In 2018 astrology, Uranus is the big news as this planet moves out of Aries and into Taurus in May.
But what does Uranus mean to us personally?

In your chart

You will have Uranus somewhere in your own birth chart, in a sign and area of life. This shows where you are most likely to be original, unique, and different and think outside the box in life.
Where you express these Uranus qualities also shows where you might experience sudden change in your life. Uranus sits just beyond reality and outside time according to astrology which is why its energy can feel sudden like a crackle of lightening out of no-where.

Uranus relates to that hidden border between your conscious reality of life and where you go to imagine, dream and receive visions that are not yet manifest.

When we can accept the aspect of ourselves that make us different and unique from others, that difference becomes our unique gift to express and share with others.

So check your personal astrology chart and find Uranus. What sign is Uranus in? Are there any planets very close to Uranus in the chart? What area of your life (house) is Uranus in?

This will help you start to understand your own unique gift, because it is likely that you will operate slightly out of the box here. This is what you were born to do.

If we don’t find it easy to accept our unique selves in this area of life, then we may find that sudden changes force us to.

Uranus has a fun, childlike curiosity, and wants to keep life interesting which can only happen when you are truly happy with who you are.
An astrologer can look at the complex angles within your personal chart and help you delve deeper in understanding Uranus energy and gift in your life. Book a reading with me by emailing me

Main Uranus times in our life

Uranus takes 84 years to complete one cycle of the zodiac, spending 7 years in each sign.

There are 4 ages that Uranus can really be felt and experienced. So what phase are you in now?

Age 21 – this is when our Uranus individuality starts to emerge
Age 42 – Our mid-life change! What are we going to do with our unique gift? Some of us use this restless energy to drift back towards who we were at 21 – going backwards can typically backfire on us. Around this age we can manifest and create our greatest achievements especially if they showcase how we are different.
Age 63 – Our Uranus goal. This is when we have lived and expressed our unique gift. Now we can share, and teach others what we have learned.
Age 84 – New Uranus cycle begins…we may become childlike.

More on Uranus

So Uranus was suddenly ‘discovered’ in 1781. At this time the American Independence was won, electricity was discovered and also eventually Uranium for nuclear power. Powerful energy that changed our world.

In mythology Uranus is Father Sky opposite mother Earth. The original parents.

Uranus is said to link to the Kundalini energy inside all of us.

Uranus rules and expresses itself in both Sagittarius and Aquarius and is strong in these signs.

In Aquarius we express that imagination, detachment and the ability to invent the future.
With Sagittarius we see that sudden restless changeable energy, even goofy and wacky!

Uranus Transits

The personal 21 year transits above are always worth noting and being aware of so that you can make the most of them.

I read that maybe Uranus is the original 7 year itch as it moves through the signs every 7 years!

Uranus transits bring sudden changes and as this planet moves very slowly we can only pinpoint a rough 3-month timeline per degree.

Uranus is not serious and dismal. It wants us to get curious and childlike to change and be different.
It wants us to manifest our dreams from imagination and visions into reality.

How you cope with change will decide how easy or hard you find Uranus transits
So the advice with a Uranus transit is to go with the flow….

In world astrology this Uranus transit in Taurus is said to predict changes to banking and money on a global scale.

Uranus in Taurus

Taurus Energy

15th of May Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus.

To personally understand Uranus look back on how the last 7 years have felt with Uranus in Aries? What area of life was this in for you and how much has it changed? Aries is always about ‘me’ and ‘who I am’ so on some level what this looks like for each of us will have changed. The detail will be in our our own chart.

So from May 2018 which area of your chart does Taurus influence? This is where Uranus will bring changes during the next 7 years.

Taurus rules material wealth, what we really value, and money as well as our security.

Taurus is one of the most fixed rigid signs while Uranus is all about change! Taurus experiences life  through the 5 senses, where as Uranus rules our dreams.

Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty, romance and manifesting.

If you have a lot of planets in Taurus then prepare to learn how to embrace sudden change. Know that change is the catalyst to something better even if it feels uncomfortable at the time. Once it has passed you will look back and see you are in a better place.

As long as you don’t dig in and hold on too tightly.

Taurus is on a journey to understand that there is beauty and values that are beyond the physical senses of the here and now. Also to learn that everything has its time and cycle that we are always in a state of change; that life cannot stand still or we stagnate.

Interested to find out more?

I hope Uranus and astrology seem less scary and more positive and fascinating.
I provide intuitive astrology readings if you would like to both understand your personal Uranus gifts and how to navigate and grow through the current Uranus Transit in Taurus HERE

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