Your passions in life and romance are represented by the red planet mars. Where mars sit in your natal birth chart describes how passionate you are and who/what you get passionate about!

We all have mars somewhere in our chart and mars is always currently transiting (influencing) a section of our life.

This is useful to know for romance and relationships and the areas of life we feel passionate about.

Mars is also known as the ‘Warrior of War’ and represents our primal energy and instinct to survive. Someone with mars in Aries will react to situations very differently from someone with mars in Pisces.

Mars naturally rules Aries and they share many qualities such as raw energy, where we take action, and movement. When out of balance this energy can become angry, frustrated or anxious.

Mars is a planet of action and energy and needs to move; if it becomes suck pressure builds and it can explode.
Mars does well when it has a task and direction to focus on
Anxiety, anger and frustration tells us that our mars energy needs some kind of change

Sacred Masculine

All of us contain a both masculine and feminine energy and mars represents the sacred masculine energy in your own chart. To bring harmony women can learn how to integrate their masculine energy and men their feminine (Venus) energy. This is part of the balance we seek in relationships too.

Mars can also describe our sexual drives within the different signs and together with aspects to other planets in the charts can provide quite detailed understanding of what our individual needs are.

Terrible two’s and Mars

Mars takes roughly 2 years to travel around all 12 signs of the zodiac, so each area of life gets a boost of energy for a couple of months roughly every 2 years…..useful to work with.

Every 2 years our own mars in our natal chart will become activated. Mars aligns well in some signs such as Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn.

It is said that mars energy become active in each of us on the 2nd cycle… that brings a new meaning to the ‘terrible two’s!

As always it is the personal aspects between all the planets and energies in our personal chart and the current transit that can provide much more detail.
Mars is one of the planets that I mention in my regular newsletter to help explain the current astrology weather!

If you want to understand yours or your partner’s passionate mars aspects find out more HERE

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