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Virgo has an interesting and fairly complicated story in 2019. I decided to share a summary to help us navigate and make the most of the Virgo journey 2019.


Virgo represents where we can see (observe and analyse) what’s wrong and a burning desire help others through being able to ‘fix it’. Now this may range from a practical DIY project, to a practical observation on a situation or person in your life. You will know if your Virgo energy is out of balance if you become overly fussy, critical or anxious when life/project is not ‘perfect’.
Virgo is teaching us that we have a choice in what projects/responsibilities we decide to ‘fix’ and that sometimes life is perfectly imperfect!
All those around you are also having their Virgo side amplified at this time and again the following may be helpful in understanding their behaviour.

Personal chart

Your personal chart maps out where in your life Virgo influences you most. It will also show how this one area fits in with the bigger picture of your life journey through the other signs in your chart. With so much action taking place in Virgo at this time, it can be helpful to get an understanding of your responses .

The Key Players activating Virgo

It is normal to have Mercury or Venus in the same sign as the Sun, however, over the next few weeks (18th – 29th August) all of the following planets will move out of Leo and into Virgo within days of each other;

Mars – will bring passion, action and drive to your Virgo area of life especially when it comes to fixing things….but we may jump without thinking.
Venus – will bring feelings of love to what you value, including romance and abundance….and perfection will tend to feel more pleasing as we learn to love/attract what we truly value.
Sun – will bring a focus and spot-light on your Virgo area of life and show you what works and does not work for you around being of service, analysing and fixing.
Juno – will bring an understanding of what and where you are/not willing to commit to and agree contracts.
Mercury – will help you share your message and thoughts about your Virgo area of life. You might analyse conversations, offer to be of service or find it easy to explain and share your observations. Mercury is strong and positive in Virgo.

To have so many planets in Virgo and the earth signs is more unusual and so it is logical to expect that we will all feel this energy much more than normal. For some of us it will feel calm, realistic and practical, but for others it may feel too slow, too much of a reality check, and too tied to practicalities!

The Virgo Journey

The Virgo journey is interesting because 5 planets will follow the same journey but at their own speed and in their own way. This means this story will repeat 5x and parts of it will be happening at the same time. Confused?
The focus should be on your Virgo area of life and how that influences and responds to the following areas of your life

Square to Sagittarius
Ceres at 3-4 degrees and Jupiter 14-15 degrees. Sagittarius is Square Virgo which can feel challenging and shows there is something you do not know or somewhere you need to make an adjustment between these two areas of your life. Ceres is about nurturing even those parts that are not perfect. Sagittarius and Jupiter encourage you to take risks, expand in some way and notice your beliefs about life. So maybe you will be asked to take a risk or look at what you believe.

Inconjunct Chiron in Aries 5 degrees
This is an uncomfortable energy where you may struggle to join the dots and find common ground. Yet there can be powerful learning and healing. Chiron in Aries is where we feel over sensitive often due to past negative experiences and the Virgo need for perfection/analysis could trigger our own and others inner wounds.


Trine Uranus in Taurus
Any recent changes that have knocked you off course could receive some positive and realistic support as the planets moving through Virgo speak nicely to Uranus. You might receive insights into how you can work with change and improve and fix where needed. Vesta the asteroid to do with keeping the fires of faith burning is also in Taurus bringing more support and opportunities to Virgo area of your life.

Sextile North Node in Cancer
The recent eclipse season gets a boost and revisit with the Virgo journey. North Node is about discovering new experiences for soul growth. Like anything new it can feel uncomfortable at first. Sextiles are positive and can push us to take action, so your Virgo area of life can support the new 18 year cycle you are starting in Cancer. Cancer is about emotional sensitivity which Virgo can find helpful, and Virgo can provide Cancer area with a practical solution.

Opposite Neptune in Pisces
Oppositions are where we feel opposed or blocked or the opposite view-point. Neptune in Pisces is the opposite of practical, see it touch it before I believe it, Virgo. Neptune in Pisces is all about the things we can’t see and touch and that is not realistic and practical such as spiritual side of life, dreams and visions, music, imagination and artistic energy. Virgo needs to learn to work in partnership with Pisces somewhere in your life. Where can a dream or artistic energy improve and expand your Virgo area of life?

Trine Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn
Another positive and very welcome alignment is the 3 trines between Virgo and the heavy energy of Saturn, south Node and Pluto in Capricorn. The general energy here for over a year is one of restriction, feeling unable to move forward, control and the past. Virgo is in harmony with Capricorn and again can bring the gifts of analysis and observation and the energy to fix what is not working right and be of service. It is going to be that realistic and practical energy of the earth signs working together to create a working solution. A word about trines; they are opportunities that feel so obvious and easy that we can let them slip through our fingers.

The above journey will happen 5 times over the next few weeks! Each time will be similar but with a different focus depending on the planet moving through Virgo.

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