If you enjoy following horoscopes and astrology forecasts but always wonder ‘what does this mean for me?’ then a personal follow-along chart is a fun and simple way to find out for yourself!

Discover a simple resource to make regular astrology forecasts personal to you (in less than 5 minutes).

Because it’s Personal to you, you can use it for the rest of your life.

Follow-Along Personal Chart is a Do It Yourself made simple astrology resource.

Your personal chart also allows you to discover more details about yourself according to astrology, such as understanding your emotions, romance and life purpose; Find out how, with your chart.

Thank you Jo
The charts are very good. Always wanted my chart done and now I can check for myself. Finding it very interesting
Thank you for all your hard work.

Why we follow Forecasts

When you follow a forecast, you really want to know how it will influence your own life, how to make it personal to you.
Forecasts give us a chance to make the most of up-coming opportunities, perfect-timings and how to survive and navigate challenges. Read How to follow Astro-clarity Forecasts HERE

Your personal chart is your own Light-house; lighting the path ahead with astrology.

Your own chart describes layers of your personality; how you respond to different aspects of life, your inner drives and needs. It creates a detailed map of you; and the regular forecasts happen in specific areas linking each forecast to your own personal life.

So having your own chart means you can learn how to plot the forecast and determine exactly how and where the forecast will occur in your own life. You can use this both for fascinating interest and to discover new ways to get more out of life.

Astrology is very complex and nothing beats having a one to one with your favourite astrologer. But as most of us cannot have a personal astrology reading each week, the Follow-Along chart allows you to explore each regular forecast and astrology a lot further on your own.

Never again have to wonder ‘what does this forecast mean for me?’

As now you can find the answer for yourself. You simply follow your preferred astrology forecast and apply it to your own life through using the Follow-Along chart with the simple method.

To Order your chart; email me direct on jo@astro-clarity.co.uk to be added to the WAITING LIST (I create each chart individually),

Just used your new tool to check the question I asked earlier. And it does make perfect sense and connection, I understand a little more what and why I am adamant to do my work. And to be independent, and the north and south nodes explain and connect to how I am building myself and my work approach, with the best way on how to truly give and achieve innovative ways to do so, and as an XXXX worker I want to merge the two. Ambitious 😨 but it makes sense. I will be exploring this further. Thank you so much xx

Make a forecast personal-to-you within 5 minutes

One of my goals was to create a system so simple that you can follow your first forecast and understand how it influences you personally within 5 minutes.
So this became Step1 – the Basic method.
Like anything new you might need to practice this a few times, but it is very simple. In fact this is only a 3-step process, and first step is to read a forecast! So you can use this chart with no prior understanding of Astrology as long as you are happy to spend a few minutes understanding this first step.
This simple method can be used for every single forecast, by anyone who has 5 minutes to spare. The more you use this method and get to know your own chart, the quicker this will become.
Often it takes time to study and understand a Natal-chart; with the Follow-Along chart this is all made easy and ready to use at a personal level!

This really helps Jo and dare I say clarifies things!!
I am finding the info fascinating and quite challenging. I think your way of explaining things is really helpful and accessible to people. The notes on the houses etc and the ability to click on things for info is really helpful to check and cross ref things

Astrology can be used as a fun and fascinating guide to navigating your everyday life

Here are some general ways that astrology can guide you;

Knowing when to look out for and notice opportunities that are available but not always obvious
Knowing when the perfect time is to take action in specific areas of your life
Better understanding of how you may respond to situations in life and why!
Feeling prepared to cope when situations play out in our lives
Knowing how to manifest at the best times for you

Using astrology regularly with a personal chart becomes a useful resource that can guide you through the twists and turns of your life.

The follow-along chart is a tool that allows you to personalize forecasts for yourself, without training to become an astrologer.

The Follow-Along Chart is designed to be used with regular astrology forecasts, so you will need to find an astrologer whose style of forecast you enjoy.
**This is not based on the 12 sun-sign horoscopes – instead check out the style of forecasts here at Astro-clarity by signing up to our free newsletter or following our Facebook Page. Once you understand the style you can find other forecasts whose forecast suits you best.

The Follow-along chart takes your personal astrological information (natal-chart) and puts it into a very simple format, with an interactive feature so at any time you can dive deeper into specific areas and topics.

