Manifesting with Astrology Reading to create the life you want! 

Rather than using astrology for predicting your future (and feeling like you have no control), you can use the planetary cycles and seasons through the year to guide you to create the life you want. Simply combine manifesting methods with your personal astrology.

Manifesting with Astrology

Manifesting with Astrology gives you a heads up on what I call ‘divine timing’. You can discover which area of your life the universe has lined up for you to manifest this month.

I use your astrological natal chart to provide you with a  reading covering the next 3 months, especially around manifesting and law of attraction with astrology. 

That’s amazing! I tend to feel these things a bit earlier than most I’ve noticed and it actually describes the “challenges” I’ve been facing. RH

If manifesting feels too ‘material’ for you, astrology provides a personal guide to improving yourself and your life month by month. It can be used for; self-development, soul-growth, to improve and manifest a large project such as a career/business, or romance and relationships.

Combing astrology with intuition (20 years experience of intuitive work) my readings are practical, positive and supportive!

Thank you for the astro clarity report. It looks really useful and I can see how I can use it to manifest! It really helps to know what to focus on and when – great idea and gives you a sense of control over your life. AM

By working with the planetary influences you can enhance your existing manifesting methods and results.

The NEW MOON each month is the best time to do your powerful asking, wishing and setting new intentions.

Using the personal MOON JOURNAL each day will help you to easily stay in the positive emotional state needed to keep you in the receiving state and high frequency of appreciation. You will also know and be able to plan ahead for the regular New Moon and Full moon phases.

The FULL MOON is a powerful evening to prepare for the upcoming New Moon and in astrology the two moon phases each month are two sides of one theme. Like two sides of a coin and the balance to each other.

This means both moon phases are linked to your individual astrological birth-chart showing details and insights into where ‘Divine-timing’ is playing out in your life each month. It can also show any personal blocks and insights into how to balance this area of your life.

 What should I manifest this month?

With manifesting you only ask once. To keep asking over and over again for that car, relationship etc has a frequency of lack and instead of making your asking more powerful it actually blocks it.

In the past I fell into this trap and from reading many books on manifesting I think many of us do!

What astrology taught me was that all those weeks and months of asking for the same thing over and over again stopped me from asking for (and receiving) the things that were aligned and lined up by the universe for me to ask for!

Your birth-chart and astrology transits is one way you can discover what is aligned and lined up for you personally by the universe.

The best part is that astrology is realistic, there are going to be personal challenges (we all have them) and astrology can provide you with insights and answers to overcome them. Likewise there are going to be opportunities that we easily miss and astrology can flag them up.

Thanks so much for sending this through. It is amazing isn’t it – no wonder you’re fascinated by it. It is really helpful as it will focus my mind and will help me to think about where I want to focus on in the next month – it has spurred me into doing a plan.TR

When should I have a Manifesting with Astrology reading?

I know what goal I want (to manifest) but it has not happened...yet Astrology can tell you the best timing, the challenges and opportunities personal to you around this goal. Then we look at how you can align with your big goal over the next 3 months. The focus here is to not waste other opportunities that may be essential steps towards your big goal!

SOS Help my life feels really difficult right now! Astrology can give you a new perspective on what is happening and a new monthly focus to help you manifest support and change in your life. We might look at your soul path and insights into your current challenges. We will also look at what opportunities there are both now and in the future.

What are the Important Areas in my chart/Life?

If you are working with your Moon Journal or birth chart the areas of life or signs that have 2 or more planets in them are of importance in your life. It can be very helpful to understand this area of your life. Most of us have 2 or 3 areas of life where we have personal planets in clusters. Being aware of these areas, how they influence you, how to find balance and knowing when they will come into focus is the goal of this reading.

Just Curious?

Sometimes we are just curious! You have a couple of choices;

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