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Do you need Change or Belief in relationships? 14th Oct

The Sun-in-Libra is making some powerful but confusing aspects today. Sun-in-Libra is shining a light on how we manage our relationships in one area of our life, so today this topic could be on your mind or arise for you today.

First Jupiter-in-Sagittarius is expanding your belief about this relationship, so maybe this encourages you to take a risk or feel hopeful. Because Sagittarius is in harmony with Libra this will feel positive and harmonious and could be an opportunity.
However Pluto-in-Capricorn is causing a challenge; either around what you truly believe or with the relationship. Pluto represents transformation, usually through acknowledging and soothing past wounds. A square usually means you need to make a change or adjustment or there is something you do not yet know about this situation.

So, when it come to one relationship, you need to ask do you need change or belief? I suspect this will not feel clear!

After today Mercury planet of communication, thoughts and learning in Scorpio (truth), makes some harmonious connections to both Saturn in Capricorn (realistic long-term goals) and Neptune in Pisces (Romantic dreams) so there will be opportunities to get your message across.

Your personal chart will provide many layers of detail. The houses in these signs (Libra, Sagittarius & Capricorn) will show where in your life this will play out i.e. if it is your 4th house it could be family-related. Personal planets at 20 degrees in these signs will show how this will impact your personally i.e. if you have the moon you will feel this more emotionally.
Have a good week! xxx

13th October Full Moon in Aries HERE

11th October Mercury shadow phase in Scorpio details HERE

Get ready for Venus to glide into Scorpio October 9th

Venus in Scorpio is intense, sexy and more likely to covertly observe everything that is going on, rather than be in the spot-light. Venus is about attracting what you love and value, so if you know which area of your life (house) Scorpio influences make a note and review it. Because Venus brings a positive influence to this area of life; if you know what it means for you and your life, you can take action and look for opportunities. Venus can make this area of your life just feel easier, more beautiful or bring more value. One way I have used Venus is to focus on this area when other areas of my life feel stuck or difficult.
Venus-in-Scorpio wants the truth, wants to get to the bottom of a mystery and wants to connect deeply with one person, so Venus here could feel intense, obsessive and jealous or controlling if misunderstood. But this is a great time to research, or look at anything that needs laser focus. This can be a good time for magic and intimacy.
If Scorpio falls into your 5th, 7th, 8th or 1st house, Venus here can be good time to find love, go on a date, or enjoy your relationships.
Money and business get a boost over the next few weeks if Scorpio falls into your 2nd, 6th or 10th house.
Personally I like Venus anywhere in my chart!

Current forecasts 7th-9th October
It really helps if you know which area of your life (house) relates to each sign in your personal chart to make the forecasts personal to you. If you have had a reading with me I will have shown you how to check.
Venus in Scorpio will be in harmony to that heavy energy in Capricorn, and confusing but imaginative Neptune in Pisces, and also support the karmic north node in Cancer. These areas will struggle with the Sun-in-Libra squaring these areas this month so Venus here may be a welcome blessing.
Venus-in-Scorpio will briefly oppose Uranus-in-Taurus; Scorpio and Taurus are both stubborn and fixed so that might be interesting mark 13th October in your diary! Venus wants what she values and Uranus forces change ready or not.
So this week just before Venus moves into Scorpio, on 8th we have an intense day. The Sun-in-Libra will square Saturn-in-Capricorn. This suggests an adjustment, or change is required between these two areas. Saturn in Capricorn is about how it has always been done while Sun-in-Libra notices what does not seem fair so cannot decide what to do.
Also on the 8th, Mercury in Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus; so this is stubborn communication around truth and change.
Same day as Venus glides into Scorpio on the 9th Mars in Libra supports Chiron in Aries. Chiron-in-Aries is often the planet that makes us feel really sensitive about ourselves. Mars-in-Chiron supporting Chiron suggests someone else will help you to find a win-win solution. I am sure that is welcome news!
Hope this helps you make the most out of the next few days xxx

Mars breezes into Libra Oct 5th

Mars planet of action and movement moves into air-sign Libra on 5th October. Mars-in-Libra is not hot-headed, defensive or stubborn. Instead Mars-in-Libra is breezy, charming and subtle; able to get what he needs in a less direct manner. Mars-in-Libra is an expert at the win-win situation, where the other person so pleased with their own deal, are unaware that Mars-in-Libra has also got what they wanted.
Mars-in-Libra may struggle if they need to be direct and go for what they want outright and/or appear selfish. Unfairness and unkindness from other people are a bit of a trigger for their normally carefully controlled anger.
This can be a great placement for Mars if your Libra area of life (house) involves other people or social areas of your life. It could be useful for sales and business negotiations.
For a couple of days Venus (love) and Mars (passion) will both be in Libra the sign of relationships. When Venus moves into Scorpio they will still be in an interesting placement for relationships, a bit of role reversal. Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio and Venus rules Libra, so love and passion will still be on, perhaps just in a different format to usual!
If you know which area of your life (house) Libra occupies in your chart then you can make the most of this energy by taking any action that will help you improve this area of your life

Conversations get deep with Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury the planet that influences your communication, learning, mind and thoughts moves into Scorpio on 4th October (UK).
Scorpio favours one-to-one conversations, getting to the bottom of mysteries, and discussions around deep or taboo subjects.
Scorpio of course has the famous sting, which can get triggered when it feels vulnerable and or insecure.
This is a good time to talk to a therapist about any deep emotions and feelings. It is also a brilliant time for research or delving into a mystery.
Although Scorpio can be social, this may be a time where you want small intimate gatherings.
Mercury in Scorpio will be in Harmony with Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer (13 – 20 degrees) so if you know your chart there will be opportunities through communication in these areas.
However Mercury in Scorpio may cause slightly more challenging conversation with Chiron in Aries (3 degrees) and Uranus in Taurus (6 degrees). The answer here is to try to be open to at least listening to a different perspective.
From the middle of October we are in the Mercury shadow; so if you can complete plans and important conversations before then great. If not, just remember to have options, a, b, and c, ready as life may feel confusing.

