Understanding your Astro-Clarity reading

You may find it helpful to read through this page before you have your reading, or when you listen back to your recording. This is my own personal approach to astrology and how it can provide guidance.

Energy patterns
The 12 zodiac signs can be thought of as descriptions of patterns of energy that is expressed by all life on earth, seen in nature and each other. The zodiac signs are descriptions of ways the different energy pattern acts out, responds and expresses itself in response to daily life. Astro-clarity believes we have come to experience, learn from and develop from these energies so that we can learn to live in greater harmony.

Journey of life
The 12 zodiac signs also describe a journey from the initial spark of fiery Aries through to the visionary insights of Pisces; this is reflected in the cycles of nature. Each sign in the zodiac has a unique goal, talent and lesson as part of the journey. Just as in the seasons in nature each sign is as important as the next and are part of a greater cycle that repeat over and over again.

In fact we each contain all 12 zodiac signs!

Our life can be split into 12 areas (called houses) including relationships, family, success, and identity. Each of these areas is influenced by the energy of the zodiac sign in that area at your birth.

The zodiac sign energy ruling a specific area of your life can provide you with fascinating insights into how you can cope and thrive if you have challenging situations in this area.

This information can be used on a very practical level to understand our responses to daily life and ways to balance them. For those interested in the spiritual soul journey astrology can share specific information to work with.

Planetary influences

Earth, where we live, is part of a solar system of other planets and large asteroids that can be seen and tracked in the sky. The sun, moon and planets all move across the sky in individual cycles.

Each planet works like a verb; it has an action. For instance the sun is where we shine our light and the moon influences our emotions.

The planets influence the zodiac signs through their movements. All of us have a unique relationship between the planets and our zodiac signs.

Planets generally highlight the main areas of life to be aware of.

At your time of birth each planet will be seen in a specific house and zodiac sign in your chart.

This dynamic planetary energy is what makes our charts come alive and creates fascinating layers of understanding of who we are and our life cycles.

Your birth chart

So your birth chart is a map of the heavens at the time of your birth. It is individual to you and shows;

  • All 12 areas (houses) of your life and the zodiac sign that rules them
  • Which planets influence the zodiac signs in different areas of your life

Your chart creates a visible map of the patterns of energy that are with you this lifetime. I provide you with a copy of your birth chart to look at during the reading.

There is a great deal of information contained in each birth chart. As your birth chart is based around place of birth and time it is also completely unique.

My role is to help you take away some simple insights and practical actions that you can use to create more inner harmony and peace in your daily life and/or specific situations.

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The weekly Astro-Clarity Blog is designed to be used alongside your birth-chart so you can relate each article to your own birth-chart.

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