These are snap-shots from real readings. 

I provide additional resources and links with each Report. Some are based on understanding the astrology better, and also a variety of resources around parenting, emotional support and relationship understanding.

The report provides an understanding of your personality traits and needs. How you use this information is always your choice.

Connect & Repair Example

These are great for repairing and understanding the dynamics behind a specific struggle

How X is Learning about Self-expression through close relationships

In 1on1 relationships X is striving to learn how to express his own opinions and creativity through close relationships. As he develops this he may come across as child-like, bossy, dramatic, entertaining or as a strong charismatic leader. Unconsciously he is figuring out the role he plays in relationships. He may need guidance to understand when he comes across as ‘too much’ for others and learns to respond to what his ‘audience’ needs from him right now.

He is learning to share what is truly in his heart, assert his self-will and express what makes him unique. X has a deep need for a positive response from others, to be liked and accepted and if a response is too negative he will feel very crushed… Pride is something that X will learn and find triggered through relationships and so helping him learn what to be proud of can help here.

In contrast you, as a mum, are naturally much more serious, cautious and conservative in your response to this area compared to X. Actively disliking any form of ‘showing off’ or ‘attention-seeking’. It is likely to be a push and pull power dynamic happening here as two opposite energies come together. You may have a fear of the consequences of what others think.

However, you can help each other find balance. Once you realise that X has an unconscious need (in 1on1 relationships) to shine and ‘perform’ in order to make his partner happy, laugh or respond you can support him. The biggest need X has is full attention, someone to listen, watch and encourage.

Teaching X that more is not always better, and to learn how to sense what others need from him so he can receive the positive response he needs, will help.
X will make you laugh and bring out your own inner-child and learn that sometimes it doesn’t matter what others think.

Trigger: You may feel X is too loud, silly or making a fuss during a simple chore together such as washing up. So you point out that he is not behaving his age, and something might get broken. He is acting on his subconscious need to be seen and heard as an individual in order to receive attention.

Ideas: Help X understand how he can receive praise and positive feedback from you and still remain true to who he is. i.e. rather than shouting maybe he can talk to you about something he is interested in while you do the chore together.
These insights and healing work between you will help X go on to develop meaningful relationships as he gets older.

Resources to help both mother and child would be provided

Star-Child Report Examples

These are great for parents who want a general understanding of their child’s needs. Star-Child-Report HERE

Relationships, learning to build and create a partnership with another person

When it comes to building relationships Y responds like Taurus the Bull. Meaning he needs tranquillity, security and he is very sensitive to his environment when dealing with close relationships. He may be sensitive to noise or need certain scents to feel secure and comfortable. He will not like change as this can threaten the security he has built up. This can make him as stubborn and fixed as a Bull and when pushed to change faster than he is able to (especially in partnership dynamics) he may well roar and charge …for days.

Example: A friend moves to a new house suddenly and can no longer walk to school with Y.

Y may find this change makes going to school feel scary but reacts with anger and/or demands that he use the school bus too.
However, when he learns how to self-soothe how to ensure he can create that security for himself and learns how to make change work for him he will become a solid dependable high-value partner in his relationships.
Maybe he will make a new friend who also walks to school? Maybe he just needs to explore waiting for the school bus and meet up with his friend then.

Teaching L how to cope with change will help him develop inner security in his future relationships. As he gets older guiding him in self-awareness of how he reacts to change is a life-long tool he can use.


Social Skills – shyness – social separation anxiety

Z can give the first impression that he is confident and out-going, and his inner shyness may be something that he struggles to admit or want to face, preferring to stick to known situations where he feels confident. Y is very sensitive to negative feedback and thrives when he feels he is accepted and makes people happy. He needs to learn that other people’s opinions do not define his self-worth.
When it comes to group situations Z is naturally reserved and will find it more difficult than others to leave the emotional comfort blanket of home and family. In fact, Z would naturally prefer to do his socialising from home. When it comes to groups Z is very empathic and sensitive receiving all sorts of feedback that he may find overwhelming.

He will prefer to ‘hide’ in a comfort blanket of people he already knows, perhaps on the side-lines where he can watch what is happening. The worst feeling for Z, until he is ready, is to be the focus of a group. Such as entering the group or being asked to speak or do something in front of the group. For Z this could be an unpleasant situation.
Where he will be good is in a supportive role, such as behind the scenes where he can ‘hide’ behind the role. This might be helping the teacher collect the books while the group is busy doing an activity. He will also find it easier to be within a small pair or group within the larger group, where he can contribute and help others.

Whenever possible allow him to meet other children at home before group activities or alongside so that he has a chance to relax emotionally around another child and connect with them away from the pressures of the group. Then they become his emotional comfort during group activities. Z may find that he cannot help being more reserved in a group situation which hides his natural caring and friendly nature.
Another way that you can help him is to discuss/show/share the gifts he brings to the group. Z may be quite artistic/creative when it comes to groups, friends, and communication and this can provide him a role socially.

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