Hi Jo, your chart and all the information really work well and I am excited that I got a little more understanding of myself. And wow! Many times reading the horoscope I found that the sun cancer forecasts were off for me, now I see why, as I now know how much we all are different depending on which sky we are born under. As I mentioned I found all that you provided sufficient to give me my personal forecast and most importantly understand what they mean and which area of myself is at work. Thank you for the opportunity. X

Additional BONUS Content

I didn’t stop with just the Basic Method, I went on to give you all sorts of other fascinating ways to use your chart and understand astrology and yourself better. These were areas that I myself found really fascinating when I studied astrology and wanted to share with you. These Bonus pages are all optional and something you can slowly learn over time or if you are super-curious can dive in straight away!

Bonus content includes;
How to make the forecasts even more detailed for you personally.
Learn how to track and understand your daily emotions and feelings
Learn where you can attract romance and abundance in life
Learn to cope with life challenges by understanding your own fears and restrictions
Discover details about your Life mission, Soul Purpose and your Special Gifts
How to Find Balance in your life with Astrology
How to Manifest with the Moon
Examples and fun exercises throughout
Special Interactive function – this key feature in your chart allows you to delve much deeper in understanding your chart and the forecasts

Advanced Astrology
You also receive a free copy of your Natal Birth-chart.
The Follow-Along chart was created to replace your natal-chart in an easy-to-use format.
However I plan to share some free advanced astrology articles from time to time to explain and share some fascinating details you can only explore using your Natal-chart.

What your Follow-Along Chart includes;

Your charts and workbooks are sent to you via email as PDF documents that you can save and print.
PERSONAL Follow-Along Chart (PDF) NOT computer Report!
How-To-Use workbook (PDF)
Easy-Look-Up-List (PDF)
Copy of your Natal-birth chart (This is for interest only)
Free library of support articles
Special Q&A options

So every day’s forecast on fb applies to everyone but differently because we all use our own charts?
I think I might get to like this! Xx

Waiting List System

Because I design each Follow-Along chart personally myself which takes time; there is a waiting list system.
You will be sent payment details so you can pay just before I start on your chart. I try my best to get them out to you within 24 hours of payment.

Email me direct to be added to the Waiting List at; jo@astro-clarity.co.uk 

You will receive a personal email from me asking for your details to design your chart and an idea of the waiting time

Introductory Cost 30.00

Remember your personal Follow-along chart is an investment that you can use over and over again to light a path for you to navigate the twists and turns of every day life!

My first impression is that the different strands of information given in each section of the chart, sun signs, houses and planets, do influence and link with each other. They do, together, produce a unique weave. That feels like fun and is interesting and curious! I did feel I wanted to carry on and find out more. A bit like a detective.
As a newbie it did also feel a bit like an effort to start with. I was feeling, gosh!, there is a lot of stuff to absorb here before it begins to inter-relate and make sense. Once the info began to inter-relate and make sense it sort of ‘clicked’ into place.

I noticed that sense of the ‘coming together’ of different strands of information particularly when I looked at the current forecast on the fb page….sun in cancer. I clicked on cancer energy and read that and then noted that cancer is in my 1st and 12th house. I clicked on each of those links and as I read them I remembered the cancer traits. I was amazed at how completely accurately it all described my day today, in detail. I had been talking with a Cancerian most of the day too! Bizarre. I had rung this person up on impulse today to discuss deep personal issues around my image in the eyes of a family member (1st house) and could relate to needing boundaries strengthened around this family member. The Cancerian had also urged this action! Also I had been dealing all day with recognising and releasing deep, previously hidden, but now rapidly surfacing ties and painful, unhealthy chains linking me to the past and to this family member. By looking deeply within at this stuck, sub-conscious and unhealthy energy, and by talking it through with the Cancerian I was able to do the work of my 12th House and let sub-conscious issues be finally released!
What had happened in essence was that by using the monthly sun sign follow-along forecast I was able to apply my personal chart and more or less get a moment to moment account of what I have been going through, energetically, today! Yes, it works! It really was uncanny. I can fully see how the sun sign energy of the month stirs up the Houses of my chart that are linked in my life with that sun sign energy. It’s like a cocktail of movement that plays itself out in relationships, self-image and areas of imbalance where balance is needing to be restored. I find it really helpful to have tips to explain what are ‘out of balance’ indicators and how to correct them. I have found these too to be spot-on accurate. Phew! What a first try at this! Amazing! Thank you!