How do you feel today?

Learn how to use the Astro-clarity Moon Moods Chart to support your daily emotions. 

A great introduction to how astrology can enable you to FEEL happier, more content and in control of your emotions. This is just one simple tool you can use to create better family relationships through astrology.

Anyone can use this – but do read the rest of this article for the best results!


Everything starts with our emotional health. In astrology, this is seen through the moon.

Astrology does not have good/bad signs or alignments, only our personal response makes them FEEL positive or negative.

Moon Moods

With the moon, these responses are emotions, feelings, and moods.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has common emotional responses. When the moon visits each sign all of us to some extent are emotionally influenced

Many people who are sensitive, both children and adults, may discover an emotional pattern through using your MOON MOODS CHART chart.

For instance, somebody with a Sun-in-Aries may find they really resonate with and notice every time the moon is in Cancer.

The moon moves quite quickly staying just 2.5 days in each sign, and so you may notice your moods shift with the moon.

In your free chart (when you sign up) I show you a very simple way to check where the moon is.

The MOON MOODS CHART chart gives you three areas to focus on when the moon is in each sign. 

Good day for

Each sign not only has its own set of emotional feelings (Moon moods) but also it’s own special skill-sets. Sometimes it just FEELS easier to find tasks that align with the skill-sets of the current moon sign. For instance, on the day I created the Moon Moods chart, the moon was in Gemini. The skill-set for Gemini is learning, research and projects.

So this was a naturally good day for me to create this project. I was simply and easily making the most of my moon moods on that day!

Now you can do the same every single day.

Negative Emotion

As I said earlier astrology doesn’t really view planets and alignments as negative. It is our personal response to situations in life (that planets describe) that can be negative.

I know that sounds a bit harsh.

When you feel negative emotions they are a sign from your body that currently you are NOT in alignment.

You are doing, thinking, or speaking something that is not in flow and balance with who you really are, in other words, you have momentarily become disconnected from following what is truly in your heart.

If you feel more negative than positive then try doing a task that is aligned with the Good Day For special skill-set and see if that helps shift the negative emotion.

Almost certainly your negative emotion will relate to….

Inner Needs

Just as each sign has its own moon moods and skill-set, they also have a deep NEED.

This relates to the subconscious part of your mind, meaning it runs behind the scenes, subtly influencing you.

When this inner need is not being met, the subconscious sends a signal, through the emotions (and body).

Emotions are a great feedback response for how well we are looking after our different needs.

For instance, with Gemini, the inner need is ‘If I have the answer, I feel valued’. For me, it felt good to share this information that can provide you with answers! However, if my day had gone differently, perhaps my focus had been on relaxation instead, I may have felt emotionally distracted.

Having an awareness of a specific need that may be missing is very powerful

So I include one inner need for each sign to help you become more aware of what might be really causing your negative emotions. Because now you have the chance to support that inner need and see what difference you notice.

I do believe we are each influenced to differing extents by all 12 signs. The details can always be explained through your personal natal chart.

In order to make this simple and easy for you to use, I have condensed a great deal of information into a simple chart. 



You can use the Daily Emotional Needs chart without knowing anything about astrology or your own chart. You can still gain some really helpful information about your emotional responses!

However, if you have had a reading and/or know the basics of your own natal chart you can gain even more specific details and awareness around your emotions.

For instance, you might really notice your emotions are strong when the moon is in your personal Moon Sign.

Then you might notice the differences when the moon is in the same sign as your other personal planets. i.e. feeling optimistic when the moon moves into your Jupiter sign, or in love with life when the moon moves into your Venus sign.

You can also go deeper with the 12-house system, noticing if your emotions link to specific areas of life that the moon is in.

Using the Gemini example and my chart, my emotional needs, and responses for this day, were around my soul purpose to learn how to communicate what I value. Every month I get another chance to develop this further with the moon.

Fascinating isn’t it?


So I hope this is a great introduction to how you can use astrology to FEEL happier, more content and in control of your emotions.

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