PS The Eagle is one of the symbols for Scorpio…beautiful image.

Pluto moves forward…3rd Oct

Pluto is hard to define in astrology especially as a student. He was a planet, then an asteroid. Pluto represents the underworld and also the soul. He moves very slowly so as students of astrology Pluto spends a long time in one area (years) making it hard to gauge his actual influence on us.
As the new ruler of Scorpio Pluto is linked to complicated motivations, obsessions and the darker side of life. Right now he is in Capricorn the sign that is linked to authority, rules and government on a planetary level. I won’t say more on that subject!
Retrograde Pluto, where he appears to move backwards through the sky, tends to mean his influences is more internal. From 3rd of October he moves forward again so those deep dark motivations may become more visible.
But that is Pluto on his lowest vibration. At his best, Pluto represents the Soul Journey; what challenges you personally have come to experience and overcome this life-time and what ultimately gives your life meaning.
Of course we only find meaning in our life through experiencing challenge. That is the message of Pluto. I suspect that the rewards come through how we approach our challenges with Pluto; are we true to ourselves? Can we see what we still have to learn? I have changed my image of Pluto to a butterfly, because I think Pluto wants us to keep transforming and growing.
If you have planets in Capricorn you may have faced a challenge at some point since 2008. If you have planets at 20 degrees Capricorn or Cancer, Libra or Aries you may feel a change in a current challenge as Pluto starts to move forward. All of us have Pluto in Capricorn influencing one area of our life.
A challenge is a call to change, allow transformation and while change feels scary it does brings fresh new opportunities. xxx

Motivations in Love 1st Oct

This is Pluto week. Right now this small but powerful slow moving planet is stationery before he starts to move forward and we are likely to notice this all week.
On 1st October Venus in Libra….all about attracting Love and/or abundance through relationships will square Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is about transforming pain; and the only way to do that is to fully face that pain. Pluto in relationships is about those darkest deepest motivations which can show up as pain, obsession and control.
Pluto in Capricorn is about the deepest motivations behind the rules we choose to live by. Venus squaring Pluto is asking us if we need to make a change or adjustment to the relationship rules we have been following.
For Venus in Libra the ‘rules’ are likely to be about what is fair, looks good and is important for the relationship. Pluto knows that sometimes relationships are not about what is fair but what motivates individuals to be in a relationship. Capricorn suggests having rules to build something worthwhile that will last despite the harsh realities of relationships.
Many teachers share that the only two real emotions are love and fear. This square is asking you to look at the motivations behind any rules you have in your relationships…..are they masking fears or building a realistic approach to love?
If you have personal planets at 20 degrees Capricorn or Libra you are more likely to feel this. If you know which house these are in you can get a better idea of where they will play out in your personal life.
Those who have their month ahead readings with me, you should know which area of life this falls into for you. xxxx

Karmic lessons

Saturn and the South node meet as they pass in opposite directions through 13/14 degrees Capricorn this weekend 28/29th September.
South Node relates to past life memories of experiences.
Saturn rules Karma, laws and time as well as restrictions.
Capricorn is the sign that wants to build something worthwhile through planning, systems and hard work.

So when they come together there is an opportunity to use what you have learned from the past to build something that might take time or could last for the long-term. This could relate to karmic soul-contracts, and learning from past lessons.
Squares while they can feeling challenging, show where you need more information, to make an adjustment or change or to allow for something you hadn’t considered. Looking for the hidden insight with a challenge can bring rewards.
This reward is about learning from a past/karmic lesson. We can all learn something from our past!

If you have personal planets in Capricorn around 13-14 degrees you may experience this influence more. If you know your chart then whichever house is at 13-14 degrees Capricorn is the area of life to look for these karmic lessons.

Now this weekend we also have the new moon in Libra and the Chiron in Aries. Capricorn squares both Libra and Aries….
So this is likely to feel uncomfortable like you are trying to move in different directions at the same time. All 3 signs are Cardinal…action-takers but not in unison.
There will potentially be 3 areas of your life ‘happening’ at the same time this weekend
I always use the Sun as my main focus (looking at New Moon in Libra opportunity) and the other alignments as showing the other threads going on in my life at the same time that need to be factored in i.e. Chiron and Saturn/south node
Looks like an interesting weekend ahead xx

Libra New Moon 28th September

We have a New Moon in Libra, on 28th September. This is at 6 degrees Libra and is around 4am UK time.
New Moons are the dark phase of the moon and associated with birthing something new, planting seeds for future growth and of course sending out wishes, manifesting and intentions.
Libra is about learning how to navigate relationships and partnerships. How we allow each other to shine, compromise, negotiate and find fairness and balance in our closest relationships. This can be romantic, business, co-worker, family, rival or someone who came into your life for a reason. For most of us this is a very big topic!
If you know your personal chart (Or have my month ahead personal audio readings) then you can align your emotions with intention and the stars by knowing which house (area of life) this relates to for you and how other personal planets influence this area. Libra in any area of your life will involve a relationship on some level. I think it is amazing how well this works with the Sun which of course is bringing to light the Libra area of your life at the same time, allowing you to see what no longer serves you and where changes and improvements can be made.

