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Manifest with Pisces New Moon 23.2.20

We have a New Moon in Pisces on 23rd Feb at 3.33pm at 4 degrees.

There are lots of different ideas about how to work with the new moon. But it is a powerful time. The exact New Moon is the dark of the moon, when we can no longer see her in the sky. This represents the creative dark just before the new idea/clarity emerges.

This weekend I shared with my clients to connect their intuition with the area of their life that 4 degrees Pisces influences, if you know your chart you can do the same. If you have any planets close to 4 degrees Pisces (0 – 8 degrees) or planets in any sign at 4 degrees then this new moon is powerful for you personally.

What would make this area of your life a deeper, more rewarding experience for you over the next 12 months? This weekend become aware of ideas and insights that surface.

Over the weekend notice how Pisces energy influences your responses, such as intuition, dreams, sensitivity, imagination, romance, sympathy, vulnerability, boundaries, addictions and escapism.

At the time of this New Moon there is a lot of planetary influences happening, be aware this may influence what you decide to manifest.

Firstly we have Mercury retrograde just a few degrees away from this Pisces new moon; urging us to review and look at an idea from a new angle.
This Pisces New Moon will connect to the karmic nodes in Capricorn (past) and Cancer (soul path) also allow for the unexpected as Uranus in Taurus is also activated.
Ambitious Beliefs (Jupiter in Capricorn) makes a supportive connection to ‘Visionary Imagination’ (Neptune in Pisces)

There is a lot going on. How much you will notice really depends if you have personal planets at the same degree in your own chart. If you do know (Or receive my personal month ahead reading) you can drill down deep to understand the message of this New Moon for you personally from the Universe.
This is how astrology was used by Kings and Emperors for centuries! Why not you?

Generally I suggest waiting until after Sunday before you set your intention and manifesting ritual until the moon is coming out of her dark phase and is ready to create!
Have fun…xxx

Hello Pisces energy 19.2.20

No matter what your sun sign is there is one aspect of your life where you came to respond and express what it is like to experience artistic, compassionate and mystical Pisces energy.

As the sun moves into Pisces (19th Feb) this area of your life will come under the spotlight for a few weeks showing where to focus and use your Pisces energies.

Happy birthday month if you have Sun-in-Pisces! Your life mission is to harness and learn those Pisces qualities to their highest expression and then you will shine.

Personally, Pisces is the one sign that really showed me the difference between my personal chart and a regular ‘Scorpio horoscope’. In regular forecasts for Scorpios, Pisces is about romance and fun but in my own chart Pisces triggers a challenging T-Square of planets, so the popular forecasts were way off and for years made me sceptical of astrology.
Understanding that the challenging alignments in my chart are not some cosmic punishment, but a guide to understanding my own complex personality from a different perspective has really helped me overcome some personal blocks.

Your chart may not have challenging T-Squares, but Pisces (or some of the other signs) can bring a new and supportive perspective (on old wounds and issues) that you may wish to explore further. As always astrology comes down to interpretation and intention.

Personal Month Ahead readings for Pisces are being recorded now; if you are interested in being included let me know ASAP and I will send you details.

Love this picture, Pisces represents water element transformed as mist and ice; your dream-land and imagination….. xxx

Cosmic Message with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 17.2.20

Mercury doesn’t really go backward but it does appear to from the ground. Astrologers for hundreds of years have noticed that life also appears to go backward during this phase. Mercury represents your thoughts, thinking, and communication which includes any plans you make. When we make plans we assume they will unfold as hoped. We hope the other person will receive our message clearly as intended.
Then mercury retrograde comes along and nothing is quite as certain. The universe during a retrograde gives us a 2nd chance. Perhaps we rushed that communication and left something important out, or those plans you made did not allow for something you were unaware of….
As Mercury appears to stop and then move backward you have an opportunity to review and double-check and to allow for little unexpected things to crop up. The keywords are to review and stay flexible that way you receive guidance from the universe. The stationery day 17th February is one to note in your diary as it can hold a cosmic message from the universe.
Personally, I have found that the more personal planets I have in the current retrograde section of my chart the more unexpected events happen in my life. So for Pisces, I will definitely be reminding myself that surrendering to the current situation can be an important step in the big picture of my life.
If you know your personal chart then look from about 13 degrees Pisces to about 27 degrees Aquarius as this 16-degree section is where the retrograde will focus in your life.
The golden rule; have plan A, B, C & D up your sleeve!!! xxxx

Passionate Mars moves into Capricorn 16.2.20

Mars will add drive and passion to your goals and ambitions when he moves into Capricorn. For some time now there has been a council meeting of the Elders in Capricorn asking you to look at who you give your personal power to, who has authority over you, and how well the established ‘system’ works right now. Each of us will have our own stories around this theme; what once worked may need to change.
Mars entering Capricorn is the point at which the talking stops and action need to take place. You may see this playing out in world headlines, I certainly feel this relates to the future of our beautiful planet, and in my personal life have experienced frustrating situations around an over-stretched medical system and the consequences. Mars is no longer about acting on your beliefs (Sagittarius), but taking action to improve existing systems that support your life goals (Capricorn).
If you know what area of your personal life Capricorn influences then you can use Mars to take some much-needed action. Because its Capricorn, Mars will be very ambitious, hard-working and realistic which is a great combination!
Just be aware that we also have a Mercury retrograde at the same time! xxxx

Attracting Abundance with Venus in Aries 8.2.20

Venus the planet of attracting Abundance (Romance & Money) helps you get highly motivated or competitive to go after what you want as she moves through Aries. Aries is great energy to start something new, and enjoy the chase.

