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July 22nd All week…Move towards Opportunities

Mars planet of drive, action and motivation is strong in fire sign Leo. Leo has that ‘look at me’ energy so Mars helps bring action to where you want to shine and be seen. Jupiter planet of expansion, opportunities and risk is retrograde in Sagittarius, sister fire sign. Sagittarius needs freedom to move and roam and freedom to believe what they choose.
All this week they are speaking and supporting each other in close degrees across the skies. This is a powerful and positive alignment. The caution here is ‘too much’ of even a good thing. Harness this wonderful energy with care.
Leo is about fun, being creative, younger generations and dating and the 5th house. Sagittarius is also about fun, adventure, challenges, and travel to new places in body or mind in 9th house. This is lovely energy for holidays, motivation, getting out and about and being seen!
Your personal chart will provide more details in how to make the most of this alignment. First check which ‘house’ 14-16 degrees Leo and Sagittarius influences your chart as your map for where in your life to make the most of this alignment. For example 7th house relationships are influenced, 4th house home and family.
Then look to see if you have personal planets around these degrees for even more details i.e. Moon indicates your emotions will be activated while Venus what you love!
Enjoy this week! xxx

2nd Chance! As Mercury dips back into Cancer 20th July

Mercury; our thoughts and communication dips back into Cancer (emotionally sensitive).

So you may be thinking or talking about something from the past month. This is a 2nd chance to look at a subject again for review.

Have you missed an opportunity? Is there some way you can revise words or plans to make them more positive?

From early August we receive our 3rd and final opportunity in this particular arena.

Check last few degrees of Cancer and first few degrees of Leo…what area of your life (house) does this relate to for you?

This is the time to watch for insights and synchronicity and messages from the Universe!…x

Karmic Full Moon in Capricorn partial Lunar Eclipse July 16th

This is a great opportunity for a photo as we will see this eclipse in the UK in the evening of the 16th so please do share your images!
So Full moons are emotional even though this one is in cool Capricorn and brings in Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all around 24 degrees Capricorn. Full moons bring something to fruition, where we harvest what we have planted. There is a feel of something that has been in your life a long time, possibly from the past (life), maybe an ambition or motivation.
Capricorn is patient and realistic and is about building something slowly over time. Capricorn is the balance to the current Sun-in-Cancer so a time when we will see how balanced male/female home/career energies are in our life.
Because it is an eclipse it heralds the end of a cycle. Normal rules for eclipses are to wait a few days before making big changes if possible, as something may be hidden.
Now this eclipse happens while we have a Mercury retrograde so we may struggle to find the words to express what’s in our heart at this time.
Pay attention to your emotions, often heightened at a full moon, because they are your inner guidance. But try not to act on your emotions at the eclipse because they will pass –being impulsive I write that in my diary!!!
We are half-way through this Cancer Capricorn 18 month cycle… this is ‘in-progress’ for all of us and more to be revealed.
I use astrology to help me understand myself, my life and my soul-journey better, so that I can make informed choices (as much as possible) with the best intentions I can at this time. So I hope sharing my insights helps you too. x

Feelings and motivations with Sun opposite Pluto

July 14th we have an opposition between the Sun-in-Cancer and Pluto-in-Capricorn at 21 degrees. Oppositions while challenging are about revelations. Sun-in-Cancer brings a focus on our most private/defensive feelings especially around security and a need to ‘belong’ with our tribe. Pluto-in-Capricorn is about deep almost primal motivations behind our ambitions and responsibilities.
Pay attention and dig a little deeper if you find yourself triggered; remember that other people are often mirrors to show us where we need to love, support and get our own needs met. Where in your life do you need to feel more secure or comfortable? What are the real motivations behind your goals or responsibilities?
This energy has been triggered since the last eclipse on July 2nd and we have an opportunity to influence the direction of a new 18-year cycle in one area of our lives. We are building towards another big eclipse next week.
I have been working with a group of women and looking at their charts to do with their soul-journey and this eclipse cycle. It has been so fascinating to see how they are all being influenced and how it shows in their chart!
It is worth keeping a journal on the 14th as this alignment is directly linked to the eclipse on the 16th and may show you something

Inspired Solutions

July 10th we have a beautiful alignment between Cancer and Pisces. This relates to the past (lives) and new soul path (Cancer) aligning with inspired dreams and intuition (Pisces). This could be a day when we receive inspired solutions.

