Being in a happy fulfilled relationship is something many people believe will bring them happiness in life, and romance is the question I am asked most about in astrology readings.

One of the tools astrology can provide is to show you when a good time for romance and love is.
This article is aimed at those who are single and looking for love and wondering if Love has forgotten them.

How good is good?

Astrology is a tool to show when life will feel easy and ‘in-the-flow’ when opportunities seem easier for us.
When you have a personal chart it can become a very specific guide to the timing of love and romance in your life.

Knowing we have a constant flow of new opportunities coming up when it comes to seeking love and romance (or any area of life) can create a very positive feeling.

Compared to the feeling of ‘why can’t I find someone’ (what’s wrong with me?) that can easily happen when we have lost hope of finding love.
The more positive we feel the better vibration and energy we put out there, and that is part of what allows us to attract love.
When it comes to finding Love astrology will show you when you are naturally able to attract romance to you and when romance and love will feel easy, and effortless.

Following Love through the year

The most important planet for those looking for love is Venus planet of attracting Love and abundance. Venus is the best friend of the single person looking for love.
Venus wants what she loves.

Venus is always working in your chart to help you attract love all year long – attracting love through friends, clubs, work-place, holidays, travel, hobbies and much more!

However there are delicious highlights, personal to you, which when you are looking for love can give you a real boost.

Now some of these alignments are opportunities, which mean if you look the other way or ignore, will pass you by. As we said before when we know this is a good time we are more likely to look and feel ready!

You have a personal Venus in your chart; this describes your personal style of attracting love and romance and is explained in your reading. Throughout the year your Venus area of your chart will get highlighted by different alignments which, when you know what to look for, you can make the most of.

Yearly Trio

The first powerful positive influence is your Venus Return, when the current Venus makes an exact alignment with the Venus in your chart. It is a double whammy of love attraction!

The next powerful influence is when the current Sun makes an exact alignment with the Venus in your chart. This shines a giant spot-light on what and how you attract love!

Mercury will also visit your Venus each year and this allows you to easily communicate matters of love and romance, which is just as helpful.

Venus, Sun and Mercury will also each year visit the special relationships area of your chart. This is a great opportunity to attract that one special partner you are seeking. These alignments will help you understand how you approach relationships better.

These opportunities last 2-4 weeks at a time

There are other planets and alignments, but these are the positive opportunities that happen every year. Once you know you can mark them in your diary, as you can see there are quite a lot!

Those challenges
You have lived enough of life already to know that we all receive our share of challenges. If I see a current challenge in your chart, or coming up, we can discuss this together and I can show you using astrology wisdom how to find balance.

This is actually really positive and I will share more about this in a future article.
Astrology does not view alignments as good or bad as it is through our responses to both that we develop our strengths and gifts.

This short article was to help show you that there are always new opportunities to find love on the horizon and is explained in your reading.

Of course once you understand your chart (explained in the reading) you can follow my FREE forecasts by newsletter or Facebook and make the most of the many brief romantic opportunities that happen throughout the year as well!

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