Past lives and reincarnation is a fascinating subject for many people, while others put it firmly in the realms of fantasy.

For the last few years I have been studying with various astrology and spiritual teachers to understand how the nodes and eclipses in astrology relate to past lives and soul journey.

Since 2019 I have been offering Soul Potential Readings, they often explain our deepest struggles in life, uncover our natural gifts, and can uncover what we have come to learn, explore and experience. This is for those interested in their soul journey HERE

In astrology the south nodes (Ketu) are said to represent our past lives. If this is a step too far for you, then your south node can be thought of as your family lineage or gifts you have inherited from your family.

I often chat to people who feel they have no real gifts or talents in life and yet according to astrology we all have existing talents and a soul destiny to develop new ones. Gifts and talents are thought to be ours won from previous lessons and challenges, each unique to us.


A beautiful way to understand your south node that one of my teacher’s (Tyler Penor) taught me is to imagine it is an old boat that you built long ago, and have taken it out so many times it is almost a part of you. You know every inch of this boat all of its qualities and also its problem areas so well that you instinctively know how to sail her and get the best from her.

You also know what to avoid, and how to keep her safe, even if this means you can’t venture into distant seas or take her out in dense fog. But perhaps you know exactly how to sail close to shore on calm warm days.

The danger with this ship (our south node) is that when it becomes too familiar, too safe we start to become bored and stagnant and maybe we go out to sea less and less. So the qualities we have learned in the past with this old ship either are not used anymore or actually stop us from going out to sea at all.

With our innate gifts and talents we often are not aware of them as gifts as we take them for granted because they feel natural to us!

According to astrology our role is to take the best of what we learned from the south node and then use it to develop our destiny in this life time through our north node (Rahu).

We can view our north node (Rahu) as the specific set of raw materials to build a brand new boat to journey on. We can build whatever boat we like from these materials. Of course this takes more trial and effort, and there is an element of facing the unknown. But in this life exploring and using these new materials will bring us gains and strengths.

Ideally we use what we have learned from building and using our old boat to create this new boat, so there is a balance of the familiar with the new. But it is our choice.

The nodes come in pairs that relate to opposite horoscope signs for instance Aries and Libra helping us to develop balance, in this case between ‘me’ and ‘we’.

Your natal chart can describe your gifts in detail and because every natal chart is unique so are your gifts. The combinations of signs, planets and houses and the patterns they create makes each past life gift individual.

Very often our instinctive responses and unconscious patterns of behaviour relate to our south node, and many clients have a big ah ha moment once they learn about their own south node.

All of your natal chart can be used to help you understand the gifts you already have access to and the new ones that you can develop this lifetime. By showing your personal stepping stones to unlock your existing gifts or develop new ones. Our destiny (north node) signs tend to ask us to step out of our comfort zone, as the way to discover true happiness and purpose in life.

While it can feel safe and comfortable to stay in our south node, the deep fulfilment we long for will never be found. Instead we can use these strengths to spring-board us towards our new destiny (Rahu north node).

Often we will find that life keeps bringing up opportunities (this can also be seen in our charts) to develop our new north node materials. These may feel uncomfortable and this is the very challenge of the nodes.

A question we can ask ourselves is ‘how much did our soul learn, grow and develop from this lifetime?’

So while your sun sign relates to your inner heart your nodes are the compass of your soul.

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