The new moon of each month is the best time to Ask, Wish for, or set a new intention.

The new moon is the dark phase of the moon.

If you work with Law of Attraction, Manifesting or The Secret this is the best evening, each month, to do your asking.

Making it Personal with Astrology

Astrology is all about you. How the energies from the sun, moon and other planets and asteroids influence you and your life.
Rather than being just one of 12 zodiac sun signs (the same as the other 1/12th of the world) you are actually a unique combination of all 12 signs and planets that is only found in you!

Once you understand your own chart you can then work with the planets, to manifest and understand how they personally influence you.

At each New Moon a different area of your personal birth chart will be in focus. A combination of zodiac sign, planets and area of life that is individual to you. Once you are aware of this information you can see patterns and connections between how you feel, and what is happening in your life. These insights can bring incredible clarity and a different perspective on our lives.

The new moon is the time to ask, wish and manifest something positive and new in this area.

By working with astrology in this way you are aligning with divine timing; which simply means the ‘best time’.

Not everyone wants to manifest and new moons and astrology are a great tool to understand our emotions. Rather than manifesting we simply gain new insights into ourselves and our lives.

Astro-clarity Follow-Along Personal Chart

This Follow-Along-Chart will easily show you the area of your life that is aligned with each new moon – for you personally. This is where you have divine timing on your side when you ask and manifest.

You will also learn how each New Moon is important to you personally.

For more details Email

Here are some famous manifesting methods that you can use at the New Moon;

You can combine them and adapt them into your own ritual or method on the evening of the New Moon. Just remember that once you have asked there is no point in keep asking over and over again.
If you already have your own manifesting process that you think will work well for you then go ahead and use that.

Process for when we want to initiate a self-improvement action or positive change within ourselves.

Write your wish or intention as a letter that you seal in an envelope. You can address it to the universe, God, Goddess, or even yourself from the future. Writing our intentions down is very powerful. Write it as though it has already come to pass; describe how you feel? What benefits are you enjoying? I first came across this process with Napoleon Hill, and have seen many other variations. Sealing it and sending it even just into your own sealed box or burning it are seen as important steps as well.

An example of a letter written for Capricorn in the area of success;

Dear Universe, my life looks so different now in DATE. I have reached my goal to lose 2 stone of weight. I have used systems that allow me to prepare family meals that I can enjoy as well. I now batch cook and prepare head of time with ease. I really enjoy getting out and about and wearing clothes that I love. Learning to slow down and take it step by step has really helped me on days when it felt a struggle. Learning one new recipe each week from slimming club over the year has helped keep me interested and moving forward.

Process for when we have a challenge or problem or just cannot see clearly what action we can take or how a solution could possibly be found.

Align with Divine/God/Universe/Highest Good. I first came across this method with Florence Scovel Shinn and then more recently with Tosha Silver and her wonderful ‘change me’ prayers. It is using prayer to ask a greater power to intercede and/or answer your current problem, challenge or lack with a divine solution that aligns with your true Soul purpose. I like this because I have seen that sometimes getting what we want does not always bring us the contentment and happiness we really seek. Another way of looking at this is non-attachment, because we give up control and striving to a higher power, which is crucial when it comes to ‘receiving’ our dreams and wishes. Asking for help to change ourselves rather than manifest ‘something’ can be powerful at the new Moon.

An example of a Prayer for success;

Dear Divine, help change me into one who can love and respect myself. Help me to recognise my own self-worth so that my inner light can shine. Help me to see myself through your eyes, and know that I am always worthy of your love.

Getting into the Vortex, Meditation and Guided visualisations

Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction is a master teacher of manifesting. This approach is about feeling so good anyway about where you are right now that you no longer are striving, grasping and feeling desperate regarding whatever you feel is missing in your life. When you reach this high vibration of non-attachment, and appreciation, (the Vortex) of course is exactly when abundance flows to you.

I am a huge fan of this work, and think a wonderful rampage of appreciation on the New Moon on the area of life this falls into for you would be a powerful practice to do.
Having said that this approach does take some practice which is why it is not the first method I mention.

This is another reason to order your Follow-Along-Chart as this is your personal guide to appreciate your personal area-of-life every single day with the moon. On the New Moon evening you can simply spend longer do more!

Whichever method you use have fun this New Moon!

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