The Moon is all about our emotions and manifesting starts with being in the right emotional vibration. Fascinating isn’t it?
The next few days are a perfect time to work on your new moon manifesting (I include new moon active-meditations with the month ahead readings).

I need to also talk about Chiron-in-Aries who will oppose the Sun-in-Libra on Friday 27th September at 3 degrees. This will feel emotional and will influence this New Moon. Those who are sensitive or whose chart is being activated will feel either or both all of this week.
Libra and Aries are about balancing ‘my needs’ with ‘our needs’. Together they help us find our personal balance between independence and relationship. The Sun is shining a light on what is fair and how we balance our relationships. But Chiron is triggering where we are sensitive about being independent, going it alone, being needy and making decisions. Oppositions means there are two sides to the situation, two ways of viewing the way forward. Is there a middle-way a win-win compromise?
It may be that Chiron is a gift allowing you a new insight or perspective of how you can make the most of this Libra New Moon.

Your personal chart will always give you many more details and guidance in how to make the most of this and every forecast
Have a fantastic week and make the most of the Libra New Moon for 2019 xxxxx

Welcome to Libra time on 23rd September

Welcome to Libra-time! After the practical grounded Virgo energy we turn to our thoughts on how we interact with others and relationships. Libra is all about how we find balance, harmony and fairness between ‘me’ and ‘we’ in our interactions with others.
This is the sign that likes to ‘give’ to others but becomes off-balance when they cannot also ‘receive’ from others.
Libra has an affinity for fairness and is able to see all sides of an equation and has a great need for everything to be ‘fair’ this can sometimes lead to them feeling stuck with analysis paralysis!
Libra wants to do something together and they often like to share their thoughts and feelings with you. Libra needs to be ‘in tune’ with others and their surroundings and this can make them creative in their own way.
For those who have had their month ahead audio readings you know what Libra means for you personally and can now start to review this area of life now that the sun is putting it under the spot-light. This is the area of life where you will respond like a Libran. How strong/balanced is this Libran energy in you? What can Libra teach you to get the most out of this area of life? What personal planets do you have in Libra and how do they influence this time? Happy Birthday month Librans!

This (passionate) weekend…20th September

Mars planet of passionate action makes a nice aspect to Pluto planet of transformation. Now this is good in an earthy way! Mars is currently in fussy down-to-earth Virgo, so if something is not quite right this could get addressed or aired in some way. Mysterious Pluto ruler of Scorpio is often linked to passions as well, although right now he is in cautious hard-working Capricorn. Pluto can be about slightly taboo or deep motivations, also transformation and Soul-journey. Mars and Pluto together suggest passionate motivation or, action on a hidden motivation. You just might see another side to those people/situations that are usually cautious and practical!
Neptune and Sagittarius are also making a square all weekend. You have seen this before, it is about the adjustment you need to make around your dreams and visions (Neptune in Pisces) and what you believe is possible (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Belief and Imagination are often relegated behind taking practical realistic action…and yet all the truly great things in life begin with the belief in a dream. Of course to make things happen we need a balance of clear vision, positive belief and right action. This is a great opportunity (not likely to happen for quite a while) to see if you have this in balance or not.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Waiting is over as Saturn moves forward 18th September

Saturn is the planet that rules time, so if you feel as if you have been waiting for something to occur it may now happen as Saturn slowly starts to move forward through the sky on 18th September.
Saturn has a restricting influence on us, rewarding hard-work, patience and asking us to prepare for those harsh realities of life. Over the years I have learned the value of Saturn’s tough-love influence in my life. Basically I found that Saturn finds those weak areas in my attitude and approach to different areas of life. When he leaves one area of my life I have always learned a great deal. He is currently in the middle of a 3 year journey through Capricorn. Saturn has just move into a new area of my life, so I will certainly give this area a review! How about you?
Right now Saturn is sat with the karmic south node in Capricorn at 13/14 degree. This means he is asking us to make proper use of our past knowledge and experiences, don’t allow them to sit idly forgotten and unused.
Venus moving through Libra (4 degrees) on the same day will make a supportive connection to Chiron in Aries. Chiron is where we are very sensitive, and in Aries this may be around making decisions and being independent. Venus in Libra may help you attract someone who can provide support; perhaps someone else has a solution or insight that resonates with you on some level?
Mercury planet of communication also travelling through Libra will have a slightly uncomfortable chat with Uranus in Taurus (6 degrees) which may influence some of us. This suggests a communication around a recent change, and perhaps you will hear a different view or perspective from the other person, or perhaps someone will communicate a chance for compromise?
If you know your chart look at the house in those signs and degrees to understand the area of life where these influences are playing out for you. Hopefully my regulars are starting to remember (or made notes) where the slower planets are camped out in your own chart, so you are prepared for your personal opportunities and challenges.
I am busy recording month ahead audio readings all week and they will be sent out individually on the 20th….xxxx

Finding the balance in Love and communication 15th September!