Deeper astrology.
With the Sun reaching the karmic North node in Cancer at 17/18 degrees between the eclipses this is a very special Soul- path focus. Because the sun is aligning in harmony with Neptune-in-Pisces there is a very positive intuitive/healing energy.
Traditionally this would be relate to a link between our 4th house foundation – where we have come from – with our 12th house Subconscious Dreams. To make room for something new we have to let go of, or complete something to make space.
So you may receive insights into inspired solutions to help you release or complete whatever needs to happen in order to allow the new into your life.
This could be a romantic day as well with Venus in Cancer and Pisces/Neptune ruling romance!
To make the most of this day you will have to explore your feelings (Cancer) and listen to your intuition (Pisces)

Healing on the inside with as Chiron goes retrograde in Aries

July 9th Chiron goes into his annual retrograde phase. When planets go retrograde it is an inside job and we go back over the last few months. Chiron in Aries is where we ask what is wrong with me? So this is a good time to reflect back on your Aries area of life (5 degrees) and see where you feel you get in your own way, can’t get over old wounds or perhaps can help others through overcoming your own pain.



Shine your light anyway….July 9th

Sun in Cancer is opposite Saturn in Capricorn July 9th

The sun represents shining a light so that you can see; in this case at 16 degrees Cancer. Cancer represents where we feel too sensitive, or too caring in life which can make us defensive. What area of your life does this influence? Traditionally this will be 4th house of home and foundations.
Saturn in Capricorn opposite is like a cool mountain restricting the light (also at 16 degrees). Saturn tends to represent the realities, rules and responsibilities of your life. What area of your life does Capricorn influence? Traditionally it is your public persona of success and career.
So on July 9th remember to shine your light anyway…maybe you will see where you are too sensitive, or where responsibilities are weighing you down or how you can better balance home and career. This echoes (as much of July does), where the eclipses are influencing our lives.


July 7th Mercury retrograde – cosmic meditation

July 7th is the stationery day where mercury pauses before turning around and moving backwards (optical illusion).

The stationary dates are thought to be the strongest and can be thought of as cosmic meditation days; normal life may feel different on these days. This is a great time to slow down, pause and observe and watch for signs.

The Mercury retrograde phases can be thought of as a time to tune into your intuition, to relax your minds grip enough to go with the flow. This can be a powerful time of synchronicity which manifests as a twist in normal routine; delays and changes!

Mercury represents our thinking and communication which is why a retrograde often involves delays and changes to plans.
This retrograde starts at 4 degrees Leo, which is where we ask ourselves, if we are thinking/communicating from our heart or ego? Then mercury will dip back into Cancer which is where we ask how balanced is our emotional sensitivity when we communicate/think?

Mercury retrogrades are perfect times to review, re-check, re-look at any writing or communication projects, what changes would improve it? It is also a good time to reflect on our personal conversations and thinking over the past month, how do you feel about the outcome?
This is ongoing through the rest of July, it is possible that the past will be on our mind and is a perfect time to review communication and thinking in June.
There is always a message from the universe/inner wisdom with a retrograde especially if we are making choices that might not be in our best interests. So pay attention to what comes up for you during July.

Attract what you love with Venus-in-Cancer!

