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Thank you so much for your time, insights and guidance on Thurs — just finished re-listening to recording and finding it uncannily rich and rewarding – feels very consolidating and affirming- just brilliant, thank
you- works very well with the living essence reading too – both so helpful in complementary ways…

This recent work with you has also had side effect of being a vehicle of communication between me and XXX and insights into our relative communication styles (with synchronicity of brene brown’s talks on
vulnerability) helping with communicating on deeper and more honest levels for me.. I’m being brave and coming more from cancerian side. LM Sept 2017

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The astrological comparability reading you gave was amazing. It really gave me an insight in to how my husband and I relate to each other. It gave me an understanding of why we do certain things and let me have more compassion for my hubby as it was now blatantly clear that the things that used to annoy me were not in his awareness and that it is what he is naturally, astrologicaly and spiritually destined to do.

It has really helped our relationship and I can’t thank you enough. Sarah. Aug 2017

Thanks a million Jo. That was so helpful and fascinating – it has clarified the situation I’m in! TR Sept 2017

Had a really great session with Jo today as she is doing my astrological chart to give me some in depth knowledge as to what my soul requires to be in balance. I felt really in tune with myself afterwards and she is only half way through it. I’ve been feeling very emotional over last few days’ especially about relationships and with her charts she has been able to give me an insight as to why and how I might be able to let go. Really looking forward to next session. SC.

Thank you (reading) was very interesting and accurate. Listened to recording again last night and found it very useful. I Need to think about letting ago some more. I’m so black and white about some things but I acknowledge there may be times where I should let it go and compromise for a quieter life! I will try to be less reclusive and get out of my comfort zone (the growth is in the burn!). I certainly need to be more motivated so will try to be more active too. (Painted my bedroom wall on my own yesterday – go me lol. Was so tempting to give up but I didn’t 😃)
I think it’s great as it gave me a deeper insight into my ways and why I think/do certain things.
I’d recommend you no problem. JS

I loved it thank you! It really made me think about my strengths which I should feel proud of and the weaknesses I really need to work on. At some parts I felt a bit emotional because you hit the nail on the head about who I am and my souls purpose- I guess I felt emotionally because it helped validate some of my great point (which I find hard to celebrate) but also areas which I struggle with and these are not always a problem- I just need to reassess them.
I will listen to the recording again and take time to complete the workbook, but yes would be interested in flower remedy.

Thanks so much again xx RA

I found the session amazing – it was like someone having access to the inner me (which I suppose it was!) and telling me things that I knew deep inside but either wasn’t tackling or was just supressing completely. The details about my previous lives made everything drop more easily into place, and the information about my soul’s direction now has really strengthened my resolve to follow my intuition and be brave.

This has come at such a good time for me. I was questioning my direction in life, and how much I have just been compliant with everyone else’s needs (as you said, a supporter from the sidelines), and now I feel a lot more confident to start to follow my own path. DC

The reading did give me help to put things in perspective and mostly to not try and shield others from their own emotions. It also reminded me to think about what I want. 🙂 The thing I liked the best was hearing what all the ascendants etc are, AND that things work out best for me when I’m in charge. That is so true and good to keep in mind. AP.

Thank you so much, it was fascinating and so correct!
I think you have covered everything perfectly and the flower essence was spot on as well…. I did some meditation last night and had the best night sleep for a long while…MC

I can’t wait to hear recording again, as I can only remember a few things. MC
My reading yesterday Joanne Oliver was incredible. Spot on really lovely to know how creativity really showed up and I am waiting for a calm hour to re-listen to the recording.

As a therapist and mum in the know, I found Jo’s reading spot on. She was able to explain in depth what my sons personality and character traits were and was able to identify the challenges I experience with him. This is vital information every parent should have to understand the uniqueness of each child, to understand the childs strengths and their challenges in order to be able to work with them, support and guide them, making for a very well grounded, confident and happy child. Lindsay Webster

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