I have listed a few fun ways to work with the FULL moon; we have one FULL moon and one NEW Moon each month.

To make this more powerful you use your personal Follow-Along chart each month to give you a deeper understanding of which area of life to focus on. Each Full moon is in a different zodiac sign that links up with your own birth-chart

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The full moon is about releasing what no longer serves us and finding Emotional balance through appreciation and insight so that we make space for something new.

Sometimes we have to let go and release to make room for something new. The emotional Full Moon helps us release those emotions!

It is best to do these practices as close to the full moon as possible, within 12 hours before or after.

3 ways to work with your Emotions at the Full Moon

Below are three ways to work with your emotions, do what works best for you at the time.

The first is to just allow an open mind and accept what comes up for you emotionally in the moment that you do the exercises.

The second is to look back on the last month and decide if there were any negative upsets or events that you wish to release and let go of.

Working with the astrological energies

The third way is to explore the astrological energies from your personal chart at the full moon.
You simply look at your birth-chart or more simply at your Follow-Along-Chart and see how the sign this Full moon is in influences your personal life.
See if you can observe events/emotions from the past 6 months, and possibly anything that comes to a head this week, that relate to your personal chart.

It is time to release anything that is not serving your dreams.

You can check to see which area of life the Full Moon influences.

You can also look to see what other personal planets (personality) you have in this area.

This gives personal insights into the Full Moon, preparing you for the NEW Moon which is when we Ask

What (emotion, pattern of behaviour, trait) can you let go of or release that is no longer serving you?

What balancing (opposite) factor is actually a blessing and serving you or your life?

Exercises you can do at the full moon

The goal here is to use the exercises in combination with the feelings of letting go, releasing the blocks and being grateful for what is.

Full Moon Declutter 

This is a powerful way to release toxic and stagnant energy and emotions. Pick an area of a room or cupboard, desk or whatever feels right for you.

You could link this to the astrological energies. I.e. if it’s water sign Full Moon (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) declutter the bathroom or create a meditation spot. Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) could be a practical tidy up of the kitchen/garden. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) could be bedroom (!) or CD/DVD or sports equipment. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) could be a clean-up of your emails or contact lists on your electrical devices.

If you use the Follow-Along-Chart then try to pick an area that relates to your specific area of life at this Full Moon so for Identity perhaps you sort your clothes, Values could be organising your finances, Logic could be paper work, Creativity your hobby/fun area……….let your imagination run wild!

Remember that the declutter or spring-clean represents releasing, gratitude and making space for the new.

Why has this happened for me journal

This is a wonderful exercise to release, forgive and be grateful all at once around negative situations. Has anything happened in the last month, or past that has upset your emotions? Full moon is said to be a time of illumination and completion and this simple exercise can bring both as insights and forgiveness.

Simple ask yourself; why has this happened FOR me?

To do this exercise you often have to step back and look at the bigger picture around this situation. What have you learned? What qualities have you developed? What is the silver lining?

Many people cite negative experiences as their defining moment for transformation and success.

Gratitude List 

You could simply list everything you are grateful for at the time of the full moon. You can use your Moon Journal as usual and just spend longer and include the last 6 months. Some people like to burn their list as a way of letting it go. Full moons are often seen as a ‘harvest time’ so being grateful for what you have manifested over the past 1-6 months is quite powerful at this time.


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