July 4th Venus glides into Cancer. Venus moves from a breezy busy information exchanging Gemini into a slightly reserved and protective Venus-in-cancer. Don’t be fooled though, as once you get past that protective shell you will find an empathic, caring and emotional sensitivity with Cancer-in-Venus.
If you have your own Venus in Cancer or any of the water signs this is a good time for attracting what you love into your life. If this is your Venus return (you have Venus in Cancer) then pay attention as this time can provide insights into your year ahead with attracting what you love!
Venus adds a beautiful energy wherever Cancer influences your life (check your chart for individual details) and traditionally this is the 4th house.
Deeper astrology
Venus in Cancer is the positive point for us all this month. She adds her beautiful energy to the North Node (soul path) allowing us to attract some love into our new soul path with this eclipse season.
She also eases that stern opposition in Capricorn with South Node, Saturn and Pluto opposite Cancer. Venus-in-Cancer is in harmony with Uranus in Taurus, perhaps bringing changes that we will love?
She will make a square with Chiron in Aries, which speaks of healing matters of the heart.
Lastly Venus also makes a stunning alignment to Neptune in Pisces making this even more romantic this month.
Again this is a beautiful and welcome influence this month…xxxx

1st July Passion from the heart with Mars in Leo

Mars planet of passion and drive moves into Leo on 1st July. Mars is happy in Leo as he gets to have some fun, take the lead, get noticed and help express your passionate truth from the heart.
In traditional astrology Mars brings passion and drive into your 5th house of fun, creativity and joy, this includes romance and the younger generation. So on some level Mars will ignite fun/creativity for all of us, perfect for the summer!
If you know your personal chart, then you can look to see which house/s you have in Leo and which personal planets you have in Leo and then apply the above to those areas for you personally.
Deeper astrology
Mars-in-Leo is in harmony (positive energy) Ceres (Nurturing) in Sagittarius around the time of the eclipse on 2nd June. Next week there is a supportive angle to Chiron (healing) in Aries. Few weeks later another positive alignment with Jupiter also in Sagittarius
Mars-in-Leo will also talk passionately with Mercury (mind & Message) around the time of the retrograde and we may need to make adjustment with change when he squares Uranus-in-Taurus.
Even Deeper astrology..
As Mars enters Leo at 0, he crosses and activates the January 2019 eclipse point (check 21st January) which was a very intuitive/romantic/expansive/creative eclipse. What does this mean? It was the final Leo/Aquarius eclipse that set us on a new 19-year phase in our LEO area of life. So, with Mars now crossing here, we may receive flashbacks and insights into our 2017/18 choices and experience some kind of passionate truth or action that relates back to those eclipses.
Whew! Enjoy a sizzling Mars in Leo this summer everyone xxx

July 2nd Full solar new moon eclipse in Cancer at 10 degrees

This eclipse has a positive influence and can be thought of as a super New Moon. It is asking us to start a new beginning in how we express our Cancer area of life.
Traditionally Cancer influences the 4th house of foundation and home. Whatever house 10 degrees Cancer is in your personal chart is where you can apply positive cancer intentions.
It is worth taking the time to really consider your new moon intentions and reviewing your Cancer/Capricorn balance to see where you can invite positive change into your life over the next 19 years!
Eclipse Aspects
Uranus in Taurus makes a positive wide aspect providing;
Positive surprises and encounters, flashes of insight, and freedom from old emotional issues that have become stuck.
Saturn is in harmony with Neptune allowing us to make dreams a reality, material gain from spiritual work and merging spirit with matter

