Families can be complicated at times.

Whether you are a parent of teenagers, toddler, have a new-born baby, step-children, have a difficult relationship with your Mum or want to get closer to your Dad, it all comes down to better relationships. And astrology supports relationships really well.

Chances are if you are reading this page, that you are the one called to explore how more conscious relating can support your own family group. I believe this is some of the most important learning you will ever do. Astro-clarity can show you a more conscious soul-based astrology that you can use to create and build better family relationships.

Family relationships in astrology are seen as your foundation at the bottom of your chart, the environment from which you launch into your life. Your foundation is constantly evolving and can always be repaired using aspects of astrology as a framework and guide.


Conscious understanding

Events and situations in life can bring challenging behaviour in even the closest families so all of us at times will need a resource and framework to make sense of whatever is happening and what can be done to resolve it. Astrology is a great leveler, as it never points the finger of blame or judgment, but promotes a conscious understanding of both people.

Conscious understanding is what we need to support and develop the pure soul aspect that lives in each other. On a practical level, you can identify negative responses as an indication of where each other’s needs are different.

Behind every negative response in relationships is a personal need that feels blocked and misunderstood.

Astrology can be used as a tool to identify what those individual needs are so you can take the right steps to make positive, lasting progress with your loved ones.

There are many great theories about Conscious parenting and how to repair family conflicts. Astro-clarity provides a framework to help you really understand each other, your different personalities, needs and soul-purpose that can help make parenting theories personal to you. Understanding these personal insights is an amazing resource helping you get straight to the ‘heart’ of the issue.

Natal-chart – The Key to understanding each other

The natal chart is a chart that is made up of where the planets were at the moment of your birth. Astrology has been around a very long time and there are all sorts of different astrology approaches and charts. This variation and conflicting techniques and interpretations are why astrology can sometimes feel complicated to grasp, so I will focus just on how astrology supports you build better family relationships.

Your personal natal-chart describes your personality based on (mathematical and ancient) aspects between all of the 12 zodiac star signs and the location of the planets. Your Natal chart, just like you, is very complex, far more than just one sun sign. The natal chart is completely unique to you and is something you can work with all your life to understand yourself better, including family relationships.

Children’s charts tend to be very accurate as there is a recorded time of birth which adds many more layers of detail. Parents may not always have a time of birth, but we can still see the main personality traits and aspects of the soul-purpose.

For specific struggles, we create astrological charts that show both the parent and child so that we can see the connections between you.

This is when clients have huge ah-ha moments, as the difference in your needs is revealed, no blame or judgment just conscious understanding of different needs.

See samples HERE


Four generations of beautiful women sitting together in a camomile field and smiling

Planets Influence

Personally, I believe those who are sensitive can feel the influence of the planets as they orbit the earth, the most visual being the full moon! There are various theories for and against, how and if the planets can influence us based on current science. Interested to hear how others explain this? Read more HERE and HERE 

Personal note: I found that once I understood my natal chart better I really became aware of how the planets influenced me personally. For instance, I am only sensitive to certain full moon-signs each year, the ones that directly relate to aspects in my own chart.

The easiest way to try this for yourself is to track the daily moon HERE

Astrologers have tracked the charts of current and historical events and famous people and show that events aligned with planetary patterns enough times to show a consistent connection. When it comes to understanding relationships with astrology we have many charts and interpretations of famous people that astrologers use to learn from and share across the world.
You can find articles on the web such as HERE and HERE

The very best way is to decide if astrology can help you is to have an affordable reading yourself like my follow-along reading HERE

Astro-clarity supporting more love and connection in your family

My goal is to turn Astro-clarity into a resource to help you connect deeper to your family and evolve consciously during these pivotal times.

If you are new to this site then please read a few articles as you may find that you can immediately relate some of it to people you know with that sun-sign.

Or you may find that linking astrology with relationship issues fascinates you!

Or you may just find that this way of approaching relationships really resonates deep inside.

My aim is to provide Astrology as a Tool to help you navigate family struggles through affordable and supportive Reports

Supporting you with your child, repairing or deepening your connection to a parent or any loved one. To help you see the potential, the connection and the conscious understanding that you came to develop together.

Star-Child Report – provides you with a map to understand your child better. useful for general parenting guidance.

Connect & Repair Report – We look at a current struggle from both child and parent perspective. Example HERE

Once you have your reading all the free resources at Astro-clarity will naturally take on far greater personal meaning and support as you create better relationships throughout your life.

I find all aspects of astrology fascinating. Using astrology to understand important relationships has been the most accurate and rewarding both with clients and in my personal life.
Relationships are our greatest joy and deepest pain. Astrology can help increase the joy and resolve the pain in our closest relationships as part of a greater movement to heal ourselves and our world