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Nurture Inner Guidance with Ceres

This is a little alignment for 22nd May that I looked at with a few clients recently. I find it interesting that at the time of growing female power, that the Goddess asteroid Ceres has been ‘upgraded’ to a planet status. Today Venus in Taurus and Ceres in Sagittarius make an alignment around 8 degrees. This sort of alignment requires us to make an adjustment in order to reap the wisdom and benefits. Venus is very strong in Taurus and is all about attracting what we love. Ceres is all about female/Goddess energy of our nurturing needs and how we nurture others (including this planet). So today might be a good time to pause and listen to your inner guidance. That thing that you love and want to attract, how will it nurture you and others? Because Ceres is in Sagittarius nurturing ourselves may feel like it is a risk, or even feel boring. Taurus energy can get stuck and fixed. But Ceres in Sagittarius whispers to us to think big, take a risk, go after that goal, especially when you know it will nurture and care for you and others. These two big female energies show us that there are strong ways to love and nurture yourself and our world.
I am looking forward to learning how to better work and learn from Ceres and the other Goddess asteroids through their influence on my life xxx

Cosmic whirlpool

May 22nd/23rd around 4 degrees we have some interesting alignments. There is a sense that a healing shift could happen. It may not always feel comfortable. Sometimes in order to clear the waters we must first dredge the deeper levels. This alignment is short. Because this involves Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer as the driving forces I was reminded of a cosmic whirlpool.
Because this involves Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer this could be very personal on an inner level, or certainly a personal response. Uranus creates swift change in order to liberate us from where we have become stuck and stagnant in Taurus. Mars in Cancer is driving those deep emotions forward where we can see them clearly. These two are working together.
Then we have Chiron who represents where we trip ourselves up, our Achilles heel in the sign of forward moving Aries. This is in harmony with Mercury – our message – in lively curious Gemini.
So it is likely that we may feel all at sea for 24 hours. I suspect some sort of internal conflict may be experienced. It could be that old wounds and painful memories are blocking needed change. It could also be wonderful!
There are both harmonious and challenging alignments, and together they could create a much needed healing shift in your responses to life.
If you know your own chart, then check Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, first to see which areas of your life could be involved. Then just check if you have any personal planets at 4 degrees in any of those signs.
I don’t really use astrology to make future predictions, although I always like to be aware of the current energies. Instead I use my personal responses to the specific alignments to understand myself better. I note what triggers me, and how I react. Some signs are naturally easier for me than others. I always try to understand the teachings behind the signs and planets involved. And yes sometimes I learn after an alignment has passed as I reflect back. What I learn helps me decide my next choice or action in life.
I invite you to try this approach as well.
You can use a range of emotional and soul healing techniques with the alignments, if this is something that you enjoy (I do).
So in summary, there is a lot going on, we may feel this more on an internal level and as some kind of shift. All the alignments teach us and help us move forward.


Hello Gemini

The Sun moves into Gemini May 21st until June 20th. Happy Birthday if you are a Sun-Gemini! Gemini is about our mind; how we think, our ideas, giving and receiving information. Gemini energy tends to be fast, adaptable, with mental agility and multi-tasking skills.
You have Gemini somewhere in your chart; an area of our life where you tend to respond with Gemini traits. Now that the Sun is here for a month, this area of your life will be more visible to you. In my own chart I have North Node in Gemini on the cusp between my 2nd house of values and my 3rd house of communication. So Communicating what I value through Gemini traits is something I have come to explore this life-time. In your chart Gemini will explain an area of your life too. If you are a Sun-Gemini it is a big focus, what I like to call your life-mission, and around your birthday this will become activated for the coming year.
This year the Sun (your focus) enters Gemini coupled up with Mercury (your message). This means the heart and mind are aligned together with Gemini traits. Mercury much like the mind, can flit back in the past and forward to the future. Right now it should feel easier to share your message from your heart, in the present moment. Mercury moves fast so will soon move ahead of the Sun, so make the most of this opportunity!
Traditionally Gemini is linked with the 3rd house of communication so this is a great time of year to focus on how you get your message across. So many areas of life involve how you communicate, that it is worth reviewing how you can improve this area. Misunderstandings through communication are so common.
The balance to Gemini is with Sagittarius, helping us to understand that information needs a goal, and that knowledge should be used to gain wisdom.


