Mercury in astrology represents ‘the messenger’.

In your personal natal chart Mercury describes how you collect, store and communicate information.

This includes your approach to learning and logic. How easily do you communicate and net-work with others? Where Mercury is in your life (chart) can describe where you may find ‘food for thought’.

Some astrologers believe that your natal Mercury is your inner ‘thinking’ voice. Understanding your mind through astrology (sign house and placement in your chart) can help you to understand your own mind and how best to use it.

Dual nature

Mercury is associated with Gemini (Air)in the masculine role of thoughts, words, logic and communication.

Mercury is also associated with Virgo (Earth) in the feminine role of analyzing, craft, acts of service and work.

We each contain both!

Mercury with other planets

Mercury moves so fast around the astrology chart that he often makes fleeting contact with all the other planets.

His role then in both forecasts and in your natal chart is to help you communicate and understand each planets specific message in your own life. For instance with Venus, Mercury helps you communicate in an attractive manner, or find romance through learning or net-working.

Mercury in the signs

When Mercury is in the different signs he collects, stores and communicates information in the style of the sign. For instance Aries can be fast (impulsive)and direct whilst Taurus may be slower and take their time to communicate and using their 5 senses.

Mercury in Forecasts

As Mercury travels through your chart (forecast) it will indicate where you can focus your mind, to learn, analyse and communicate better.  Always close to the Sun, Mercury helps us to understand and communicate the area of life under focus with the Sun. Because of his movements our thoughts may be slightly forward thinking or reflecting back over the past few weeks ago.

Mercury is often in the sign or house just before or after the one the Sun is in. Mercury is the messenger then between the areas of life you have just lived through, the current one and also the area of life that will come up next for you.

This connects your journey through life in your mind, creating memories and making plans.

Mercury likes to learn, communicate and have tasks to do. If your mind is feeling cloudy and confused it may be that it is not being used in the area of life it is currently moving through. If in doubt always go back to your natal mercury and understand that better.

Retrograde past and future

Mercury is never far from the Sun and has a forward and backwards motion going over the same area several times called a Mercury Retrograde. Each year Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times each year. At this time our mind and communication may not be as clear. These retrograde phases are like going back over the past few weeks in our mind, reflecting and re-thinking.

Messenger of your heart

Mercury being so close to the Sun is similar to our mind being so close to our heart – sometimes the mind believes it is the heart and center of us.  Whereas the mind’s role is really that of servant, sharing and communicating the truth (light) of our heart (Sun).  This is the challenge we all face; that the mind believes it is us.

Mercury is linked to the myth of Hermes messenger of the God’s who travelled through the realms of Heaven, Earth and Underworld. Like Hermes our mind can move through time, past, present and future. The transits (movements) of the planet Mercury can be seen moving just ahead of the sun, coupled with the sun and behind the sun.

Mercury like our mind can spend time simply going round and round – more so if it forgets its job is as messenger of our heart. This is where following the regular Astro-clarity forecasts can really help!

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