The House’s – Areas of your life

The biggest key to making the Current Forecast personal to you is to understand the ‘house’ that belongs to each zodiac sign in your individual chart. There are 12 houses and they cover every aspect of your life – every single forecast plays out in one or more areas of your life (Houses). Find the zodiac sign mentioned in the forecast on your chart and then look to see which ‘house’ is linked to that sign for you personally. 

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If you feel confused and/or do not have a time-of-birth chart you can still make the forecasts personal to you and use the 12 Houses. All you need to know is your Sun Sign. This is the system that most general forecasts use – The Sun Sign House system. Click Below to download the chart



Now you can find the house below and read my description to help you apply the forecast in detail!


1st House and your identity.

Your first house contains your ascendant sign or rising sign which is an important energy in astrology. This is the AC line in your chart.
Your rising sign and first house show the mask we put on in public and also our personal style.
The rising sign is the first impression others have of you! Read MORE



2nd House – what do you VALUE?

Values are things that belong to you. Everyone needs to add value to our personal identity (1st house); your values sustain your identity and are crucial.
This includes your Finances; what you earn and owe.
Confidence comes from knowing what your personal values are. READ MORE



3rd House – your Logic and Communication style

This area of life describes and refers to your approach to learning, curiosity and personal logic in life.
It is also where you want to go out and explore your immediate surroundings and those people who are there. Living and enjoying life, humor, especially where you grew up, where people know you.
Clear communication should be one of the goals whenever we look at this area of life. READ MORE


4th House of Foundations, Family & Home

The 4th house in astrology relates to your childhood, home life and nurturing – your foundation.

In astrology your foundation (4th house) directly relates to how you achieve and cope with success and career.
Our childhood and family life including what home means to us can impact us for the rest of our lives both negatively and positively. READ MORE


5th House of Fun and Creativity

Your 5th house is said to be the house of your heart. It is also known as the ‘fun’ house and house of Romance and ‘pleasure’. I think of it as the Creative area of your life.
Through the 5th house we can create and express joy in our lives. READ MORE


6th House – Our Daily life, Health & Routines

The sixth house is the domain of health and service.
6th House describes your daily, day-in, day-out, routines. This is a practical area of life it is what we actually do most days in our life.
It rules where we have to ‘go to school, ‘go to work’, ‘go on a diet/fitness regime’ and follow day-to-day routines.
This is also the area of your chart that relates to your attitude to your health. READ MORE


7th House of Relationships

Your personal Relationship area of your astrology chart reveals specific details about your Romantic or Business Partner, your opponent and that part of you that is missing.
Your 7th house describes your ideal relationship qualities to look for in a partner and relationship. READ MORE


8th house of Connection & Mystery

Birth and death are both mysteries and this is why this house is sometimes called mystery – can’t easily be explained. With sex usually comes commitment and deeper levels of relationships. Bonding is connection at the deepest level. So this house covers your actions and response to these topics.
The eighth house support’s the 7th house of relationships, by showing how other people cause problems in our closest relationships. READ MORE


9th House of Adventure and Travel

What does Adventure mean to you?

Maybe adventure means to travel overseas and discovering new cultures and landscapes. Maybe adventure is found through a book which takes the mind on an adventure; perhaps of learning.

This is the area of life where we ask what my life purpose is. It will show the type of wisdom we want to seek out and the experiences that hold most meaning for us. READ MORE

10th House of Success, Career & your Public Image

What does Success look like for you? This house represents your life’s work, your career path and profession, awards, material success and position in life.  The 10th house is the most public part of our chart, how you want other people to view you. READ MORE



11th House Your Community

The 11th house is all about your friendships, groups and clubs – your community.  Which groups, clubs and organisations do you feel drawn to and need to belong to?

What is your approach to charity, fund-raising, social-justice and humanitarian causes?  This can be where many of us find a sense of our true inner purpose no matter what our career is. READ MORE




12th House – Your Subconscious 

Your 12th house/subconscious area of life is where you can complete a project, cycle or goal. 12th house is also about what is hidden, invisible or secret. 12th house can be the perfect time to manifest a new or deeper spiritual practice. Or even just to go back and look at your personal beliefs. READ MORE