Transformation with Scorpio Full Moon

Full Moon 18th May in Scorpio at 27 degrees around 10pm UK.
Full Moons relate to the ‘harvest’, the fruition of seeds you planted earlier. In this case you need to review what you were asking for at the new Scorpio moon back in November 2018. The moon represents our emotions and is linked to manifesting because you manifest through your emotional response behind the asking and intention.
Scorpio is passionate and intense and feels everything x10. You have Scorpio in your own chart, showing which aspect of your life you respond to with intense feelings. How you experience this Full Moon will help you understand how balanced this area of your life is. Traditionally Scorpio rules the 8th house of connection, the great mysteries of life, and transformation. This Full moon will align with Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, making this a really powerful time for transformation, through what you feel emotionally.
If this feels intense then look to the other half of Scorpio, to the Sun-in-Taurus for balance, perhaps grounding yourself through the 5 senses. Another reason why this full moon could feel transformative is because at the same time Venus will join Uranus at 3 degrees Taurus. Venus is what we love and Uranus is about being liberated through change. A big shift could happen over this weekend, through our emotions, including love. At a very simple level we may see an emotional truth about what we love, which allows us to grow, change and even transform one aspect of ourselves.
Full moon is a great time to appreciate your own personal harvest, and to appreciate the great mysteries and magic (often through connection to others) that is already in your life. Wishing each of you a magical full moon this weekend..xx

Mars brings Passion to Cancer

Mars moving into Cancer on 16th May reminds me of the force and power of waves crashing on the shore. Cancer is the emotional water sign, and Cancer is where all of us tend to experience an aspect of life through our feelings. Along comes Mars, planet of action drive and passion to move those old, deep emotions. At its best this could be healing as old stuck patterns are moved forward to be dealt with, often you can do this through very creative energy. We do need to watch for imbalance of this energy which could show as very defensive energy. Cancer is also ‘my home is my castle’ and so our environment and foundations become very important.
Cancer easily becomes ruled by what is felt in the emotional realm and Mars may increase this. If this happens remember that emotions are a feedback system only, showing which direction you are heading, so that you can change direction. Before you react, pause, are any past emotions being triggered? If they are you are being given an opportunity to heal. Seek out help, maybe explore creative outlets, and view this as an opportunity to clear old emotional patterns that no longer serve you.
Currently Cancer is important for all of us as we have the North Node also here, instigating a new soul and karmic 18-year cycle. Mars will help bring some passion and drive to activate the start of this cycle so this, like those sea waves crashing, may feel exciting!
Mars in Cancer will be in harmony with Venus-in-Taurus and Neptune-in-Pisces over the next few weeks. Together this could create a very romantic, touchy-feely energy. This will be good for healing, nurturing, and all the creative arts.
Cancer traditionally rules the 4th house of Home, family and foundations so if you do not know your own chart use this area to understand Mars in Cancer in your own life. If you do have a chart then check which house cancer influences and any personal planets. Reviewing this area ahead before any emotions arise can be very helpful.
As always if you struggle I am available to share with you deeper astrology insights and help clear emotional blocks with flower essences.

