astro-clarity week ahead

Intuitive Week Ahead

Each week I will give you an intuitive summary of what is happening in the stars this week.

I write these astrology forecasts to provide you with an intuitive understanding of the phases and cycles that may influence you in the coming days. These are not predictions. They are a heads-up and intuitive perspective of the main alignments that tend to impact all of us on some level. Those who are naturally sensitive (often children) may feel these cycles more intensely so it can be helpful to know what to expect. I also try to bring in a simple soul-conscious perspective which can be helpful in your responses to everyday life

Jo Oliver (mum and intuitive astrologer)

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This week has a lot of life-changing events and while most of it will relate to the current Coronavirus crisis I want to try and bring a deeper personal understanding that you can use to find inner strength as you respond to these difficult times. No matter what sign the forecast is happening in, these events will influence all of us on some level.

The Spring Equinox heralds the start of more light (here in the UK) and new beginnings represented by spring flowers, spells of sunshine and rain in which to grow hope of an ever-adapting continuity of life. The timeless message of the Spring Equinox is hope, light returning after dark and that life continues through a constant cycle of change.

Aries Time

Sometime during March 20/21st, the Sun will enter the sign of Aries and the start of the astrological year. Personally, the Sun in Aries is highlighting how independent, self-sufficient, and self-aware you are. How you approach taking meaningful action, how you respond to getting it done. Sun-in-Aries looks at how you personally cope with being alone, taking care of your own needs. Aries is teaching you how and where to take action with your own needs to stay strong so that you can protect those who can’t.
This Aries energy is going to be tested after the weekend, giving you an opportunity to see where you can harness the best qualities of Aries energy.

The new moon in Aries on 24th at 4 degrees is asking what you want to manifest and create for yourself over the next 12 months. If you know your own chart you can get really specific on what to manifest.

25th you may be asked to make an adjustment or change that will relate to a new phase around personal security and belonging (Cancer) and what needs to be let go when certain ambitions and rules(Capricorn) no longer apply read more here. If you know your astrology chart you are looking at 3 degrees in Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn to see which area of your life this will influence.

Then almost immediately (next day 26th) you will be shown which of the Aries qualities you struggle with. Impulsive or inability to make decisions; frustrated or fearful actions; selfish or not caring enough; don’t need anyone or feeling needy. Because Chiron is involved the answer is in first being aware of where you need to heal and balance, as once we can see the negative responses we can own and address them leading to healing and peace!

Mars Intensity in the Capricorn Council

Pluto and Jupiter are having an epic meeting in Capricorn and now Mars from 19th/20th joins them for a few weeks. This could be summarised as an Intense drive towards practical achievement. If Capricorn is the builder this gathering could be described as Plans on a grand scale. Mars brings strong action, drive, and passion to the plans over the next few days.

Personally, I see this as your individual response to the rules and policies to do with coronavirus. We should be mindful of negative mars responses such as dominance, burnout and self-righteous surges of anger. The positive responses are seeing our true beliefs (Jupiter) when facing deep soul lessons (Pluto) during strong action (Mars) as new rules to support the future are asked of us all (Capricorn).

Saturn dips his toe into Aquarius.

Aquarius naturally rules humanity as a whole, the collective, and technology that can be used to benefit all. Personally, Aquarius shows how you respond to groups of people, technology, intellect and the future especially in one specific area of your life.

Saturn is the builder, the reality check, the consequences, the more practical and mature approach.

So over the next 3 years, Saturn will show where you need to restrict, restructure, and build a more mature approach to science, technology, charities, humanitarian causes that align with a better future for all.

This next few months is the shadow phase of a Saturn retrograde period that will complete at the end of the year into 2021.
March until June this is most certainly to do with bringing in new/future technology to help us manage and cope with Coronavirus on a global level.
If you have personal planets at 0-2 degrees in any of the fixed signs; Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio these events may influence you more strongly

Taurus currently has Uranus at 5 degrees creates a testing/growth alignment to Saturn in Aquarius in your chart (life). Uranus is also the joint ruler of Aquarius, both are fixed signs, which will be significant when it comes to how we respond to change and innovation. I will be sharing lots more about this throughout the year.