Taurus energy will be expressed somewhere in your life, even if you are not an actual sun, moon or rising Taurus. There is an area of your life that can be developed and comes into focus whenever Taurus energy is being activated in the cosmos or when you focus on this area of life.

Taurus is one of the biggest balancing energies opposite my own heavily Scorpio chart, and shows me how to find harmony when life gets intense. Working with Taurus energy benefits my own 2nd house of understanding my core values in life.

We each have a unique relationship with the zodiac signs and Taurus will be somewhere in your own chart

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The sun visits Taurus each year around 20th April – 20th May so if your sun is in Taurus this is a powerful time for you, but this is also a great time to focus on this energy in whatever area of your life Taurus influences.

Taurus energy brings a fixed, strong, simple and steady influence to life and teaches us to go at your own pace.

There is a greater awareness of the 5 senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. I SENSE. Activities that use the senses are beneficial and connect with the Taurus energy such as gardening and cooking and generally being more tactile.

Taurus is an earth sign and teaches us about the simple beauty and pleasures of life and being ‘down-to-earth’. Wherever Taurus is in your chart this area of your life needs to be kept steady, the approach needs to be simple and grounded with a secure foundation.

Security, getting clear on your values and surrounding yourself with beauty will help anchor your Taurus energy.

Taurus can appear as its symbol the bull; solid, stubborn, sure footed, and resilient.

In nature Taurus, builds on the initial Aries spark of new life, bringing it into the physical world and grounding it. We see this in nature as plants start to develop roots in the ground and develop leaves and flowers. Use this image as a way to understand Taurus in your life; create a foundation (roots) to build security (developing leaves).

When Taurus energy is out of balance we can;

Become too stubborn
Unable to communicate our feelings
Develop anger to force a situation (that feels more secure)
Hard to let go and/or change
Become attached to comfort and the status quo
A need for others to do things your way
Too worried about how you appear to others

Finding balance with Taurus energy

There are a few ways we can balance our Taurus energy. It is really helpful for Taurus energy to find a balance between keeping things very simple and learning to be flexible enough to ebb and flow with the cycles of life.

With Scorpio energy opposite (the balance) you may find you need to look at some areas of life a little deeper and embrace letting go so that something new can be created in your life.

Taurus energy often finds that personal values will always bring you stability and soothe any worries.

Taurus is moving towards Gemini energy which is all about sharing information and a more flexible mind.

If right now your Taurus energy is out of balance;

Do you need to let go of something that no longer serves you?
Is your energy (and thoughts) becoming stuck and stagnant?

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