Manifest and Love with Venus in Taurus

15th May you may notice the shift as Venus moves out of fast, direct, and open Aries and into laidback, steady and value-appreciating Taurus. Venus is the planet of attracting what we love. The hint is in ‘what we love’. If you follow manifesting you already know it is all about feeling good before the manifestation happens. Venus is ‘at home’ in Taurus and so this could be a powerful time to manifest.
Venus is always working for you, she is a beneficial influence. You need to love what you want. I believe the secret with Venus is to understand which area of your life she is influencing and then manifest in this specific area. You just need to check which ‘house’ Taurus rules for you from your chart to find out. Once you know which house then read about it to see where the opportunities could come from. Money and Love can come into your life from a variety of directions, even the unexpected. So use where Venus is in your life to welcome abundance in!
If you do not have a chart or time of birth then you can use the 2nd house of Values as your guide for this time.
If you have Sun, Moon or Venus in Taurus this is a great month to manifest. If you have Venus in Taurus it is your Venus Return. Over the next few weeks look out for signs from Venus as to how she will work with you over the next 12 months.
If you have no planets in Taurus Venus us still working for you. If you have harder influences such as Saturn or Chiron, then Venus (I have found) gives you a little grace and easing of the challenges.
Venus changes her style as she moves through the signs. In Taurus she slows down, no rush, she might smell the roses, listen to music, enjoy a good meal and book that massage. She appreciates beauty everywhere, even likes to invest in beautiful items, and is aware of how to work with the flow of abundance and money.
Just remember that to align with Venus you have to get into the feeling of love and appreciation; with Venus what you love grows

Mercury into Taurus

Communication changes pace again from 7th May when mercury moves into laid-back Taurus. Be aware that on 8th and 9th May mercury joins Uranus planet of sudden changes. So it is possible that a conversation could lead to a sudden change of some kind.
The more we can keep communication simple the better it will go. Mercury in Taurus may also be about communicating with value or around values; this includes money.
Mercury is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces so the for poets and artists and dreamers this may be a good time to get your message out there! Also in harmony with all that serious Capricorn energy, we could expect some very down-to-earth and practical discussions.

New Moon in Taurus on 4th May

New moons (which are the dark moon phase) are about starting something new, planting seeds for the future, new dreams and intentions. This new moon is at 14 degrees Taurus and happens just before midnight on 4th May in the UK. There are planets in next-door signs Aries and Gemini that may cause you to feel that there are two speeds going on at the same time! Taurus is steady energy and as the moon influences your emotions hopefully you can relax your feelings too this weekend.
If you have Sun-in-Taurus or Moon-in-Taurus (in your chart) then this is a special New Moon for you. Use this as a time to decide what you want out of the coming year! All of us can work with this new moon as Taurus will influence an area of your life.
New Moons are a great time to practice appreciation and gratitude. They are also a good time to use your manifesting techniques.
Traditionally Taurus rules what you value and own. This includes money that you personally earn, save and owe. So this is always a good time to improve your relationship with money flow.
You have had some time now to review your Taurus area of life; you should have a good idea of what you would like more of! You can check your chart to see which house Taurus is in and this will give you the more personal details. This New Moon is all about what you would like to change and start that will enhance your Taurus area of life.
We have Mars (Passion) in flighty Gemini and Venus (What we love) in direct Aries adding some sparkle at this new moon. Have fun manifesting this weekend xx

Review Responsibilities with Saturn Retrograde

From 30th April until September 2019 the planet Saturn goes into his annual retrograde cycle. Saturn is the planet that reminds us of our responsibilities and gives us those sharp reality checks. He is about the physical world and its law of cause and effect. His general action on our life is one of restriction and constriction. He is not a ‘bad’ planet he is more the ‘tough love’ that actually deeply cares about you. Facing and overcoming his challenges will bring rewards. Not those glittering rewards that quickly fade but those hard-worn gritty strengths that allow us to keep going despite the odds.
Saturn is currently in Capricorn where he is at home and at his cool best. He is at 20 degrees and will retrace his steps to 13 degrees. In other word’s Saturn is taking us slowly back to December 2018. Retrogrades are where we retrace our steps and go over the same ground to review our actions and choices. They are opportunities. The next 5 months we are moving backwards, and this is the time to review, reflect, re-think and look at the consequences of how we have faced Saturn (our responsibilities) since December. When Saturn goes retrograde the restrictions tend to come from inside us rather than from external events that happen to us. So now we may be more cautious and wary, we may plan more and look at the realities of our plans.
If you have a personal chart, you can check to see which house 13 – 20 degrees in Capricorn falls into as this will show you where in your life this retrograde will influence you personally.
Saturn is not the cause of every problem in your life yet understanding your own chart so you can track his influence and understand his lessons is one of the most beneficial ways to use astrology.
In my Astro-clarity readings and coaching for personal life situations and business I focus on what you need to understand and clear in order to face your challenges and receive the rewards, my work is intuitive, supportive as well as practical.
If you are struggling right now, message me with a brief outline of your current challenge to see if I can help.