15th August get ready for a shift in energies as both Mercury and Venus move together into Libra. Venus plant of attracting what we love and value is happy and strong in Libra. Mercury planet of communication will really be quite magical when it comes to love. For my business friends, this is great news for communicating with your customers and/or around finances.
Have a great weekend! xxxx




The Virgo Journey 2019

From 18th July to beyond 14th September we have a very special Virgo influence. Five planets are all moving through Virgo at the same time which is a bit special. As they move through Virgo each of the 5 planets follow a journey that makes 8 big alignments. So rather than write 5 x 8 forecasts (!) I am just going to share the main dates below. You can read all about the Virgo Journey HERE

Karmic Passion and Action…….!

On 11th, Mars reaches 15 degrees in Virgo and so aligns with the Karmic Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn and also squares philosophical Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars brings Karmic passion and welcome burst of action to all of these areas!
I have written about this previously when Venus, Mercury and the Sun also made this alignment. So rather than repeat I am going to share how this chart influences me personally through my own chart (below).
15 degrees makes the Cancer North Node right on the edge of my 5th house of creativity and individual expression bringing new soul opportunities over the next 18 years . Very soon this karmic node will move (backwards) into my 4th house. So I intend to make the most of this wonderful boost from Mars to give my creativity a final push. Of course the nodes are in pairs so I will look out for anything completing, that needs letting go or from the past to do with my 11th house (future plans & groups) as the South Node in Capricorn also gets a boost.
Jupiter at 15 degrees is sat right on my personal Venus in my 9th house of learning and philosophy; and if I am honest Jupiter has been expanding and helping me manifest quite a lot of new learning (actually loads!) and yes I do love it. Mars in Virgo square Jupiter is asking me to now take what I am learning and use it in a practical way.
Notice that my personal approach is not about predictions. Instead I look at where the energy is influencing me (my life) and then I decide if I am going to make the most of it or not. The energy still happens and if I look back after a forecast, I can often notice a forecast playing out in my life.
I view it more as a dance, or game. Sometimes I look for signs of the influences and then jump on board. Other times I make choices and take action knowing that the influences are available.
I get difficult days. The current Neptune/Jupiter alignments with Virgo triggers a very challenging T-Square in my chart. How they play out in my personal life is always challenging at some level. But knowing about them does give me extra insights to stay strong.
Some of my astrology clients tell me their readings provide a fresh new and different perspective on areas of their life that is very helpful. Others say there is an amazing relief when their reading confirms a decision or change that they have been struggling with. Most find it fascinating and supportive.

Practical Dreams…Sun opposes Neptune

The Sun-in-Virgo opposes Neptune-in-Pisces on the 10th. Oppositions means something is blocking the way forward, or there are two opposing views on how to move forward. Sometimes you have to pick one side and just get on with it. But with Virgo and Pisces in this situation there is a middle road. The Sun in Virgo is shining a light, a practical analysing light of how to make something happen in real life. Neptune in Pisces is the dream, the imagination and creative idea that initiates inspired action.
Virgo without Pisces is too realistic, lost in the need for details to work but with no vision to see the potential future. Pisces without Virgo loses touch with how to make anything work on a practical level, left with just a dream that can never be.
Tweak both approaches and now we have a dream that might work.
What brings them together? They both want to make a difference and help others.
In one area of your life today you have this dynamic going on at some level. Find the common ground and you can have a dream that can work.


Virgo and Capricorn support each other on 9th

Lovely day to make the most of easy energy that your Virgo and Capricorn areas of life can support each other (14 & 20 degrees)
Mars planet of action drive and passion in practical improvements Virgo makes an easy aspect (trine) to serious realistic Saturn-in-Capricorn. Making this a good day to tackle or improve an area of life where responsibilities, and serious/hard work are needed.
Mercury planet of the mind, thinking and communication in Virgo also trines (easy aspect) Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has a range of different meanings in astrology. From obsessive primal motivations, to heralding a mentor and transformation. At a deeper level Pluto represents the soul journey of transformation. In Capricorn, Pluto may feel restricted or driven by ambitions. Today could bring an opportunity around a communication that brings some kind of transformation for you.
Trines tend to feel easy and lazy, so the opportunities come through taking action in some way even if it doesn’t seem urgent. As we have Mars activated today you just might find it easier to take that action.
If you know what area of life (House) 14-20 degrees in Virgo and Capricorn influences you personally you might like to have a quick read more about them. HOUSES Link xxx

Sun connects to Collective Soul Path on 8th

The Sun will make positive aspects to the current nodes in Cancer and Capricorn today. This is beautiful energy for connecting with your soul journey. The current nodes show the collective karmic soul path for all of us living on the earth together; while your personal nodes in your chart show details of your personal soul path. So the Sun connecting in harmony can provide insights into our collective soul growth. We are setting the course of our lives for the next 18 years in Cancer and Capricorn and Sun-in-Virgo brings focus to heal and to fix through attention to the details.
With so much talk of what we are doing to mother earth (North Node in cancer)this is perhaps an important day when we could ask for healing solutions and awareness to reach the correct people.
Another aspect happening today is Sun-in-Virgo square Jupiter-in-Sagittarius, this is asking us to make an adjustment in what we believe to be possible or true when it comes to perfection, service-to-others and solutions.
Maybe they are linked?? Have a lovely Sunday and focus a positive thought towards solutions.. xx

