Do you read your horoscope on a regular basis?

Many of us do. Reading we are going to have a good day gives us a little lift, opens us up to positive feelings, and maybe something to blame for a bad day!
It was only once I studied astrology seriously that I realized how helpful regular forecasts were in guiding and understanding my everyday life.

So I would like to share some tips on how to follow Astro-clarity Forecasts, so you can get even more guidance and clarity from them.

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Perfect Timing

Have you ever strived and desperately wanted an outcome in your life so much that it is all you can think and talk about? Maybe it’s a guy or a specific goal or success you wish for in your life?
Forecasts can give us a heads up on perfect timing, when life literally seems to line something up for us and make it easier to happen.

  • True, today may not be the week or month that Romance is on for you, but it may be the best time to improve your appearance or earn more money or focus on your home and family or career. Working with perfect timing can be simple, such as knowing when it is a great time for a new hair-cut or to decorate the lounge or start a new fitness regime or make that difficult phone call.



Even when I have faced big challenges astrology has also shown me where I can move forward or enjoy or improve at least one aspect of my life.

Opportunities – easy aspects.

Opportunities are referred to as ‘easy aspects and alignments in harmony’. They don’t automatically deliver an opportunity on a plate for us though. The forecast will describe the type of opportunity to help you recognize it in your daily life. These easier aspects can make us a little bit lazy, so even if we see an opportunity we may do nothing.

Once we read of an opportunity (good aspect) in our forecast though, we now know to look out for it and take some small action, maybe we put a note in our diary to follow up on a contact or we decide this is the perfect day to tackle a project.

If we take some small action the result is often better than on a normal day; sometimes we only find this out later on.
You never know where an opportunity will lead. The opportunity may arrive as a fleeting couple of seconds that you did not expect, but having read your forecast you now recognize it. Sometimes the observing and recognition is all it takes.

There are plenty of easy aspects that can bring us opportunities throughout the year, small and large. It can be fun to see how these little opportunities arrive in unexpected ways, just remember to reach and make the most of them.


Challenging aspect

While none of us like uncomfortable experiences the truth is that challenges are what change us and our lives and bring out our hidden strengths. In astrology challenges (squares and frictions) when faced, bring later rewards. Just like with the opportunities (easy aspects) it is our personal response to them that makes all the difference.

Those on a spiritual or personal growth path will know that it is in facing and overcoming our challenges, restrictions and fears that true inner growth and transformation takes place.

In reality it can feel like the limits of our acceptance, endurance, and courage are being asked of us, but they do pass leaving us stronger and wiser. Sometimes when facing challenging days we gain insights; into ourselves and those around us – and this awakens change. Maybe we were heading down the wrong path in a specific area of life. Discovering this can feel painful but at least now we can change direction.

NB I have noticed that challenging aspects are not ‘happening’ all the time; they tend to reach exact moments in time when they appear. Whew!

Follow Forecasts with a Personal chart

The game changer for me was when I started following forecasts using my own personal chart rather than just reading my sun-sign horoscope.
Your own chart is unique.
Our personal chart describes us in layers of detail; specifically how and why we respond to life the way we do.
Our personality is mapped out in an amazing system so that we can understand our responses and needs to specific areas and events of life through time.

So, when you follow a forecast with your own chart you have a much clearer understanding of where in your own life the forecast will play out and also how you are likely to respond. Most weeks you will see your everyday life linking to the forecasts which is fascinating!

This means you can make the most of positive timings and opportunities in your day to day life. More importantly you gain clarity and guidance through those challenging phases and days in life.

Astrology is not about rigid control of life or nothing-can-be-done fate. After all your life continues whether you read a forecast or not. It is a fascinating guide at a personal level for everyday life.

The forecasts at Astro-clarity are written so that if you know your own chart (even at a very basic level) you can make the forecast personal to you.

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