21st April Sun in Taurus

21st April the Sun will move into Taurus. Life will feel different… When the sun changes sign we have an opportunity to look at a new aspect of our lives. We all have Taurus in our chart. Traditionally Taurus rules the 2nd House which is all about what we own, what we value, and how we build security. Taurus rules finances, what you save and what you owe; your relationship to money and abundance. Anything that you personally own as yours is what the 2nd house is all about. So that might be your 200 pairs of shoes in the spare room, your pet cat, or your dream kitchen that you took out that loan for.
It might also be that air of confidence you worked so hard for, or honesty that you value in yourself and others. Taurus energy is where we need to connect to life more through our 5 senses, perhaps to enjoy food, music, art, and nature more. These things are also of value, but how much time do we give them?
Taurus does not like change, and questions why we need to change anything and can be stubborn. Taurus is where security is important to you. For the next 7 years Uranus planet of sudden change is moving through Taurus and each time the Sun is in Taurus we get an insight into how change in Taurus will influence us personally. I feel we are being asked to really look at change; what can I gain through change? Is all change positive? Why don’t I want change?
Traditionally Uranus rewards us when we embrace change so if in doubt at least explore the potential of change.

April 10th Jupiter Retrograde 2019

Jupiter represents your response to expansion, opportunity, potential, positivity, risk, adventure, recklessness and faith. This year he is at ‘home’ in Sagittarius and that makes his influence stronger for all of us.

Today he stations and appears to turn around and move backwards.
It is likely you will feel this as Jupiter is a large planet with a strong energy.
He is considered one of the most positive influences in astrology.
What does it mean when he goes retrograde?
Firstly just like mercury retrograde we will get to experience one aspect of our life 3 times. Where Jupiter has been working for you since January you are now going to move backwards over the same ground. Then in August you will be back where you were in January with another chance in how you respond to similar opportunities through the next few months.
However this is not a ground hog day situation. Because the rest of your life will be different, all the other planets will be in different places offering us different responses and dynamics that may impact your opportunities this time around. Fascinating isn’t it?
Retrogrades are do-overs, 2nd chances.
So a Jupiter retrograde is a 2nd chance to make the most of any expansion and opportunities – but with new dynamics.
From today we start the backwards phase.
Generally retrogrades are where we do the inner work. A time to reflect on your responses to opportunity, potential, expansion, risk and adventure. Do you embrace them? Are you clear on what you want? How do you cope with risk and adventure? Where do you place your faith? It may also be a time where you make your own luck and opportunity.
Jupiter is beneficial even when he is retrograde.
If you have your own chart then you can add more layers of personal detail, by checking which house and personal planets are in the 2nd half of Sagittarius for you. I am learning that we all respond in unique ways to the planets influence and this is another opportunity to discover how we can all work with Jupiter.

Mars in Gemini

1st April Mars (Passion & Drive) leaves Taurus and moves into Gemini. Mars in Taurus has been a blessing through the recent Mercury Retrograde, helping us all slow down and smell the roses, and take it easy. Now we can shift a gear and start to move forward. I think this is perfect Mars energy for those approaching their GCSE’s! Now we have a natural drive to take information and use it. So if you have any projects that involve information such as study, teaching, research, writing, analysis, social exchanges, marketing, local community, siblings you can use information to move yourself forward.
Gemini energy can get distracted and flit from one subject to another so just watch for that as Mars could make it worse! Romantically Mars can enjoy variety and be attracted to the new shiny person and enjoy chatting and discussions where they discover new things.
Mars in Gemini will be in Harmony with the Sun (focus) and New Moon (new start) in Aries this month and you can use information to move ahead. Also Jupiter (expansion) and Ceres (nurturing)in Sagittarius are in harmony. Air and Fire are supportive to each other.
2nd half of April when Mercury (Communication) moves into Aries the energy will really shift when it comes to communicating information.
For those struggling with challenges
Mars-in Gemini is at an interesting angle to the ambitious Saturn-Pluto-South-Node-in-Capricorn; they can learn a lot from each other if they can accept their differences. That slightly restrictive Capricorn energy may lighten-up a bit with fresh new information from Mars-in-Gemini.
Mars-in-Gemini is in harmony with Chiron in Aries so any deep wounds and hurts may ease and resolve by talking and learning something that can provide a new perspective.
Uranus-in-Taurus changes may ease now that Mars has left Taurus. Mars would have given stubborn side of Taurus more energy so if big changes have rocked your world you may find it easier to go with the flow.
Deeper astrology
As always when you ask how does this impact me? The answer lies in the houses. Which House does Gemini rule in your chart? That will describe the details of how you personally can use Mars-in-Gemini energy. Any personal planets in Gemini will get activated as Mars moves through.