This weekend Venus-in-Aries will add fiery passion and drive to the Leo Full Moon really adding oomph to receiving your abundance opportunity. Don’t forget you can try the Leo-full-moon-abundance meditation for FREE – just sign up to the astro-clarity newsletter.

Also very welcome, Venus-in-Aries this weekend, will add some dazzle and courage to where you may be feeling over-sensitive around making decisions or going after what you want. Chiron-in-Aries is camping out in Aries for a few years showing you where you can heal and transform your Aries blocks.

Whatever area of life (House) falls into Aries for you, will benefit from Venus gliding through helping you attract something better. That includes any personal planets you have in Aries. So check this area of your chart so you can look-out for opportunities to attract abundance over the next few weeks.

As always I am around to offer intuitive guidance and support including showing you around your chart…xxx


Jupiter moves into Capricorn 2nd Dec

Jupiter the planet of expansion, belief and optimism moves into Capricorn on 2nd December. This is a really big shift of energies and influence in our lives. Over the next day or two you may notice and feel this big shift in your own life.

I have finally shared my notes on how you can work with Jupiter in Capricorn HERE xxx


Pluto moves forward…3rd Oct

Pluto is hard to define in astrology especially as a student. He was a planet, then an asteroid. Pluto represents the underworld and also the soul. He moves very slowly so as students of astrology Pluto spends a long time in one area (years) making it hard to gauge his actual influence on us.
As the new ruler of Scorpio Pluto is linked to complicated motivations, obsessions and the darker side of life. Right now he is in Capricorn the sign that is linked to authority, rules and government on a planetary level. I won’t say more on that subject!
Retrograde Pluto, where he appears to move backwards through the sky, tends to mean his influences is more internal. From 3rd of October he moves forward again so those deep dark motivations may become more visible.
But that is Pluto on his lowest vibration. At his best, Pluto represents the Soul Journey; what challenges you personally have come to experience and overcome this life-time and what ultimately gives your life meaning.
Of course we only find meaning in our life through experiencing challenge. That is the message of Pluto. I suspect that the rewards come through how we approach our challenges with Pluto; are we true to ourselves? Can we see what we still have to learn? I have changed my image of Pluto to a butterfly, because I think Pluto wants us to keep transforming and growing.
If you have planets in Capricorn you may have faced a challenge at some point since 2008. If you have planets at 20 degrees Capricorn or Cancer, Libra or Aries you may feel a change in a current challenge as Pluto starts to move forward. All of us have Pluto in Capricorn influencing one area of our life.
A challenge is a call to change, allow transformation and while change feels scary it does brings fresh new opportunities. xxx


Waiting is over as Saturn moves forward 18th September

Saturn is the planet that rules time, so if you feel as if you have been waiting for something to occur it may now happen as Saturn slowly starts to move forward through the sky on 18th September.
Saturn has a restricting influence on us, rewarding hard-work, patience and asking us to prepare for those harsh realities of life. Over the years I have learned the value of Saturn’s tough-love influence in my life. Basically I found that Saturn finds those weak areas in my attitude and approach to different areas of life. When he leaves one area of my life I have always learned a great deal. He is currently in the middle of a 3 year journey through Capricorn. Saturn has just move into a new area of my life, so I will certainly give this area a review! How about you?
Right now Saturn is sat with the karmic south node in Capricorn at 13/14 degree. This means he is asking us to make proper use of our past knowledge and experiences, don’t allow them to sit idly forgotten and unused.
Venus moving through Libra (4 degrees) on the same day will make a supportive connection to Chiron in Aries. Chiron is where we are very sensitive, and in Aries this may be around making decisions and being independent. Venus in Libra may help you attract someone who can provide support; perhaps someone else has a solution or insight that resonates with you on some level?
Mercury planet of communication also travelling through Libra will have a slightly uncomfortable chat with Uranus in Taurus (6 degrees) which may influence some of us. This suggests a communication around a recent change, and perhaps you will hear a different view or perspective from the other person, or perhaps someone will communicate a chance for compromise?
If you know your chart look at the house in those signs and degrees to understand the area of life where these influences are playing out for you. Hopefully my regulars are starting to remember (or made notes) where the slower planets are camped out in your own chart, so you are prepared for your personal opportunities and challenges.
I am busy recording month ahead audio readings all week and they will be sent out individually on the 20th….xxxx