This is such an important forecast I have written a full article HERE


Share your heart with Mercury in Leo

28th June Mercury has just left reserved empathic Cancer and moved into out-going big-hearted Leo. We will all experience this on some level. Mercury in Leo is about being brave enough to share what is in your heart. Leo is a romantic and fun sign, so we may notice we are drawn to conversations that are more fun and heart-felt.
Leo can sometimes feel crushed if they do not receive positive response or general acceptance. So what we must explore with Mercury-in-Leo is to express and share our own truth and joy, even if at times it takes courage in a group dynamic.
Traditionally Leo rules the 5th house of creative fun and dating so this is a great time for conversations and communication and even learning around dating, children and any creative projects. If you know your own chart then check to see which house Leo influences for more personal details.
Deeper astrology
Mercury-in-Leo will be ‘talking’ (making aspects) with quite a few planets so there could be a lot going on with communications. Currently there is a harmonious aspect with Ceres (female nurturing energy) in sister-fire-sign Sagittarius. This would be a good time to talk with women, or about women’s issues, or topics such as caring for the planet, and future generations.
Also remember that we are still in Mercury shadow, so allow yourself wriggle room in your communications, allow for options and alternatives. This may be a challenge with mercury in Leo which is more ‘fixed’ in nature.
As always I suggest you keep a simple journal and notice how Mercury-in-Leo influences you.

Feeling secure through change

We have a nice sextile (harmony) between the sun in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus at 5 degrees. Uranus is about change and liberation and his stay in Taurus can teach us how to feel secure during times of change. Taurus tends to build security through collecting money, property and material objects of value and keeping life static.
Cancer craves emotional security, often they are very sensitive to other peoples shifting emotions as an early warning system of emotional turbulence!
June 27th for a few days these fellow emotional-seeking energies align together and may help us build/feel security if we are feeling confused or struggling with any changes we face.
Uranus in Taurus will help us move out of a rut that has become a long-term habit, as change is essential for growth in life. The more changes we make and learn from the more confident we become in ourselves to cope.
Sun in Cancer is helping us see where we need to step out of our emotional comfort blanket and learn to put boundaries in place so that we can share our emotions and empathy with others.
This is all happening at 5 degrees and that brings in Chiron (teacher healer) in Aries and Vesta (faith & higher purpose) sat with Uranus in Taurus…..
I do find Uranus fascinating and am already feeling the shifts and changes in my Taurus area of life, where I can resist change and get a bit stuck! Astrology is helping to bring so much awareness into my life and I think it really helps on a practical level with my everyday responses and choices…x

Hello Cancer 21st June

Happy Birthday to all the Sun-in-Cancer readers! I certainly was very aware of the shift as the Sun moves from breezy information-sharing Gemini into the emotionally sensitive water sign of Cancer. Even if you have NO planets in Cancer you are influenced by Cancer in a specific area of your life. If you have a chart that shows the houses you can easily check this.
The Sun in a sign brings those traits out into the open. So, if you pay attention over the next few weeks you can see where you express cancer traits such as; feeling more empathic towards others, more protective/private and where perhaps have deep emotional responses. Cancer is one of the creative signs and often they can create hauntingly beautiful but melancholy art.
I personally noticed that as the sun moved into Cancer, I felt very drawn to making lots of little changes at home that felt very supportive to my personal needs. For instance, I arranged new fencing for my garden to make it more private. This is a classic example of a Cancer-sign response; home and privacy. As it happens, I have Cancer in my 4th/5th house
If you do not know your chart, Cancer traditionally rules the 4th house of home and family which means our roots, foundation and environment.
This is a great time to see how your life responds to Cancer-energy over the next week or so. What is working for you? What changes do you need to make? Keep a little journal to jot down any insights you receive.
If you start to become aware now you can align yourself with the powerful eclipses starting in July.
Qualities to Develop
Nurturing – empathy – protective – caring – generous – home-body – security-conscious – artistic – creative – selfless – loving – giving & seeking – need to belong
Traits to Release
Too sensitive – easily hurt – too protective – reclusive – insecure – martyr – timid – retreat & close-up – controlling – no boundaries
As always if you are struggling with understanding your chart, or your life including business or love please do not hesitate to reach out to

