight, and freedom from old emotional issues that have become stuck.
Saturn is in harmony with Neptune allowing us to make dreams a reality, material gain from spiritual work and merging spirit with matter

Cancer Capricorn balance
This current energy will be felt most until August 1st and will come up again twice until May 2020 and our choices and responses now will set a new course that will last for 19 years.
Until May 2020 we have an opportunity to look at the balance between Cancer and Capricorn in our own lives. By addressing any areas that are not balanced we may be able reduce our unconscious negative responses during this new phase. This may make life flow a little easier and will help you align with your own Soul journey.

Areas of balance to look at during Cancer Capricorn eclipse season;

Home v Work (ambition) – do these two areas support each other? Home and work should nurture and fuel each other.
Doing v Being – is your life too busy doing ‘things’ with little time to just slow down and be in the present moment? Or does your life need you to do your part through learning mastery of some kind?
Masculine/Female energies – men and women contain both energies and they work best in balance. Which are you currently projecting most?
Security v Status – What is more important to you? How can they work together better?
Emotional maturity – Are you too emotional? Or do you rarely express any emotions?
Firm boundaries with Compassion – where are you too defensive? Where do you let others cross personal boundaries?
Healing parental relationships – we are all children of parents and some of us are parents of children. Our foundation is based on our childhood and relationship with our parents. Healing our response to parenting can be transformative.
Heart-centred integrity, responsibility and authority – How heart centred are your personal rules?

If you know your chart and personal house and planets in both cancer and Capricorn, you can apply these questions in more detail. Our intention through this eclipse period is to gain personal insights into how we can achieve a greater balance of our own responses to Cancer and Capricorn.

At this New Moon Eclipse what insights come up for you? What new changes and intentions can you start?

Eclipse Tip
Because the ‘light’ is obscured during an eclipse this is understood to mean that we should allow a little time to pass before we make decisions or act. There may be missing information; or we may need time to fully absorb and digest our response; or something unexpected may occur during the eclipse window.

What is an eclipse?

The eclipses are linked with the Nodes (North and South) which are two of the points in your chart that relate to your soul. The nodes are two points where the orbit of the Sun and Moon around the earth meet. They are always in pairs, are seen to move backwards through the chart, and happen roughly every 19 years for around 18 months.
The yearly eclipses occur in the same sign as the current nodes and are also in pairs; lunar and solar. For this reason, eclipses are important times for soul growth.

Eclipses link the nodes to the sun and moon each year. The sun, new moon and full moon are always in the same sign as the current nodes during an eclipse.

Solar Eclipse
This is when the moon blocks the sun’s light to the earth. We can have partial and full eclipses. This happens with a New Moon in either the North or South node sign. New Moon/solar eclipse time is about new beginnings, new starts anything ‘new’.

Lunar Eclipse
This is when the earth is between the sun and moon and blocks the light of the full moon. This always happens with a full moon in either north or south node. Full moons are always an (emotional) opportunity to illuminate aspects of ourselves and our lives, revelations.



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