Change for All with Uranus back in Taurus for 7 years

7th March is a big deal as Uranus moves back into Taurus to stay for 7 years. May 2018 we all got a sneak peek as Uranus dipped into Taurus for a few months before backing into Aries to give us an opportunity to make final changes in your Aries area of your life.
Uranus does bring sudden changes, but they are for our long-term good. The more we embrace and flow with changes the easier it will feel. Uranus also rules the internet, and the higher mind.
If Uranus-in-Aries for the past 7 years was like fire and lightening (!) then Uranus-in-Taurus is lightening being drawn down and made safe in the earth.
All of us have a Taurus area of life in our personal chart, where we appreciate a slower pace, want to build (financial) security, and surround ourselves with beauty. Trouble is we can get stuck in our Taurus area, unwilling to change, so we dig our heels in like an obstinate bull. Taurus enjoys the feel of that security blanket, too comfortable to move out.
The danger with Taurus (and any of the fixed signs) is that without change there can be no growth and we can become stagnant and what was good without fresh growth and energy becomes stale.
Sometimes we compromise on our dreams for the security, or because of our fear of walking our own path. Uranus is said to liberate us.
If you do not have a personal chart or know your time of birth then Taurus rules your 2nd house of what you value, this can be financial or property, but anything you personally place a high value on.
Uranus will bring change to this area of your life.
The more planets you have in Taurus the more you will notice the Uranus-in-Taurus changes. As Uranus reaches the same degree as any personal planet in Taurus is when you will experience change.
All the fixed signs; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius struggle with change, and may really notice this 7-year transit.
Taurus is ruled by Venus planet of love and attraction, so (depending on your personal chart) this next 7 years can bring big changes to romance, love and relationships for many people.
Currently marching through Taurus are the planet Mars (action and passion) and the asteroid Diana (freedom)…so there is a lot of energy in Taurus right now!
For those who like to dig deeper into astrology, remember that Scorpio is the other half of Taurus so check this area of your chart as well for more personal insghts!


Time for Self-Healing with Chiron-in-Aries

Chiron (wounded healer) moves into Aries from 18th February 2019 until April 2027. This is a big energy shift and those of you who are sensitive may really notice this.

What does Chiron in Aries bring to you?
Chiron brings us the opportunity to heal old wounds, to gain clarity, wisdom and understanding from difficult times we have been through. So Chiron could be thought of as a time when a reactivation of past painful situations may surface so that they can now be healed.

Aries-in-Chiron has come to help you heal memories and past wounds around: your appearance, how you go after what you want, how brave you are, how independent you are, how you protect yourself, how you approach new projects and situations.

If you have your Sun in Aries, Chiron will activate healing around feeling stuck unable to move forward and allow you to really shine and go even further with your life mission.
If you have Venus in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal pain from past romance and/or blocks to abundance so you can manifest and attract what you really want.
If you have your Moon in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal from past feelings, such as anger, fear, frustration, and ‘why me’ feelings, so that you can use your fire to inspire others.
If you have Chiron in Aries you are having your Chiron Return. This is a chance to clear your biggest most painful wounds so that you can move forward in this area of life with more joy.
Because this is such an important transit I have written more HERE


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