Saturday 7th…Virgo Journey

So this is quite a nice day.
The Sun-in-Virgo is trine (easy, positive) Saturn-in-Capricorn. This is welcome energy for anyone feeling that restrictive, reality-check in Capricorn. You may see a way to make an improvement.
Venus-in-Virgo will also be trine (easy, positive) Pluto-in-Capricorn. Pluto can relate to sexy motivations and obsessions and also to the higher soul path. Venus is about what you value and love and how you attract that into your life. In Virgo and Capricorn this is going to feel down-to-earth and practical but still lovely!
Mercury-in-Virgo will reach his opposition to Neptune-in-Pisces. So here we find a balance or opposites in communication between a dreamy creative Neptune and a very detail, precise and realistic Mercury…..this might show as worry over imperfection and a dreamy hard to pin down escapism.
Juno-in-Virgo reaches her trine (easy positive) to Uranus-in-Taurus. Changes in contracts and commitments will feel easy……………..

Conversations and Thoughts on the 6th

Today Mercury moving very fast has reached 14/15 degrees of Virgo and will influence our conversations and thinking in complex ways…..
First Mercury-in-Virgo trines (easy positive) Saturn in Capricorn. So any heavy restrictive authority energy in your life receives an opportunity/support/ease through your thinking or communication.
Towards the end of the day Mercury then makes another trine to the South node in Capricorn; this will trigger past memories and soul gifts to do with communication. In Capricorn this may mean we channel our masculine energies, hard work, worthy goals.
Of course Mercury will also sextile positive motivation/support/action to the North Node in Cancer at the same time. North Node is what is new for us to learn and experience in our Cancer area of life perhaps to do with protection, belonging and emotional sensitivity.
Lastly (!) Mercury will square (adjustment needed) Jupiter in Sagittarius. This could mean you need to change how you communicate your beliefs, philosophy, journey in this area of your life.
Hopefully if you have been following my posts or have your audio reading for the month ahead you are getting quite clear on how all these alignments can be used in your personal life. Personally I am having a catch up day at home in my office and this Mercury energy will really help! xxx

Pain of Commitment…Juno Square Chiron 5th

Juno represents commitment and contracts; those things we value enough for the long haul and to sign the dotted line. So commitments relating to your Virgo area of life (House) are likely to come up for you. Do they provide a practical service for you? Have you read the details in the small print?
As Juno reaches 4 degrees Virgo she forms an uncomfortable square to Chiron-in-Aries. This is likely to bring up any inner wounds or trigger where you feel more sensitive; in other words the pain of commitment. Chiron in Aries can be about struggling to be brave enough, unable to make a big decision, which is common with contracts and commitment. Which area of your life (House) does 4 degrees Aries influence?
These two areas could link up in some way in your life and feel uncomfortable, painful even. The other asteroids are also triggering Chiron, Diana (freedom) at 6 Leo and Pallas (strategy) at 4 Scorpio and Ceres (nurturing) at 7 Sagittarius.
Juno will stand through thick and thin if the commitment is truly there. Chiron is the ultimate healer, healing ourselves. There are rewards with challenges. xx

The Big Virgo T Square …with Neptune & Jupiter

As the planets reach 15-17 degrees Virgo they become part of an interesting T Square. Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius have been square each other this year. Remember squares are something we have to face, overcome and make an adjustment. A T Square means there are 2 adjustments that need to be made…..
If you know which house 15-17 degrees in Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces falls in your chart you can get an idea of where in your life you need to adapt and flow with any adjustments. Jupiter-in-Sagittarius asks what do you believe in? and Neptune-in-Pisces asks what are your dreams?
Now into the mix comes Virgo, providing practical analysis and asking/observing what needs improving? Venus on the 4th triggers this T Square by asking will the dream bring love, value and/or abundance? Especially asking can my dream/beliefs allow me to attract what I want?
This is mutable energy, able to adapt and flow with what feels like the easiest way forward.
I happen to have this exact T-Square in my own chart!!! So what can I share? To move forward we need an initial idea/dream, then we need to believe the dream can come true in some way, and finally we have to take practical action and keep tweaking it until it works. The danger with mutable energy is that we can bend and compromise too far away from the original dream.
Gemini, curiosity and sharing information is what can provide a stable balance (the 4th leg of the square)
The 5 planets travelling through Virgo will each trigger this T Square, starting with Venus on 4th September…
Whew! There is a lot going on at the moment or maybe it is just that my personal T-Square is being triggered?…xx

Manifesting Karmic love and abundance 4th

Venus reaches 16 degrees Virgo today and aligns with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. Venus is about how you attract the abundance that you love and value and in Virgo there is something very practical and detailed about how we do this. Venus in Virgo is in positive harmony with the nodes today…so an energy to enjoy and make the most of.
The nodes are about your soul journey and are linked to those big eclipse’s in Cancer time. The south node is about how your past can influence your approach to this life. In Capricorn this could be how our past experiences to do with authority, hard-work, ambitions and doing something worthwhile influence what you love and value in our Virgo area of life. This is a trine energy so it can feel easy and lazy.
The north node is what you came to learn and experience, that is new and slightly uncomfortable, yet the experience will benefit you. In Cancer this is about learning something new about nurturing, protecting, emotional sensitivity and creativity and how that can influence what you love and value in your Virgo area of life. This is a sextile energy so it should feel positive and stimulating in some way.

