This week Chiron turned direct, and as this asteroid impacts my own chart thought I would share a little post with you.

The asteroid Chiron is named for the stories about Chiron teacher and healer to many of the heroes of old.

Half man and half horse abandoned and wounded Chiron became a great healer and teacher through facing personal challenges (physical and emotional wounds) and healing himself. He made great sacrifices and gained deep wisdom and understanding that enabled him to help many others.

The asteroid Chiron has a 51 year cycle through all the signs……so around your 50st birthday you have your Chiron return. Chiron has an elliptical cycle so it spends longer in some signs than others! Right now Chiron is in Pisces (my own return) and in 2019 it will move into Aries.

Chiron in your birth chart represents your sacred inner quest to transform one aspect of human suffering into a blessing. The house and sign and any relationship to other planets can give you the keys to unlock your own healing quest this lifetime.

When Chiron is activated by major progressions and transits, experiences tend to occur that bring us face to face with what really drove us to come here to this beautiful, but often painful planet. The sorrows and sufferings of the deep past are activated, brought to the surface, and we are given the chance to resolve them: to awaken from the sleep of ages. These experiences are karmic in the true sense of the word, for they will shake us until we wake, so long as we do not dull their effects with alcohol, drugs, or other ways of remaining drowsy, such as overwork or compulsive sex. (astrologycom)

For instance I have Chiron right on my ascendant in Pisces on the cusp between my first (identity) & 12th (spiritual) houses opposite my 6th house (service in the world) & 7th house of relationships in Virgo.
I found it really helpful to look deeper at this dynamic in my birth-chart, a new understanding to apply to difficulties in my own life.

If life has thrown you a big challenge throughout your life, then understanding your Chiron is one of the dynamics in your chart that might bring some healing through a new perspective?

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