I love writing astrology forecasts. I started out by writing them for myself to help me understand myself and my life better.

I believe in soul journeys and a kind universe that weaves through our daily lives. I believe we all have a life mission and a soul purpose which we express through daily life.

The goal of my forecasts and my work is to inspire and support you to remember who you really are, as you face the twists and turns of life.

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If this feels right for you, then I invite you to read on and discover how I personally work with the forecasts.

In the Diary

From the forecasts I like to mark my diary with short notes about upcoming alignment dates. This is helpful as I can often see the forecast playing out through my busy day. Sometimes I notice the forecast in other peoples’ reaction to the day. Often a note in my diary serves as a general reminder to pay attention and be aware.

There are hundreds of little choices we make each day and sometimes I will base my decisions on what I know is happening in the stars. Some opportunities in life are staring us in the face but require us to say yes and welcome them into our lives.

Astrology has encouraged me to welcome many more little blessings and opportunities into my life, on their own their reward may be small, but when they become part of daily life, they combine to make a positive difference.

Challenging alignments bring rewards too

There have been many times when I had no choice but to act during a challenging forecast. To make it feel more positive I will focus on the lesson and growth a challenging alignment can teach me. Sometimes we just have to be brave and face a challenging alignment head-on.

The other side of every challenge is always growth and reward. Often a challenging alignment allows me to reflect on the direction my life is taking and if I heed its lessons, I can make adjustments that bring improvements weeks and months later.

Challenges never feel any easier, but my response tends to be more measured and philosophical.
So, I urge you to try and embrace the challenging alignments as much as the harmonious ones.

Houses make it personal

The zodiac signs the forecast is happening in, is very important. Each sign represents 1 of 12 areas of your life, called the houses.

If you have a time of birth, this is very individual to your personal chart. If you do not have a time of birth then I suggest the traditional method, and I share these in my forecasts.

The houses show you where to notice the forecast happening in your life. This is what makes a forecast personal to you. For instance the same influence happening in home and family (4th house) for one person, would feel quite different than Career (10th house) for their friend.

The 12-house system taught me how to care for and develop all areas of my life, it is so easy to only focus on one or two areas of life yet miss important opportunities in others. When you follow astrology every area of your life gets a chance for growth and renewal.

Often a forecast is about the relationship between two different areas of your life, and this becomes very fascinating and accurate.
In a very short period of time you can become very familiar with what area of your life is influenced by each zodiac sign.

Live your daily life with awareness

I quickly learned that after noting a forecast, I need to just get on with my day, and simply be alert to signs that the forecast is playing out in my life.

Some forecasts have had a much more subtle and inner influence that I might have ignored or missed if I hadn’t been made aware first. Sometimes it is a remark in a conversation, or something I read or hear. And instantly I can see how it links to the forecast and provides clarity and guidance on my next step.
These sorts of insights are like having your own yellow brick road, lighting up the next step.

I have found that reading a forecast before the alignment happens and then actually living it at the time can be quite different. This is why I use forecasts to pay attention rather than make predictions.

Reflecting back

Some of my biggest insights into decisions I need to make have come from reflecting back after a forecast has finished.

Astrology describes cycles. Often a current forecast is connected to one that happened last month, year or decade. Sometimes we are living the result of how we responded to previous forecasts. In the same way current alignments will repeat or link to future ones! This is how astrology supports the idea that life is a journey!

I believe very much that we have free will, and that all choices are valid. I also have seen that we are given 2nd and 3rd chances to change our minds or do it again!
When I reflect back after an alignment, I learn a great deal about myself. Over the last 7 years astrology has shown me the areas of my life that I am naturally in harmony with, where I am using and developing my gifts.
I also have become very aware of areas of my life that are not balanced, where I am still learning and finding my feet. For me this is so helpful as now I have a map and system to guide me to make improvements.

Astrology Journal

Keeping am Astrology journal is such a wonderful tool. You can journal your responses to the regular forecasts and from this you will learn such a lot about yourself through the timeless and non-judgemental lens of astrology wisdom.
A journal will also help you to look back on past cycles, helping you see how your responses have influenced your life.

Summary of how I use Astrology Forecasts

  1. Note the forecast dates in your diary as a reminder to be more aware on those days.
  2. Make the most of positive and challenging alignments because both will move you forward.
  3. On the day of big alignments pay attention for guidance from the universe.
  4. Keep an Astrology journal, where you include details of events, responses and feelings. Remember to include a summary of the astrology forecast as this will help when you review.
  5. Once the big alignment has happened it is much easier to review your journal, diary and the forecast. What have you learned about yourself? How will you make the most of these alignments?

Try this process over the next few weeks. Have fun and stay open to positive opportunities.

I use astrology for both personal and business development


If you found the ideas here fascinating why not book a reading and take following astrology forecasts to the next level?

Simply email jo@astro-clarity.co.uk for more details about my readings.

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