If you have any personal planets around 16 degrees in Virgo, Cancer or Capricorn there could be a karmic opportunity for you, maybe through an insight or something that’s speaks of soul-mates and karmic love and abundance. The possibilities are endless, and Venus is the first of the 5 planets to make this aspect so it will repeat or continue over the next week or so.
This one is worth keeping a Journal….again for those who have their Virgo month ahead audio reading you will have an idea of where this may influence you. Enjoy xx

Sept 4th Spot-light on practical conversations with Sun & Mercury Conjunct

On 4th Sept mercury has caught up with the sun and they join together (conjunct) at 11 degrees Virgo. This brings a focus and spot-light on practical ways of sharing your message, discussing your service and explaining (in detail) how to make improvements…..and conversations in your Virgo area of life. Virgo is also about your logic and thoughts so it can also relate to practical down-to-earth realistic logical thinking.
This is an opportunity to make the most of the above today!
If out of balance you may get stuck in the analysing, the details and worrying that things are not perfect…..if this happens step back and look at the big picture in broad strokes will it matter in 1, 10, or 20 years’ time?

Love this bird, representing mercury the messenger in sunlight! xx

Sept 3rd Venus and Jupiter

This is technically a square, where we need to face a fear or challenge. However we could not have kinder planets squaring up! Venus is about what we want to attract in our Virgo area of life. Jupiter is about what we believe, we expand, in our Sagittarius area of life. For Venus to work well we need to truly love and value what we want to attract and in Virgo this may be perfection or practical service. Jupiter will show you what you truly believe through what is expanding in your life, and in Sagittarius you need freedom to have your own beliefs.
So it may be that there is a difference between what you believe and what you love/value at this time! Look at your Virgo and Sagittarius area of your chart at 15 degrees for more details (or check your month-ahead reading/notes).

Sept 2nd Venus and Saturn

Venus now leading the Virgo journey, will make beautiful aspects (Trine) to Saturn-in-Capricorn at 14 degrees on 2nd, and this brings an opportunity for attracting something of value in that area of your life where it has felt tough going as Saturn brings restrictions and reality-checks. But now perhaps you will receive insights or rewards in that area where you have worked so hard? Look at 14 degrees in Capricorn and Virgo for the details in your own chart (or listen to your month-ahead reading/notes)


Make a wish on the Virgo New Moon

We have a lovely New Moon on 30th August at 6 degrees Virgo at 4 am approx. UK. . This is a Super new moon meaning it is close to the earth, and potentially has more influence on us.
The New Moon is the dark phase of the moon, that time just before we take action, where we get clear and decide what we want. This is the time we plant seeds, both plants and ideas and wishes.
Virgo New Moon brings a practical, analytical and need to improve something energy.
Your chart will indicate which area of your life (House) is most influenced by this new moon and the best place to review and decide what would make this part of your life positive, easier, and more rewarding?
Because this new moon aligns perfectly with Uranus in sister earth sign Taurus there is a beneficial influence (Trine)to go after a change, or find a solution to improve recent changes.
This new moon is a perfect time to follow your own manifesting method. I share a few ideas in the comments.
For my regular clients do listen to your relaxing Virgo new moon audio guide to help you connect with your inner wisdom when it comes manifesting at this new moon! xxxx

Harness lightening change of Uranus into the Earth

Uranus-in-Taurus has caused some of us to deal with sudden/unexpected change in the area of life where we would much prefer it stayed stable and secure (Taurus). As the planets moving through Virgo reach 6 degrees they make a lovely positive alignment with Uranus in Taurus. Yay! Venus is the first planet on 27th August, then Mars on 28th August. I sense here is an opportunity to harness the lightening power of Uranus into the earth and love this picture (Unsplash)
The area of your life that is influenced by Taurus is where you want life to provide stability and security, where you feel comfortable at a slower pace and possibly where you least expected/wanted change. Uranus over the last few months has brought sudden/unexpected change to the first 6 degrees of Taurus, now he is retrograde those changes may come from within you or you may be unsure how to move forward. I have observed Uranus playing out in the lives of people around me.
Over the next couple of weeks you will receive support and or a solution from your Virgo area of life, perhaps by seeing what can be fixed or improved or embracing a new skill or taking on a new responsibility. Venus can help you see value, love and/or a way to attract abundance. Mars can motivate you to take some practical action to support any changes.
Listen to your personal reading to help you gain more insights into the connection between these two areas or check your own chart at 6 degrees.
This is the first of many positive alignments during Virgo time, trines are easy to let slip through your fingers but so worth the effort to make the most of this opportunity.
I am taking a little break now so enjoy the rest of the bank holiday….xxx