Prepare for Mercury Shadow

From today June 20th we start the summer Mercury Shadow until July 7th/8th when the Mercury Retrograde begins. This shadow phase marks the time and area of your life that you are being asked to review and refine your responses, reactions and choices with the retrograde.
Because it is mercury this relates to communication and your message, your thoughts, thinking and how you learn.
The shadow phase starts at 23 degrees Cancer and covers until 4 degrees Leo. If you have a chart check to see which area of your life this relates to (house). See if you have any personal planets in your chart in this area which will provide you more details. i.e. Your personal Moon will indicate this is a very emotional area for you and your feelings will influence you here.
In the traditional system this is the cusp (blend) between your foundations, environment and family (Cancer 4th house) and your creative Joy, fun and dating (Leo 5th house).
Moving from Cancer (reserved, empathic, creative) to Leo (outgoing, proud, creative).
Remember Mercury is about how you communicate your message to others.
From now until July 7th is our first time in this area, the initial way we communicate. It is likely that our communication right now will be influenced by the other planetary influences currently happening. Such as the Mercury/ Mars/Cancer opposite Pluto Saturn Capricorn influenced by the nodes. This is likely to make our communication defensive and strategic as we protect our emotions and ambitions.
This is all going to change during the retrograde and we are being given cosmic 2nd chances.
So I am going to keep a journal at this time especially careful to note or highlight anything that relates to my mercury retrograde area of life, and especially communication.
Instead of asking what does this mean for me, keep a journal and let the universe show you your own unique connection with this influence. See what the universe needs you to learn about yourself. Of course if life becomes very challenging reach out and ask for a reading and I will intuitively look at your chart and help bring clarity.


Sagittarius Full Moon (of horses) June 17th

We have a full moon in Sagittarius (25 degrees) at around 09.30 in UK on 17th June. The Sagittarius Full Moon was known as the Moon of Horses, perhaps for that restless, freedom-loving, adventurous energy we experience with this sign.
Full Moon are about emotions reaching their ‘full power’. Emotions are our guidance system, so you can use the emotions you experience at this full moon as your personal guide. Positive emotions are a green light about the path you are following. Negative emotions at the full moon are very fascinating as they help us to see that we need to make a shift and change in ourselves. They are equally useful and valid. Our emotions are designed to shift and change in response to our thoughts and reactions to life.
Each sign has both a Full Moon and a New Moon once a year. The New moon is when we plant the seed of a new dream over the next 12 months. The full moon is when we receive guidance as to how we are managing that dream.
So it is really helpful to write down or journal how you feel around this full moon on 17th June. What did you ask for at the Sagittarius New moon back in December 2018?
The Sun (our focus) is opposite the moon at 25 degrees Gemini. So, our life-focus and emotional response are in opposition, both sides. Sagittarius and Gemini are two halves of a whole and they need to work together and find balance to bring out the best in each other. This full moon can bring you emotional insights and clarity into the current choices and reactions you are making to your Gemini area of life.
Traditionally this full moon is about the balance between our 3rd house of communication and our 9th house of adventure (see below)
The sky is very busy at the moment! We also have that Jupiter and Neptune square (see my previous post). At the same time 18 degrees we have the Capricorn and Cancer opposition going on which has been tough for many of us and I will share more about in another post!
During these times, I find it helpful to keep a journal to record my feelings and thoughts as it is often easier to reflect back and gain insights later. If you use daily oracle cards these can be helpful, if you are intuitive listen to that quiet inner voice. I also offer intuitive coaching based around your personal chart, to help you gain understanding of your responses and choices. These need to be booked in advance please email me direct on for more details
I hope you have a wonderful Sagittarius Full Moon!

