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Month-Ahead audio recordings are where I record how you can make the most of the month ahead based on your individual natal astrology chart. Your personal readings are over 20 minutes long and the whole package includes up to 1 hour of audio recordings each month to help you discover where to find opportunities this month and ways to navigate any challenges.

Month-Ahead readings are not about predicting what will happen to you. They are a supportive tool to help you see your life from a different perspective and that allows you to make the most of every month. Including understanding what the universe is asking you to focus on and why you may be responding to life the way you do. There is no judgement. You have freedom of choice.

Thanks Jo, I have absolutely loved your recordings, what I really love about them is how clearly you explain what is happening and how the change effect me. I haven’t had much time to read up on the planets myself but haven’t felt I’ve needed to as you have so clearly explained all I need to know. 

You can listen to my personal introduction to see if I am right for you!;

To book email; jo@astro-clarity

Making the Reading personal to you

The month ahead is all about showing where the current opportunities and challenges are for you this month. Often we have existing long-term issues bubbling in the background which only come to a head every once in a while. This include goals to do with a new direction or existing dream relating to business, career, or study. It can also be around difficult challenges you would like to address such as family, money, love, or existing relationship. Some people use the readings to guide them in personal development and/or their soul path. If I know about these when you fill out your booking form I tailor the reading to your goals making it highly individual support.

Thanks Jo, It has also blown my mind how accurate the readings have been, even down to the day to day feelings I’ve had and conversations I’ve had with people. It’s really given me the confidence to trust in my feelings and follow my heart.

What is included

Personal Audio Month Ahead Reading (20 minutes)

Using your personal natal chart I record how you can make the most of the month ahead. I help you understand the areas of your life that are being influenced and how to make the most of the opportunities. Each month I will also expand on one personal sign in your chart.**See BONUS
As well as the reading I provide a calendar of dates and an optional note-book you can print off to help you make clear notes

The Sun is our main focus. However we will also look at how the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars can provide opportunities for you each month. I give you an idea of how to make the most of the month ahead and also where I see that you have a personal opportunity.

11646019 – daisy field under full moon.

Audio New Moon Guide (15 minutes)

This is a relaxing audio guide to help you get clear on how you can work with the New Moon to set an intention for something new in your life. It is sent out about a week before the New Moon and you can listen as many times as you need. There is again a New Moon note-book that you can download and print to make notes. Each guide is recorded using the current astrology to guide you.

Thank you Jo, I’m loving your readings. They are very clear – you had so much information to get over, but you did so so helpfully and clearly. I listened all the way through the first time, and then I listened to both readings yesterday in preparation for my meeting with the XXXX today. It really helped and calmed me down.

Audio Full Moon Guide (15 minutes)

This is a relaxing guide to help you navigate the emotional Full moon, where you release anything that is stopping you from receiving your full moon blessing. Again this is based on the current astrology helping you connect to the energies at this time. There is a Full Moon note-book you can download and print to make notes. This is available a week before the Full Moon so that you can listen as many times as you need.


The moon audios are for those who are sensitive to energies, to allow you to connect to your intuition with the Moon. They will also gently help you make the most of the powerful moon phases.

Wow Jo, just listened to this recording and it was WONDERFUL! Deeply healing and spiritual. Just what I need to incorporate in my life and here is the perfect way to do it, in tune with the timing of the stars. I really loved it.

BONUS Audio and PDF

Each month in your audio recording I will share one personal sign such as your Moon or Venus. Then in the month I will send an audio and PDF with how you can make the most of this planet/sign. This is fun and fascinating. For Scorpio we will dive into the mysterious 8th House; you will learn more about your personal 8th house and how to make the most of it

Thank you Jo. Have just listened to the reading. It was extremely helpful and confirming. It is really good to know I am on the right path and following my destiny, so thank you for giving me that reassurance. I am going in the right direction and you’ve played a big part in helping me get to that point.  I was sort of guessing my direction in life and you have given me CLARITY! It means it releases far more energy to simply get on with it, knowing I’m doing what I’m supposed to and what will give me most satisfaction this time around.

Coming Soon! Sun-Sign Remedies


40954913 – the phoenix bird collage

During your reading I focus on the main forecasts and what they mean for you personally over the next month. However I feel the current Sun-sign has many ways of helping you make the most of the coming month. So in this new bonus I will highlight sun-sign remedies to help your life flow with the current Sun-sign for the next month. For instance the more you align your responses and approach to the current sun-sign the more life will flow. Discovering where you are out of balance and the remedy will be a key feature of this bonus.


Suggested ways you work with the Month Ahead package

  1. Relax and just Listen to your Month ahead audio first; as this allows the information to enter your subconscious and intuition.**Just as the Sun moves into the next Sign.
  2. Listen again with your month ahead note-book and a pen and have the month ahead calendar handy, then make notes. You can keep the notes handy to refer to and transfer any important dates to your regular diary. The special note-book PDF is designed to make it easy to organise your notes from the reading.
  3. You can always listen again at any time during the month ahead if you need to go back and listen again.
  4. A week before the New Moon and Full Moon you will receive your relaxing audio guide and moon note-books. To make these really personal you will need your notes from your month ahead reading to refer to. Again you can follow these powerful audios as many times as you like in the week building up to the Moon Phase.
  5. The Bonus is an optional extra each month and an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself through the lens of astrology…fascinating and insightful. There will be an audio and workbook

Thanks Jo, it was really amazing, spot on with everything that is going on for me.
You always so helpful, I really appreciate your help and support. DM.

Cost £20.00

Payment options using your normal cr/dr card via email invoice
Or Bank trf
Note I only start on your reading after payment

I record each month ahead audio personally and they are sent out around the 20th of each month, and the moon guides and bonus follow roughly once a week.
I need to ask you a few questions before I can create your chart and ensure my readings support you personally.

For this reason to book please email jo@astro-clarity


Thanks Jo
That’s great. You do a brilliant job, easy to follow and so personal. Last months was such a big help, helped me over come some of my deepest fears.

Thanks so much, Jo!

I’ve listened through and all makes sense. I’ll make notes throughout the month according to the forecast and listen back! X

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