Is an old hurt being triggered? Week 25th August

As the planets moving through Virgo reach 5 degrees they form a square to Chiron-in-Aries. Chiron is where we feel very sensitive, and this usually relates to an old hurt or wound that unconsciously gets triggered. In Aries this is through the lens to do with being brave, making a big decision, becoming more independent or impatient. If in the past you got hurt through acting in an Aries way, and have not found peace or healing, then this wound memory can get triggered.
My big tip is let this remind you that the other person or situation has not triggered you on purpose! Universe is simply showing you that more healing is needed and because it is a square an adjustment or more information will be required to do this.
You might like to use Angel/Tarot cards for more insights, flower essences, journal work or seek support and help.
The exact area of your life this will play out in will depend on your personal chart (my audio readings will explain for you) How strongly this influences you or not, will depend partly on your personal chart and your past choices and experiences. But do be aware that those around you may be experiencing this more than you.
Astrology simply indicates the upcoming cycles so that we have a heads-up that guides and support our responses and understanding.
This week Venus, Mars and Sun will make this journey

Adjustments to how you nurture in week 25th August

The Virgo journey kicks off with a square to Ceres-in-Sagittarius at 4 degrees. This week the cosmic couple Mars and Venus and then the Sun will make a square to Ceres. A Square can initially feel uncomfortable but is really showing you where you need to make an adjustment in your life.
Ceres is about how you nurture yourself. Right now she is asking you to nurture the area of your life that relates to 4 degrees Sagittarius. Sagittarius relates to one area of your life where the focus is on a long journey of exploration, either in real life (travel, overseas) or in the mind (Philosophy, higher-learning).
The Square to Virgo means that there is an adjustment you can make or something you need to learn to make these two areas of your life feel more comfortable. So listen to your reading or check your chart and look at 4 degrees Virgo and Sagittarius.
Mars brings insight into passionate action. Venus into what you love and value. The Sun shines a light so that you can see this area of your life clearly.
More nurturing has to be a good thing! xxx

Cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus reunite in Virgo from 24th

Mars, planet of passionate action and Venus, planet of attracting what you love and value, are reunited this week starting at 3 degrees Virgo and staying close together all week. The cosmic lovers reunited is a rare and beautiful alignment and represents male and female energies in perfect balance.
This is happening through the lens of Virgo. So it suggests a balance of all the fussy details coming together, an acceptance of what is/not perfect, practical improvements and responsibilities of service to others.
When Mars is with Venus we can take passionate action to attract what we love and value into our lives.
Does this mean romance for me? I think this will depend on your personal chart. It is an opportunity to take some kind of passionate yet practical action to attract something you love and value.
If 3 degrees Virgo is in your 1st, 5th, 7th or 8th house then romance is more likely. If it is your 2nd, 6th or 10th house something more to do with value such as money, property or career. This is what I love about astrology we can use every alignment to enjoy and improve some area of life!
Your audio recording for the month will explain where this alignment is happening for you! xxx



Juno into Virgo 19th

Juno is a powerful asteroid who represents commitment and contracts and female goddess energy. She moves into Virgo on the 19th August and indicates checking all the details in any contracts and spending a few more minutes to get it perfect. She also helps us appreciate and commit for the long-term to those people, ideas and situations that embody Virgo qualities such as attention to detail, helping others, and practical skills.
For a few days she walks with Mars which will activate her energy possibly influencing you to take action around a commitment or contract.
Juno moves slower than some of the other planets but she also is now following the Virgo Journey and your personal Juno details will be included in the month ahead readings.
Lovely picture (unsplash) of windmill in mauve sky reminds me of the astrological sign for Juno!
I am going to be opening up limited number of month ahead readings around the Virgo Journey from Wednesday so look out for more details. xxxx

Mars into Virgo 18th

Mars brings passion, drive and energy to your Virgo area of life!
The journey starts with Mars the independent self-reliant warrior of the planets who scouts ahead. Mars may ruffle a few feathers and march across Virgo’s need for life to look ‘perfect’ as he leads the other planets.
Mars will cross into 0 degrees Virgo on the 18th and the Journey begins. Mars travels at a steady mile-eating march and some of the faster planets will catch him up later.




Aquarius Full Moon Embrace what makes you unique

On 15th August around 13.30 (UK) we have a Full Moon at 22 degrees Aquarius.
Full moons are where we get to evaluate and appreciate the harvest/results of what we asked for 6 months ago. So this full moon relates to what you started, intended or inadvertently set-in-motion back in January February of this year. What was on your mind back then?

Aquarius relates to where you naturally feel strong enough to be assertive and go against the grain, with a dash of fun and an easily distracted ability to suddenly change. The moon relates to our emotional responses, and the full moon is one of the most emotional phases. If you feel negative feelings at the full moon remember emotions are your internal guidance system making you aware when a change is needed. Common Aquarius responses could include feeling positive about future plans, having fun socially and sometimes feeling misunderstood.

If you use law of attraction or gratitude this full moon can be a powerful time to write your gratitude list and change/focus your vibration.

What is cool about this full moon is that it is opposite the Sun coupled up together with Venus (planet of what we love, value and find attractive) in Leo. So this helps us to focus and appreciate what we truly love and value. Because Leo is a romantic sign and Venus is here this could certainly add a romantic energy, although there are many aspects of your life that you love and value. Adding to this energy Juno (who/what we commit to) and Mars (your inner drive and passion) are also close to the Sun in Leo!