Intuition challenges what you Believe to be True

June 16th we have our 2nd Neptune Jupiter challenge. All of us on planet Earth are experiencing this alignment in 2019. Depending on your personal chart this may be a subtle background shift or, like me this may be huge!
Neptune can feel a little like a mercury retrograde; life doesn’t behave quite as expected. There is a foggy, unclear, confusion. Neptune wants us to let go of reality just enough to receive visions, imagination and dreams from a different reality.
Because Neptune is at home in Pisces, this other reality has a soft, romantic, and intuitive feel. Pisces can see the potential, can heal, can sacrifice, wants to dissolve all boundaries but can also lose touch with the realities of life.
Jupiter can feel expansive, positive, lucky, thrill-seeking, and fun! With Jupiter there is no boundary only to experience yet more. Jupiter is expanded in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about what we believe to be true, our holy grail, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Even better if there is a fun adventure on the way. This is a dynamic fire energy, restless and freedom loving.
So what happens when they connect with each other (at 18 degrees in Sagittarius and Pisces)?
Both these energies are spiritual in nature, I am reminded of the knight templars coming up against the Druids! (Not sure if they ever did??) Jupiter relates to knights on missions of truth and honour; driven forward by their beliefs. But Neptune relates more to the mysterious Druids who followed guidance of a much more mystical and confusing understanding.
So to me this speaks of your intuition challenging what you believe to be true.
What we believe is famously described as a thought we tell ourselves over and over again, and that by changing our thinking we can change what we believe……
Could changing something you believe, perhaps that you have fought for in the past, allow something better to come into your life?
This cycle started in January 2019 and will complete in September 2019
If you have personal planets in Sagittarius or Pisces around 18 degree’s this could be a game changer…if you are prepared to listen to the small voice of intuition and dreams!


Review Responsibilities with Saturn Retrograde

From 30th April until September 2019 the planet Saturn goes into his annual retrograde cycle. Saturn is the planet that reminds us of our responsibilities and gives us those sharp reality checks. He is about the physical world and its law of cause and effect. His general action on our life is one of restriction and constriction. He is not a ‘bad’ planet he is more the ‘tough love’ that actually deeply cares about you. Facing and overcoming his challenges will bring rewards. Not those glittering rewards that quickly fade but those hard-worn gritty strengths that allow us to keep going despite the odds.
Saturn is currently in Capricorn where he is at home and at his cool best. He is at 20 degrees and will retrace his steps to 13 degrees. In other word’s Saturn is taking us slowly back to December 2018. Retrogrades are where we retrace our steps and go over the same ground to review our actions and choices. They are opportunities. The next 5 months we are moving backwards, and this is the time to review, reflect, re-think and look at the consequences of how we have faced Saturn (our responsibilities) since December. When Saturn goes retrograde the restrictions tend to come from inside us rather than from external events that happen to us. So now we may be more cautious and wary, we may plan more and look at the realities of our plans.
If you have a personal chart, you can check to see which house 13 – 20 degrees in Capricorn falls into as this will show you where in your life this retrograde will influence you personally.
Saturn is not the cause of every problem in your life yet understanding your own chart so you can track his influence and understand his lessons is one of the most beneficial ways to use astrology.
In my Astro-clarity readings and coaching for personal life situations and business I focus on what you need to understand and clear in order to face your challenges and receive the rewards, my work is intuitive, supportive as well as practical.
If you are struggling right now, message me with a brief outline of your current challenge to see if I can help.


April 10th Jupiter Retrograde 2019

Jupiter represents your response to expansion, opportunity, potential, positivity, risk, adventure, recklessness and faith. This year he is at ‘home’ in Sagittarius and that makes his influence stronger for all of us.

