You probably know your ‘sun-sign’ in astrology. But what does this mean?

I used to think that according to astrology there were 12 types of people; it was a bit like belonging to a club!

Then when I first studied astrology I got so caught up in all the really cool new information that my sun-sign and the sun got a bit forgotten.

So I thought it was time to revisit the sun!

Your sun sign

Your sun sign relates to which zodiac sign the sun was in at your birth. This means that the special characteristics and traits of that sign are your core personality.

It was explained to me that your sun sign is like a filter around your core essence; everything you think or feel or do first goes through this filter. It’s like you subtly express yourself with this signs qualities.

You do still contain all 12 zodiac signs and all the planets and asteroids also influence you. But everything you are, is filtered first though your sun-sign.

So behind my gentle Pisces rising (ascendant – how I appear to the world) and my Mars in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius (my passion and drive) is always that intense, deep Sun-in-Scorpio.

Where you shine

You find it natural and easy to express the best qualities of your sun sign and to be fair also the challenging traits! One of our goals is to find balance in expressing our sun sign.

If you have your chart it is very interesting to see which area of your life your sun is in. (only possible if you have a time of birth)

For instance, if your Sun sign is in the 10th house of Career, this is the area to shine and make the most of your signs qualities. You may find you do this naturally because it is a gift we all contain.

Every time the current planets (transit) align with your sun, you will experience their influence.

For instance when Venus moves into your sun-sign romance and attracting abundance will be easier!

Each month when the moon aligns with your sun–sign you may notice that your emotions are triggered more intensely or directly relate to the area of life your sun is in.

Why not follow the moon yourself HERE and notice how you feel!

Let there be light

The sun is like a cosmic calendar that we can work with through the year. Wherever it is shining right now in your chart it is shedding light on a specific area of your life.

It is lighting this area up for you to peer at more closely.

All 12 zodiac signs are in your astrology chart; they all influence you. All 12 houses ‘areas of life’ are also in your chart, and can provide so much more detail.

How the zodiac signs align with the 12 areas of life is personal to your chart.

You check this by locating the zodiac sign the sun is in right now, in your personal chart. You will see this relates to one or more ‘houses’ or areas of life.

This is the area of your life to focus on. The zodiac sign will describe how you approach this area of life.

The sun lets you know which area of life to focus on and how you are likely to approach it.

For instance I have Cancer influencing my home life (private, artistic and nurturing) but if I had Aquarius here instead my home might be a place to crash between my busy social calendars or only feel like home when there are lots of people over. When the sun is in cancer  each year I  spend time looking at my home-life and setting changes in motion (with the moon during cancer time)

Work with the Sun each month

You can be proactive and work with sun astrology by observing and reflecting on the current area of your life.

What do you notice in this area of life?
How are you responding?
Do you notice the qualities of the zodiac sign in yourself?
Do you need to make a change?

The sun usually makes it easier for us to observe and ‘see clearly’ this area.

If you are naturally sensitive you will feel the shift from one sign to the next as the sun moves through the year. You will also start to notice the zodiac sign being expressed in yourself, your life and all around you.

If you would like to know more about your own sun-sign and your whole chart drop me an email

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