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14th September 5.30am (approx. UK) we have a Pisces Full Moon. I think this is going to be very powerful. This full moon is at 21 degrees Pisces and sits opposite the Virgo Sun and pulls in other planets.

The moon in astrology is all about your emotions. The full moon is typically when we feel more emotional; positive or negative. Emotions and feelings are your internal guidance system, your compass. You may well experience a building of emotions all week until the full moon.

Even if you have no idea what Pisces full moon means for you personally, you can still make the most of the full moon. Just allow an open mind and see what emotions you feel and work with those.
Another option is to look back on the last month and decide if there were any negative upsets or events that you wish to release and let go of; or any wonderful moments that you can remember and appreciate
There are many different ways to work with a full moon; from writing a gratitude list to appreciate any personal ‘harvest’ in your life right now, to releasing negative emotions that are not serving you well.

Neptune emotions

Neptune the ruler of Pisces is camped out in Pisces at 17 degrees meaning it is very close to the full moon (by 4 degrees) and so Neptune will magnify those Pisces emotions such as;
Intuitive – Artistic – Psychic – Empathic –Emotional – deep feelings – self-protective – sensitive
Adaptable – dual nature – easily influenced – diversity – fickle – imitate – ease- absorb

Full moon gives you a chance to really see which emotions you are feeling most, giving you valuable feedback. Negative emotions normally indicate that you need to make a change; even if it is a just a new perspective on an existing situation.

Karmic Full Moon

The Karmic North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn at 15 degrees in positive harmony to the full moon are within 7 degrees and so will have some influence. This may involve balancing masculine/feminine energies, healing parental relationships from the past, and developing new emotional maturity for the future, areas relating to these karmic nodes for your personal chart may also come up emotionally to be cleansed or blessed.

Jupiter the planet of opportunities, positivity and what you believe at 15 degrees Sagittarius joins this full moon too! And is really asking you to question how your beliefs are supporting you when it comes to both your Pisces and Virgo emotional responses! This is a time when what we believe is so powerful.
Sometimes we have to let go and release to make room for something new. The emotional Full Moon helps us first see our negative emotions clearly, so we know we need to release them. If you feel positive and in a good place (and you could!)this is a great time to really count your blessings and write them down.

Deeper Astrology..

This full moon relates back to March 6th 2019 when you experienced a Pisces New Moon and had chance to set in motion new changes. This was the time that Uranus moved into Taurus and we had a Mercury retrograde in Pisces.
Now is the time when you can receive what you set in motion back then, you can also think of this full moon as an emotional review of this area.

Pisces is the opposite half to Virgo, they sit opposite each other, and they balance each other. Your emotional responses at this full moon will give you powerful insights into how balanced these two areas of your life are. You have one area of life (House) influenced by Virgo and another by Pisces; they need to work together.

Working with your own chart.

Check to see which areas of life (houses) you have at 21 degrees Pisces and Virgo these are the two areas of life to focus on at the full moon. You can also check 15 degrees in cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius for additional insights.
You can also check to see what personal planets you have at or near 21 degrees as another layer of detail.

Coming soon…Your Month Ahead Audio Readings

I offer all of this in a month ahead audio where I talk you through how all the main alignments will play out in your personal life over the next month. I even provide a bonus full moon audio guide that you can follow in the run up to each full moon and another with each monthly new moon…

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