Today he stations and appears to turn around and move backwards.
It is likely you will feel this as Jupiter is a large planet with a strong energy.
He is considered one of the most positive influences in astrology.
What does it mean when he goes retrograde?
Firstly just like mercury retrograde we will get to experience one aspect of our life 3 times. Where Jupiter has been working for you since January you are now going to move backwards over the same ground. Then in August you will be back where you were in January with another chance in how you respond to similar opportunities through the next few months.
However this is not a ground hog day situation. Because the rest of your life will be different, all the other planets will be in different places offering us different responses and dynamics that may impact your opportunities this time around. Fascinating isn’t it?
Retrogrades are do-overs, 2nd chances.
So a Jupiter retrograde is a 2nd chance to make the most of any expansion and opportunities – but with new dynamics.
From today we start the backwards phase.
Generally retrogrades are where we do the inner work. A time to reflect on your responses to opportunity, potential, expansion, risk and adventure. Do you embrace them? Are you clear on what you want? How do you cope with risk and adventure? Where do you place your faith? It may also be a time where you make your own luck and opportunity.
Jupiter is beneficial even when he is retrograde.
If you have your own chart then you can add more layers of personal detail, by checking which house and personal planets are in the 2nd half of Sagittarius for you. I am learning that we all respond in unique ways to the planets influence and this is another opportunity to discover how we can all work with Jupiter.


Change for All with Uranus back in Taurus for 7 years

7th March is a big deal as Uranus moves back into Taurus to stay for 7 years. May 2018 we all got a sneak peek as Uranus dipped into Taurus for a few months before backing into Aries to give us an opportunity to make final changes in your Aries area of your life.
Uranus does bring sudden changes, but they are for our long-term good. The more we embrace and flow with changes the easier it will feel. Uranus also rules the internet, and the higher mind.
If Uranus-in-Aries for the past 7 years was like fire and lightening (!) then Uranus-in-Taurus is lightening being drawn down and made safe in the earth.
All of us have a Taurus area of life in our personal chart, where we appreciate a slower pace, want to build (financial) security, and surround ourselves with beauty. Trouble is we can get stuck in our Taurus area, unwilling to change, so we dig our heels in like an obstinate bull. Taurus enjoys the feel of that security blanket, too comfortable to move out.
The danger with Taurus (and any of the fixed signs) is that without change there can be no growth and we can become stagnant and what was good without fresh growth and energy becomes stale.
Sometimes we compromise on our dreams for the security, or because of our fear of walking our own path. Uranus is said to liberate us.
If you do not have a personal chart or know your time of birth then Taurus rules your 2nd house of what you value, this can be financial or property, but anything you personally place a high value on.
Uranus will bring change to this area of your life.
The more planets you have in Taurus the more you will notice the Uranus-in-Taurus changes. As Uranus reaches the same degree as any personal planet in Taurus is when you will experience change.
All the fixed signs; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius struggle with change, and may really notice this 7-year transit.
Taurus is ruled by Venus planet of love and attraction, so (depending on your personal chart) this next 7 years can bring big changes to romance, love and relationships for many people.
Currently marching through Taurus are the planet Mars (action and passion) and the asteroid Diana (freedom)…so there is a lot of energy in Taurus right now!
For those who like to dig deeper into astrology, remember that Scorpio is the other half of Taurus so check this area of your chart as well for more personal insghts!


Time for Self-Healing with Chiron-in-Aries

Chiron (wounded healer) moves into Aries from 18th February 2019 until April 2027. This is a big energy shift and those of you who are sensitive may really notice this.

What does Chiron in Aries bring to you?
Chiron brings us the opportunity to heal old wounds, to gain clarity, wisdom and understanding from difficult times we have been through. So Chiron could be thought of as a time when a reactivation of past painful situations may surface so that they can now be healed.

Aries-in-Chiron has come to help you heal memories and past wounds around: your appearance, how you go after what you want, how brave you are, how independent you are, how you protect yourself, how you approach new projects and situations.

If you have your Sun in Aries, Chiron will activate healing around feeling stuck unable to move forward and allow you to really shine and go even further with your life mission.
If you have Venus in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal pain from past romance and/or blocks to abundance so you can manifest and attract what you really want.
If you have your Moon in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal from past feelings, such as anger, fear, frustration, and ‘why me’ feelings, so that you can use your fire to inspire others.
If you have Chiron in Aries you are having your Chiron Return. This is a chance to clear your biggest most painful wounds so that you can move forward in this area of life with more joy.
Because this is such an important transit I have written more HERE


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