We all have Venus in our astrology chart; her influence on you is around your approach to beauty, love and abundance in life.
For this reason she may be an interesting planet to follow and understand.

Attracting and manifesting abundance

Venus is all about attracting what she finds beautiful or falls in love with. So she is the planet of manifesting and law of attraction.

Find Venus in your personal chart (free with all my readings). What is the sign and area of life?

This gives you details of how you naturally approach attracting, your manifesting style (sign) and the area of life you are a master at manifesting!

For instance my Venus is in the area of life I call adventure (9th House) which includes travel, higher learning, philosophy and having adventures in life.
And I do love learning and philosophy and yes looking back at my life I seem to have manifested these things into my life without even trying.
Of course this doesn’t mean all I can ever attract is from my 9th house but this is what I am naturally good at attracting! What about you?

Take a look at your own area and reflect back does this ring true for you?

Our Venus ‘attracting style’ is interesting to understand.

If you are a go-getting Sun Aries but your Venus is in gentle romantic Pisces your attracting style is very different. And of course the other way around; normally you may be a gentle dreamy sun Pisces but your Venus-in –Aries turns you into a fiery go-getter when it comes to attracting what you want!

Because Venus moves fairly close to the Sun through the year, it is very common to have your Venus in a sign close to your Sun sign. If when it comes to romance your sun sign doesn’t describe your romantic style or choices, it may be because your Venus is in the next sign which is usually quite different!

So it is worth getting to know your Venus sign as well as you know your Sun-sign. Look at the qualities and understand the challenges.

Now you may also have other personal planets very close to your Venus such as the Sun. This will add more details (depth) about how you attract love and abundance into your life. Of course the placements of all the other planets in your chart will impact your Venus, but this is best understood through a personal reading

Romance and Love

So your Venus sign describes how you express love and romance. There are many different expressions of love and your Venus can help you to understand your own romantic expression and needs.

If your natal Venus is in Virgo, you may prefer to express your love through practical actions that support your partner rather than emotional feelings. A Venus in Virgo romantic needs may come from their attention to detail and a need for seeming perfection.

If your Venus is in the 4th house of Home and Family this may be the area of life where you feel most able to fully express your love and romance for your partner. It may also be where you seem to find love and romance.

In relationship readings we look at Venus and Mars compatibility. Generally in romance we look for Venus-Mars alignments as this is the male/female energies of romance. There are various asteroids in astrology that can give further details about love and romance but Venus is the main planet.

Working with Venus through the year

There are a few ways you can work with Venus through the year.

For a start roughly once a year you will have your Venus return – when the current Venus is in the same sign (and degree) as the natal Venus in your chart. This is generally a special time for romance and attracting abundance especially in the area of life your Venus is in.

Also roughly once a year the Sun will move into the sign that your Venus is in and this will also be a lovely time when Love, romance and abundance will seem much easier.

Of course it always depends what else is going on with other the planets and how they align with your own chart, but generally life will seem a little more beautiful, loving and abundant during these two times each year. Good to know, right?

Venus energy is not as strongly felt as the powerful Sun energy, but if you wish you can work with Venus through the year either romantically or to attract abundance into your life through the year.

Are you curious to learn more about your own Venus? Email jo@astro-clarity.co.uk to find out more about my readings

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