We all have the zodiac Cancer energy somewhere in our personal charts; this energy will just be more visible if we have Cancer as our sun, moon or rising sign. So grab your birth-chart and find where you express Cancer energy in your life.

In the Natural System Cancer rules the area of life to do with home, family, foundations and our roots; your astrology chart can show where Cancer influences your own personal life.

We each have a unique relationship with the zodiac signs and Cancer will be somewhere in your own chart (copy provided with every reading).

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Cancer time of the year is 21st June until 21st July as this is when the sun is shining here. Cancer welcomes in the start of summer, is a water sign, and is ruled by the moon and represented by the sign of the crab.

After the airy intellectual Gemini energy we sink into our watery feelings and emotions of Cancer energy. Cancer is all about how we feel, how we care for others, how empathic we are, and our need for emotional security.

Cancer also has an affinity for the lowest point of pain and suffering as this energy allows us to feel everything. This flows into our artistic, creative side and also can bring a colourful imagination.

Cancer energy is often associated with the Mother; caring, nurturing, and a great listener, in fact they do ‘feel’ when they listen, and love being there for others.

In Nature we see Cancer energy through motherhood in all living things, but especially the crab. With the crab we understand how linked Cancer energy is to the home, and that the protective ‘shell’ of their home hides their softer sweet inner side. The cancer energy journey is about learning to become vulnerable and leave their self-imposed security so that they can develop and share their talents and gifts with the outside world.

Spiritually cancer energy is about learning how to find the balance between emotional security and sensitivity. They do this by developing strength and strong boundaries so that they can deeply feel and serve others.

Wherever Cancer is in your chart it will bring awareness around your feelings, your emotional security, and boundaries

Qualities to Develop
Nurturing – empathy – protective – caring – generous – home-body – security-conscious – artistic – creative – selfless – loving – giving & seeking – need to belong

Traits to Release
Too sensitive – easily hurt – too protective – reclusive – insecure – martyr – timid – retreat & close-up – controlling – no boundaries

When Cancer energy is out of balance;

We can become timid, shy and retreat away

We can become too sensitive and close up

We can ‘rescue’ and ‘save’ others

We can sacrifice our self for others – unbalanced relationships

We can become too invasive with our care of others

Finding Balance;

When you find your cancer energy needs balance first look to Capricorn the opposite energy which teaches us to go after our personal goals and share our gifts with the world. In order to do this Capricorn teaches how to create our own strong foundation, take a chance and stay centered in our feelings. Cancer energy is also moving towards Leo which is teaching us bravery, expressing and putting ME first.

If right now your Cancer energy is out of balance;

Do you need to put stronger boundaries in between you and another?

Do you need to work on creating a relationship that is more equal?

Do you have an un-met need to be recognised in some way?

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