Full moons are about balance. Aquarius and Leo are how we balance our need to express what makes us unique and individual and yet still be a team player. I am always reminded of Spock when I think of Aquarius (who was unique) and his quote “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” (excuse the geek moment!)
If you know your chart take a look at 22 degrees Aquarius and Leo; what houses are involved? How do they work together in your personal life? Where could they benefit from an adjustment? What personal planets do you have at 20, 21,22,23? Personal planets add extra energy and emotions at the Full Moon. For those of you who have your month ahead recording please use this forecast along with your personal details.
What an amazing picture of the cool moon by Cerqueira


Healing on the inside with as Chiron goes retrograde in Aries

July 9th Chiron goes into his annual retrograde phase. When planets go retrograde it is an inside job and we go back over the last few months. Chiron in Aries is where we ask what is wrong with me? So this is a good time to reflect back on your Aries area of life (5 degrees) and see where you feel you get in your own way, can’t get over old wounds or perhaps can help others through overcoming your own pain.






April 10th Jupiter Retrograde 2019

Jupiter represents your response to expansion, opportunity, potential, positivity, risk, adventure, recklessness and faith. This year he is at ‘home’ in Sagittarius and that makes his influence stronger for all of us.

Today he stations and appears to turn around and move backwards.
It is likely you will feel this as Jupiter is a large planet with a strong energy.
He is considered one of the most positive influences in astrology.
What does it mean when he goes retrograde?
Firstly just like mercury retrograde we will get to experience one aspect of our life 3 times. Where Jupiter has been working for you since January you are now going to move backwards over the same ground. Then in August you will be back where you were in January with another chance in how you respond to similar opportunities through the next few months.
However this is not a ground hog day situation. Because the rest of your life will be different, all the other planets will be in different places offering us different responses and dynamics that may impact your opportunities this time around. Fascinating isn’t it?
Retrogrades are do-overs, 2nd chances.
So a Jupiter retrograde is a 2nd chance to make the most of any expansion and opportunities – but with new dynamics.
From today we start the backwards phase.
Generally retrogrades are where we do the inner work. A time to reflect on your responses to opportunity, potential, expansion, risk and adventure. Do you embrace them? Are you clear on what you want? How do you cope with risk and adventure? Where do you place your faith? It may also be a time where you make your own luck and opportunity.
Jupiter is beneficial even when he is retrograde.
If you have your own chart then you can add more layers of personal detail, by checking which house and personal planets are in the 2nd half of Sagittarius for you. I am learning that we all respond in unique ways to the planets influence and this is another opportunity to discover how we can all work with Jupiter.


Change for All with Uranus back in Taurus for 7 years

7th March is a big deal as Uranus moves back into Taurus to stay for 7 years. May 2018 we all got a sneak peek as Uranus dipped into Taurus for a few months before backing into Aries to give us an opportunity to make final changes in your Aries area of your life.
Uranus does bring sudden changes, but they are for our long-term good. The more we embrace and flow with changes the easier it will feel. Uranus also rules the internet, and the higher mind.
If Uranus-in-Aries for the past 7 years was like fire and lightening (!) then Uranus-in-Taurus is lightening being drawn down and made safe in the earth.
All of us have a Taurus area of life in our personal chart, where we appreciate a slower pace, want to build (financial) security, and surround ourselves with beauty. Trouble is we can get stuck in our Taurus area, unwilling to change, so we dig our heels in like an obstinate bull. Taurus enjoys the feel of that security blanket, too comfortable to move out.
The danger with Taurus (and any of the fixed signs) is that without change there can be no growth and we can become stagnant and what was good without fresh growth and energy becomes stale.
Sometimes we compromise on our dreams for the security, or because of our fear of walking our own path. Uranus is said to liberate us.
If you do not have a personal chart or know your time of birth then Taurus rules your 2nd house of what you value, this can be financial or property, but anything you personally place a high value on.
Uranus will bring change to this area of your life.
The more planets you have in Taurus the more you will notice the Uranus-in-Taurus changes. As Uranus reaches the same degree as any personal planet in Taurus is when you will experience change.
All the fixed signs; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius struggle with change, and may really notice this 7-year transit.
Taurus is ruled by Venus planet of love and attraction, so (depending on your personal chart) this next 7 years can bring big changes to romance, love and relationships for many people.
Currently marching through Taurus are the planet Mars (action and passion) and the asteroid Diana (freedom)…so there is a lot of energy in Taurus right now!
For those who like to dig deeper into astrology, remember that Scorpio is the other half of Taurus so check this area of your chart as well for more personal insghts!


Time for Self-Healing with Chiron-in-Aries

Chiron (wounded healer) moves into Aries from 18th February 2019 until April 2027. This is a big energy shift and those of you who are sensitive may really notice this.

What does Chiron in Aries bring to you?
Chiron brings us the opportunity to heal old wounds, to gain clarity, wisdom and understanding from difficult times we have been through. So Chiron could be thought of as a time when a reactivation of past painful situations may surface so that they can now be healed.

Aries-in-Chiron has come to help you heal memories and past wounds around: your appearance, how you go after what you want, how brave you are, how independent you are, how you protect yourself, how you approach new projects and situations.

If you have your Sun in Aries, Chiron will activate healing around feeling stuck unable to move forward and allow you to really shine and go even further with your life mission.
If you have Venus in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal pain from past romance and/or blocks to abundance so you can manifest and attract what you really want.
If you have your Moon in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal from past feelings, such as anger, fear, frustration, and ‘why me’ feelings, so that you can use your fire to inspire others.
If you have Chiron in Aries you are having your Chiron Return. This is a chance to clear your biggest most painful wounds so that you can move forward in this area of life with more joy.
Because this is such an important transit I have written more HERE


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