As the current moving (in transit) planets move through different areas of your life (The houses) we tend to see their action playing out in our daily lives. Each planet has has its own individual action on our lives. Tracking these transits through time creates the Astrology Forecast

The houses provide the detail of where in our lives to observe and work with the current planets to support us in getting the most out of our lives.

The zodiac signs (large star systems) are used as a map and compass to track the planetary action on our lives. The zodiac (star systems) do not move like the planets but provide a constant influence on our innate responses.

In every moment all the planets are moving and making ‘aspects’ or relationships to each other and to each of our individual astrology charts. Some aspects feel easy while other can feel a little challenging.

Astrology is not seen as good or bad it is simply a way to track the planets influence on our changing lives

What makes astrology so fascinating is that its influence is personal to each of us.

This is why having a copy of your astrology chart is so crucial and helpful.

Through the regular Astro-clarity forecasts I share my interpretation of the main headlines that are likely to influence most of us.

In your personal reading I share how the planets influence you personally and how to find balance.

Here are the main actions of the planets in transit

These will give you an at-a-glance understanding of how the planets activate our lives; designed as a companion to the astro-clarity forecasts.


The Sun
The Sun allows us to shine, to see, and to be noticed. It is where we are more visible. The sun in transit allows you to observe different areas of your life; as if a light has been switched on. The sun moves through the zodiac signs and your whole life (the houses) during 1 year. Whichever area of your life the sun is in today is a sign to focus on that area. The sun has the strongest action on Leo and Aries and is in its fall in Aquarius and Libra. Read More


The Moon

The moon allows us to feel, to have emotions and feelings in response to our lives. The moon moves very fast (like our emotions) and moves through each zodiac sign during a lunar month. The New and Full moon each month are very powerful times when we can work with manifesting. The moon is strong in Taurus and Cancer and in its fall in Scorpio and Capricorn. READ MORE


The planet mercury represents your mind, thoughts, logic and communication. Mercury is the messenger of the heart (Sun) and allows all communication and logic of the mind to flow. Like the mind mercury goes back and forth. He is at his best in Gemini and Virgo and in his fall in Sagittarius, Pisces and Leo. READ MORE



Venus is the planet of love, romance and abundance. She brings grace and beauty into our lives. She is the planet of attraction; she loves what she loves and wants what she wants. She allows us to attract what we want into our lives and spends a short month in each zodiac sign. She is happiest in Taurus, Libra and Pisces and in her fall in Scorpio, Aries and Virgo. READ MORE



Mars is the planet of war, anger and passion. Mars brings action and movement into our lives and provides us with our drive. He is also the planet of sex. He works at his best in Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn and is in his fall in Libra, Taurus and Cancer. READ MORE



Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity. He spends around 13 months in each sign. So we wait around 12 years for him to grace each sign. He brings luck, generosity, opportunity, impulsiveness and also expansion of whatever area he is in. Jupiter is very strong in Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer and in his fall in Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn. READ MORE


Saturn is the planet of karma, responsibilities and restrictions. His action on us can feel quite heavy and like hard work and a reality check. His action is to test our strength and see how well we follow rules and put the work in. He is said to also bring great rewards if we rise to his challenges. He moves quite slowly around 2.5 years through each sign. He works well in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra and is in his fall in Cancer, Leo and Aries. READ MORE


The Nodes
South Node is about where we have come from; our past. This is said to relate to our past lives, the gifts we have learned and earned. South node feels comfortable, in our comfort zone and a subtle recognition.
The North node is about what we have come to learn, our soul purpose. Our north node can feel uncomfortable and new and bring up fears or obsessions.
The nodes change every 18 months. With transits they tend to relate to what we have come to learn together and can indicate karmic situations. READ MORE


Often this planet can bring confusion and uncertainty and bring up secrets in a dreamy fashion. It is another romantic planet although this can be more idealistic. Neptune also brings escapism and illusion and can be where we mean well but can fool ourselves. Boundaries (lack of) are often a feature. This is the planet of the artists, visions and anything ‘other worldly’. Neptune is very slow moving spending around 12 years in each sign. READ MORE


Chiron is an asteroid. Also known as the wounded healer Chiron has an affinity to our own personal Achilles heel, our personal wound that is such a part of us. Through his transits we tend to discover our weaker areas and fears in each area of our lives. Chiron works by first bringing these issues up for us to really notice in order that we may transform them into strengths. He spends around 7 years in each sign. READ MORE


Uranus has an action of sudden change. This change can come out of the blue and bring upheaval. However Uranus wishes to set us free, liberate us and allow us to follow our true path in life. He spends around 7 years in each sign. It is best to go with any changes he brings. READ MORE


Pluto works on our deepest motivations, often hidden in our subconscious. His action can be around control and power issues. He can also bring obsessive tendencies. Pluto works very slowly and can bring about transformation in our own evolution which we only appreciate when we look back over many years. Pluto is also said to indicate the wise mentor; indicating that one is coming into our lives or that our own role is that of a wise mentor. READ MORE