Chiron (wounded healer) moves into Aries from 18th February 2019 until April 2027. This is a big energy shift and those of you who are sensitive may really notice this.

Chiron in Pisces was a very big deal in my own chart and life, and I have felt a positive ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in this area during the last weeks’ of Chiron in Pisces.

What does Chiron in Aries bring to you?

Chiron brings us the opportunity to heal old wounds, to gain clarity, wisdom and understanding from difficult times we have been through.

So Chiron could be thought of as a time when a reactivation of past painful situations may surface so that they can now be healed.

As an intuitive herbalist over and over again I notice that physical ailments often relate to old wound memories in the body that have become triggered by current events or blocks. I always tell my clients this is very positive because it is an opportunity to heal.
Obviously we can never go back in time and change events. Healing is often about acceptance, and how we move forward in response to pain. Again in natural healing we know that a healed wound is much stronger.

So I feel the same way about Chiron-in-Aries. All of us will now have the opportunity to heal and move forward from where we have been hurt in our Aries area of life (House).

How Chiron-in-Aries may influence you

Aries-in-Chiron has come to help you heal memories and old-wounds from situations around; your appearance, how you go after what you want, how brave you are, how independent you are, how you protect yourself, how you approach new projects and situations.

The more you understand Aries energy and Chiron the more you will notice opportunities to heal over the coming years.
Aries is linked with the planet Mars and the 1st House.

If you have a copy of your own chart then it can help to dig deeper into the house that relates to Aries for you personally. This can help you pin point where in your life you have the chance to heal. For instance 4th house would be around home and family, 6th house around daily routines such as your day job and how you care for your health.

What personal planets do you have in Aries?

Knowing your personal planets in Aries will help indicate the scale of healing you can expect and more details about how you can understand the healing that needs to take place.

For instance in my personal chart Aries has no major planets, so although I will receive opportunities to heal and clear blocks relating to my Aries House (area of life) they may be less intense, and less life-changing. Astrology provides us all with phases of life that are more restful and others where we have more opportunity and intensity. Wisdom is to embrace and make the most of ALL of them.

If you have your Sun in Aries, Chiron will activate healing around feeling stuck unable to move forward and allow you to really shine and go even further with your life mission.

If you have Venus in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal pain from past romance and/or blocks to abundance so you can manifest and attract what you really want.

If you have your Moon in Aries, Chiron has come to help you heal from past feelings, such as anger, fear, frustration, and ‘why me’ feelings, so that you can use your fire to inspire others.

If you have Chiron in Aries you are having your Chiron Return. This is a chance to clear your biggest most painful wounds so that you can move forward in this area of life with more joy.

If you know you have any planets in Aries this is a good time to book a recorded reading that you can keep and refer back to during Chiron-in-Aries (now until April 2027).

Astrology provides us with personal wisdom and clarity in understanding our wounds and how to find balance when they are activated. Also knowing your chart better allows you to recognize when Chiron is being activated, so that you can take positive action.
I offer 30 minute intuitive astrology readings for £20 this includes the recording and various bonus gifts that allow you to continue using astrology and your personal chart long after the reading.

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